What year is my kawasaki

what year is my kawasaki

KAWASAKI Z750 (2003 - 2006) Review

Nov 23,  · Kawasaki Z deleted replaced the following year by an all-new model (see seperate review). Other versions Kawasaki ZS: Same machine with the addition of a somewhat clumsy-looking. The Kawasaki KX series is a line of motorcycles introduced in the mids. They were generally used as dirt bikes in motocross events, but some KX motorcycles are street legal. Identifying the model year is most easily accomplished by decoding the motorcycle's Vehicle Identification Number. VINs were.

Three years later, he launched a shipyard in Kobe. InShozo Kawasaki passed away at his home in Kobe at the age of Kawasaki is involved in so much more than what you see at your local Kawasaki Dealership. Kawasaki started out as a ship building company and continues to build ships to this day. You can find out the price of what is an effective teacher Kawasaki Model or Product by contacting your local Kawasaki Dealer.

Pricing shown on the website is subject to change. Confirm with your local Kawasaki dealership. Only authorised Kawasaki Dealerships sell Kawasaki products including genuine spare parts and accessories.

How can I be sure I will get the correct genuine parts for my Kawasaki when I order them? Always provide the VIN, engine or serial number of your Kawasaki to ensure correct parts are ordered. No, but genuine service manual or owners manual are available how to approach art gallery for representation a part for most models through all authorised Kawasaki dealerships.

If you do not know your key number, still contact your local Kawasaki Dealership as many key numbers are recorded and filed. You will still need to provide proof of ownership. If I read on an internet forum or hear from some other source that my model Kawasaki is involved in a recall in another country what should I do? Not all recalls that are listed in other countries affect Australian Models. Kawasaki Motors notifies all Kawasaki owners by mail if a recall affects their particular unit.

If you are still unsure please contact your preferred authorised Kawasaki Dealership. I have received more than one reminder letter from Kawasaki What year is my kawasaki that my Kawasaki is involved in a recall but I have had the recall completed.

What should I do? Place the letter in the self addressed stamped envelope provided and post it back to us. We will take care of the rest for you. I what did the aztecs use chocolate for received more than one reminder letter from Kawasaki Motors that my Kawasaki is involved in a recall but I have now sold it to someone else.

Warranty Q. Can I contact Kawasaki Motors directly for any warranty issues? Will my warranty be affected if the periodic service is done by a non - Kawasaki Dealer? However, Kawasaki owners must be aware that any defect that has been determined by an authorised dealership to have occurred as a direct result of poor workmanship or the lack of scheduled or preventative maintenance, is not the responsibility of the manufacturer.

We strongly recommend the use of authorised Kawasaki Dealerships as their staff are Kawasaki trained professionals, they have the necessary special tools and up to date technical information and factory support available. Will the fitting of additional accessories genuine or non genuine to my motorcycle, affect the warranty?

The new break-in procedure will be applied to all road registerable motorcycles even though the current owner manuals may advise differently. The Break In procedure description in the owner manuals will be renewed from MY onwards. If you need further information about the use of ethanol blended fuels in your Kawasaki vehicle, please refer to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries FCAI website www.

Fuel and Oil. Will I cause any damage to my motorcycle if premium unleaded or high-energy fuels are used? With any fuel, ensure you obtain it from a reliable source, and that the fuel used is always fresh and not contaminated. Stale or contaminated fuel may result in a damaged engine.

We recommend genuine Kawasaki oil because we know it has been extensively tested by the manufacturer on Kawasaki vehicles and trust its quality and performance. Will the engine in my four-stroke motorcycle burn oil as part of normal operation? The amount will vary depending on the type of oil used, and the riding conditions. Engine oil consumption will be higher for high-speed highway riding compared to city commuting.

The oil consumption considered to be acceptable by the manufacturer may differ from the expectations of the user. Where can I find paint to match the colour of my motorcycle? I wish to touch up some minor scratches? The paint codes used by Kawasaki are unique as new genuine Kawasaki panels are already painted. The paint codes used by automotive paint suppliers are how to draw cute little monsters relevant.

As such, most automotive paint suppliers may have difficulty to recognise the Kawasaki paint codes. Please contact your preferred authorised Kawasaki dealership for information relating to paint codes as they are the people best suited to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions. Before contacting Kawasaki Australia we encourage you to either refer to the Frequently Asked Questions or contact a Kawasaki dealer directly. Should neither of these be of assistance, please use the enquiry form below. Company History Q. When did Kawasaki start and by whom? Kawasaki Dealers Q. How do I find my nearest Kawasaki Dealership? Prices Q. How do I find out the price of any Kawasaki Model or Product?

Parts Q. Can I purchase genuine Kawasaki parts direct from Kawasaki Motors? Can I download online a service manual or owners handbook for my Kawasaki? What do I do? Recalls Q. What should I do if I receive a letter in the mail advising me that my Kawasaki is involved in a recall?

Contact your preferred authorised Kawasaki dealer. All recall and warranty issues must be dealt with by an authorised Kawasaki Dealership. Break in Procedure The new break-in procedure will be applied to all road registerable motorcycles even though the current owner manuals may advise differently.

New Break in Procedure The Break In procedure differs according to the engine displacement as follows. Brief periods above the listed engine speed will not affect break-in results. Ethanol Q. Fuel and Oil Q. Do I have to use genuine Kawasaki brand oil to protect my warranty?

Paint Q. Character 10 of your 17 digit VIN number designates the model year of the vehicle as follows. How can I correctly identify the year model of my Jet Ski? First Last. Kawasaki Dealer. How can we Help? Travelled distance Equal to, or less than cc. Travelled distance Equal to, or more than cc.


From the 10th to the 15th of November GIVI took part in Moto Festival Model Year , the fair dedicated to all motorcycle lovers and which this year, for the first time ever, took place entirely online! GIVI took part via its virtual stand, accessible online, with two fantastic new products. *Incentives available at participating Kawasaki dealerships. Model & year exclusions apply. Offer valid 4/1/21 - 6/30/ Subject to change without notice. Offer valid on approved purchases of select new, unregistered Kawasaki vehicles. Professional rider on a closed course. Because Kawasaki Protection Plus is a Kawasaki product, it has the same quality that is built into our vehicles. PEACE OF MIND Only the comprehensive coverage of Kawasaki Protection Plus can deliver peace of mind, because who better to back your investment in a Kawasaki product than Kawasaki.

Intriguingly, however, the ZZ-R continues to impress, aceing the the Blackbird in top gear roll on tests, remaining a great all-rounder and now being better value than ever. The ZZ-R is surprisingly easy to ride. The riding postion is typical Kawasaki — the forward stretched riding position comfy for most, especially for taller riders. And the power available might be intimidating but the bike is actually a real sweetie, just as easy to take to the shops as blast to the Bol.

Sweet, neutral handler, too. Open its throttle with anything more than rpm on the clock and the world gets thrown over your shoulders in a blur of colour. The bike also provides its own sound track, growling and snarling with pleasure as it comes on song. The rush of power is awesome, and the bike hurtles forward maniacally at an eye-popping rate. Later D, made in America versions are the best, with sumptious paint and much improved detailing.

Reliability-wise, ZZ-Rs have always been pretty solid, like. The ZZ-R may not be top dog any more but its pedigree is impeccable and the mere fact its been de-throned by the Super Blackbird makes it even better value. Find a Kawasaki ZZ-R for sale. The mirrors are blissfully vibe-free with clear views of what lies behind. Essential kit when piloting a motorcycle that can hit the national speed limit in first. Fuel consumption is an excellent 45mpg which allows miles between fill-ups.

Now with new frame and bodywork, larger tank and brakes, twin intake fairing, different exhausts and improved instrumentation. ZZ-R Introduced in with larger engine, revised styling and new lighting. Retained ability of original but lost some of its integrity.

Discontinued in late Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below. Buying experience: i bought it privately the guy had to sell it broke his heart he had waited 2 years to get the bike then only had it a few week it is a bizarre story which i will not go into just to say it was karma? I have had my 11 for over 2 years now, and it is by far the most superior bike I have owned, reliable, extremely fast, and great to look at.

Mine has done 85k and still runs like a dream. I have taken mine across Europe more than once, last trip to Germany. I do all my own work except valve clearance's and carb syncing once a year not particularly cheap on fuel I ride it hard good value otherwise they are appreciating in value now so buy one while they aren't silly money. Not bad, a fuel gauge and temp gauge as standard, will take throw overs if you buy the right set.

Buying experience: I bought mine for as a non runner, sorted it myself, bargain. I have had the old girl for 25 years now, and still love her to bits. The bike has aged with me, and still provides a comfortable and fast ride for my old bones.

The styling has stood the test of time well, and nothing has gone wrong or broken. I upgraded the front calipers to GSXR 6 pots but apart from that it is standard.

After all these years I still cant say there is anything I would swap her for, which is testament to the all round ability of the bike. Great for long distance work, but can still go surprisingly well if you are prepared to man handle the mass of the bike with some enthusiasm.

A biblical engine, full of character, charm, a great spread of torque, and with an addictive intake bellow.

Staggeringly good bikes. I sold my 11 with just under 60k on the odometer and it had never missed a beat.

The Busa faster still - but luggage options were more limited, and not as comfortable. The Big Z was just about spot on. I've regretted selling mine, ever since! Pointless comparing them with sportsbikes. It's not what they were designed for. These are comfy, very fast, mile munchers! Ride quality - very comfy, plenty of room. Higher screen is a nice addition. Most owners will say that the brakes are the only weak link - but they were about typical, for the period.

Braided lines, and good maintenance help, as does quality, sintered pads. Owners' forums will tell you about upgrading to later calipers, from other bikes. Worth the effort IMO. Smooth, huge torque. Easy, relaxes pace. Can be deceptive, so keep an eye on the speedo to avoid points! Only problem I had was a starter button pinging off - got around it by shorting out the terminals with a piece of wire, until I could order the part - but at about 58, miles at the time, I don't think that's worth grumbling about.

From the D suffix onward quality was much improved - ironically, I read, after production moved to the USA.

The paint on the rims flakes, like most Japanese bikes, if I ever get another, I'll get them powder coated. It's easy to work on, plenty of space, and everything is accessible. Switching to a stainless exhaust system from Sandy Bike Spares saves any further hassle from the OEM mild steel set up. Worth using decent quality oil, and changing it reasonably regularly. Best tyres - Michelin Road Pilots - at the time of ownership, I was using the Mark 2s - very good grip, and very good in the wet - I've been using the same tyre ever since, albeit the later incarnations.

If you're buying an older 11, check to see what tyres are fitted, as if they're 'out of the ark' they could be next to useless. MRA Vario, heated grips, add to an already good package. Givi did produce a full wing rack kit for the 11, though these might be harder to find now.

I liked the narrow panniers for easier filtering. Buying experience: Bought used, from a non-franchised dealer. Check the usual things, but there isn't much that goes wrong with them - and they tend to be bought by reasonably sensible people, who appreciate them for what they are.

The ZZR is fast, comfortable and still an extremely capable bike - either lugging 3 heavy Givi's and wife for a weekend away, or in everyday use as a Continental Commuter. Upgrading the rear shock, especially if planning to carry luggage or a pillion on a regular basis will be money well spent.

The handling will improve no-end.. The engine is the ZZR's strong point - smooth and torquey. Accelerate from walking pace to over mph in 2nd gear easily.. Pulls at all speeds and always bags of torque. Its never let me down, other than a flat battery after standing for a month. Once an Optimate was connected, its been perfect.. Turn the rear snail adjuster for max ride height, tighter steering angle and better ground clearance; with suspension tightened up you can really treat it like a sports bike, I've scraped both sides of the belly-pan.

The bike has the uncanny ability to make you feel invincible! It has an amazing spread of abilities - can tootle through town, and obliterate all everywhere else; especially once you've Dyno-jetted it and cleaned up the intake throats; choose your 4 into 1 carefully.

The seat leaves you a bit sore after miles in a day, everything else near perfect, rear-sets are better for tall chaps, paint a bit thin in places. Had my ZZR D1 for about four years now. It is a truely astonishing bike in just about every respect if you use it for what it was meant to do, that is Sport Touring. It is not a Sports Bike and has no pretentions of being so. Yes it is fast, unbelievebly fast, it is reasonably nimble, but not as flickable as a cc sports bike. Comfortable, well that depends on your size and shape.

The seat will get a little firm after about miles but then what bike dosn't. But now the good bit, stick a set of hard cases and top box on this thing, slap a tank bag up front, dump you better half on the pillion behind you and head for Jean Claud's back yard and this thing comes to life.

You can Sport Tour, two up with a full set of luggage, Girlfriend and all her dresses, shoes and makeup safely stored and have a blast. The engine has so much grunt that it will eat the A6 down to S France in a flash, or toodle along the country lanes like a pussy cat. The added wieght of all that makeup is shrugged off as if it is not there, it hardly affects the fuel consumption at all which is brilliat for a bike this size, I get about 53mpg on a run In short, if you want to hoon it up with your mates, buy an R1 if you want to do a bit of touring at interstella speed you couldnt do better than a ZZR They are as cheap as chip to buy, you may have seen comments about some dropping the crank on number 3 cylinder but I have done Be prepared to staple your top lip down as it will be stuck to your teeth when you grin like a Chesire Cat on acid as this thing rockets you towards your destination while your sports bikey mates are still leaving the rendevou point.

Even battered and not in the best of health she got me home. After a few searches of E-bay, got her patched up again so that I could truely enjoy the experiance. She may not look the best, but she still goes like stonk. Excellent to ride, not as nimble as my Sprint ST but a fantastic place to be. The world is a constant blurr, and when you get to mph its time to get behind the screen. One of the most relaxing and easy to ride tourers going.

I've owned my ZZR for 6 months now, I bought it with miles on the clock. My previous bike to the ZZR was an R I am 6ft 2", and I find the riding position very comfortable, the only thing I have changed has been to add a double bubble screen, as the standard screen is too low for someone of my height.

I recently rode down to Donnington for the MotoGP, and managed miles from a full tank before I stopped to fill up, and I still hadn't switched to reserve. The finish on this model is lovely mine is a dark metallic green colour with chrome decals.

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