What kind of rope does not stretch

what kind of rope does not stretch

What's the Best Rope For Outdoor Use? (3 Types That Work Great)

The amount of constructional stretch is not constant for all cables - it depends on such variables as type of construction, length of lay, and other factors, including the load applied. 2. Elastic Stretch - Elastic stretch is the actual elongation of the wires of a strand or a cable. This is caused by the application of a load up to the yield. Mar 18,  · Finally, although stretching feels lovely, it does not seem to constitute any kind of a treatment for common kinds of aches and pains. It might have a therapeutic effect on muscle “knots” (myofascial trigger points), but that’s a bit of a reach. before the “rope” breaks. For a mere stretch, collagen fibres don’t line up.

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It wasn't a quarry or a sandpit, anyhow. It was just a hole. It might have been connected with the philanthropic desire of giving the criminals something to do. I don't know. Then I nearly fell into a very narrow ravine, almost no more than a scar in the hillside. I discovered that a lot of imported drainage-pipes for the settlement had been tumbled in there.

There wasn't one that was not broken. It was a wanton smash-up. At last I got under the trees. My purpose was to stroll into the shade for a moment; but no sooner within than it seemed to me I had stepped into the gloomy circle of some Inferno. The rapids were near, and an uninterrupted, uniform, headlong, rushing noise filled the mournful stillness - 82 - of the grove, where not a breath stirred, not a leaf moved, with a mysterious sound -- as though the tearing pace of the launched kknd had suddenly become audible.

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I wouldn't have mentioned the fellow to you at all, only it was from his lips that I first heard the name of the man who is so indissolubly connected with the memories of that time. Moreover, I respected the fellow. Yes; I respected his collars, his vast cuffs, his brushed hair. His appearance was certainly that of a hairdresser's dummy; but in the great demoralization of the land he kept up his appearance.

That's backbone. His starched collars and got-up shirt-fronts were achievements of character. He had been out nearly three years; and, later, I could not help asking him how he managed to sport such linen. He had just the faintest blush, and said modestly, 'I've been teaching one of the native women about the station. It was difficult.

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There was no need to open the big shutter to see. It was hot there, too; big flies buzzed fiendishly, and did not sting, but stabbed. I sat generally on the floor, while, of faultless appearance and even slightly scentedperching on a high stool, he wrote, he wrote.

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Rope By Style

Manila Rope is an all-natural fiber rope, made from the Abaca plant. It’s sometimes referred to as hemp rope, and it’s a great general utility rope for someone looking to use rope for outdoor activities, decor, marine use, landscaping, exercise climbing rope, fishing nets, farm work, tug-of-war, or towing lines. Our bespoke Rope Bridges and Log Rope Bridges, which can span up to distances of 40m or more, are a world away from anything you might find to buy 'off the shelf'. Hand crafted using only the highest quality 'soft-to-the-hands' natural coloured polyhemp ropes, structural super-ropes and deck boards. Each Rope Bridge will blend in perfectly with its surroundings and compliment both the look and. Another report from the cliff made me think suddenly of that ship of war I had seen firing into a continent. It was the same kind of ominous voice; but these men could by no stretch of imagination be called enemies. They were called criminals, and the outraged law, like the bursting shells, had come to them, an insoluble mystery from the sea.

Brownielocks and The 3 Bears Present. Karl Capek, a Czech playwright was a pioneer in science fiction. He wrote a play during WWI called "R. The Czech term for work or drudgery was robota, and so Capek shortened his characters to be robots. Benjamin Franklin published a lot of stories, one of which he was the central character. Franklin was approached by a stranger who stopped to admire the family grindstone. He asked to be shown how it worked and offered Ben Franklin an ax to demonstrate.

Once his ax was sharp the stranger walked off laughing. Today "having an ax to grind" means that someone has a selfish or mean motive behind their actions. It also means to have a grudge or dispute with someone in which that person seeks some confrontation, justice or reciprocated action. This can be openly known or a hidden agenda, also.

No Spring Chicken. Throw in the Towel. Lock, Stock and Barrel. Alternate origin: lock stock and barrel also referred to when you bought a farm.

Lock meant the house , stock was all the animals and barrel was the rain barrel meaning all the trivial junk, so that it was absolutely everything at the time of sale that was on the land that was sold If the previous owner left something valuable behind it was yours too bad for them as it had all been sold lock stock and barrel.

Another version: To "Rub [someone] the wrong way" also refers to animals. Take a cat for instance: if you rub it along the way its fur grows head to tail , it's fine, but if you rub it the wrong way from tail to head , it gets extraordinarily angry and irritated. Submitted by Jade Tibbals. Spill the Beans. Beat Around the Bush. Red Letter Day. Old Stamping Ground. On Cloud Nine. It was believed that clouds existed on a successful level of layers, and the ultimate high layer was 9.

So anyone who is suddenly super happy was said to be soaring in the clouds and naturally the level of the cloud they were assumed to be on was the highest Today another way of saying you are very happy and even in some cases, in love, is to say that you are on cloud 9.

PS: Along this line, there is a term called a "farmer's tan" which means you have a sun tan from your elbows down, since being outdoors in a T-shirt covers the rest of your body. It's a common phrase in California to tease outsiders esp.

Another version is said that the term originated in the coal mines of Kentucky and West Virginia at The Battle of Blair Mountain, which was the largest civil uprising in US history.

In WVa miners clashed with lawmen and hired hands of the coal companies when they tried to stop the miners from forming a union. Approximately, 13, miners with red bandanas tied around their necks to identify them as a separate group from the others marched on Logan county.

This uprising helped showcase the conditions faced by the minors and helped shape the way unions operated. It also turned union tactics into political battles to get the law on the side of labor.

All these miners with red bandanas on their necks is said to be the origin of "red necks. There is also a different version of the origin of this word from a Scottish website. Graveyard Shift. At night a guard was set to watch the graveyard and to listen for any bells to ring, and thereby dig up the living person from underground, saving them "by the bell. Alternate: The word 'gaga' originates from the French word 'gateux' with a circumflex accent on the 'a'.

Soo 'gateux' or 'gaga' could translate as ' soft in the head' as in senile. Dead as a Doornail. Alternate origin: Nails were in short supply and high demand in colonial times. People would go out in the night and steal the nails from their neighbors doors. To prevent this from happening, the ends of the nails inside, were bent and hammered down to prevent them from being pulled out, from the outside.

The nail was said to be dead and the act was deadening the nail. It could not be removed and all other uses were of that nail were eliminated Submitted by David Salls. Nip it in the Bud. Bring Home The Bacon.

Alternate origin: In the Middle Ages, most people were illiterate and certainly didn't understand Latin, the language of the Catholic mass. When he raised the host bread , he uttered the words "Hoc est corpus mei The congregation didn't understand the meaning of the words, but they did know that, somehow through some magic, these words turned the bread into the actual body of Christ, the fantastic magical event of transubstantiation.

So, words that sounded like "hocus pocus" to the illiterate and uneducated masses would enable a magical and miraculous event to transpire, and, presumably, these words were a facilitator or enabler of a magical act or event.

Submitted by Jon Dill. Another version: "Cracked Up" also refers to a Civil War time makeup. At this time the makeup mostly consisted of beeswax, ladies had to partially melt the makeup beside the fire before applying it, and after application it would harden. If the lady laughed or smiled it would crack the makeup, and thereby look like her face was "Cracking Up. Wrong Side of the Bed. On the other hand, if someone gave you a horse for free, it was considered rude to look in its mouth and check to see how old it was.

Therefore, you were not to "look a gift horse in the mouth. Many times cats were put into the poke instead of a pig. When a buyer insisted on seeing what was inside the bag and found a cat instead of a pig, he confirmed that he was being cheated and the truth was revealed.

Today, "to let the cat out of the bag" means to let secret or hidden information be revealed to others. It doesn't have to do with business, it could simply be telling what a Christmas present is. Alternate origin: On a boat, a "sheet" is a rope used to adjust the sails. An old square-rigged boat used one sheet to control each of the 4 corners of every sail. If a sail had 3 sheets ropes untied, it would merely flap around wildly in the wind and be useless. There is also another version to the origin of this phrase based on making a Scottish kilt, which basically takes 9 yards if it's a quality kilt.

For more word fun, visit our other pages:. Enjoy some very strange words from our past; or, ones very seldom used today. This is part of our Minnesota Section. It's not really English. But then again I gave you those I found interesting and useful. I also reworded a lot of the answers to shorten them down.

My goal is to stir your interest to learn more. Buy the book to know more about the other words and their backgrounds. Also some visitors have written me with their input on some of the origins! Like Brownielocks on Facebook. Thanks for Visiting. We love you! The Web Only This Site. Limelight Thomas Drummond in devised a lighting source for theatres. It was a cylinder of lime heated by an incandescence flame and placed behind a lens or in front of a reflector.

These "lime lights" were very bright. Thus the star performer was very visible as long as he stood in it. Soon, actors were competing to be in the easily seen limelight.

And so any location where many can see you today is called being in the limelight. Robot Karl Capek, a Czech playwright was a pioneer in science fiction. Axe to Grind Benjamin Franklin published a lot of stories, one of which he was the central character.

Jaywalker Jay Birds who ventured out of their rural forests and into the urban areas often got confused. They often endangered their lives walking anywhere where they wanted, including into traffic.

Sophisticated city people laughed at their erratic behavior. So, now anyone who crosses the street in a reckless or illegal way is called a Jay Walker and sometimes fined. No Spring Chicken New England chicken farmers discovered that chickens born in the Spring bought better prices, rather than old birds that had gone through the winter etc.

Sometimes farmers tried to sell the old birds as a new spring born chicken. Smart buyers often complained that a tough fowl was "no spring chicken" and so the term now is used to represent birds and even people past their plump and tender years.

Break the Ice All cities that grew as a result of being on rivers for trade suffered during bitter cold times when the river froze. Even large ships got stuck, making them icebound for weeks.

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