What kind of man would i be country song

what kind of man would i be country song

Lainey Wilson Talks Cinematic 'Things A Man Oughta Know' Music Video

May 21,  · What Type Of Country Song Are You? The quiz you've been waiting your entire life for. Find out if you are all about the country pride or the hillbilly honky-tonk, just in time for the CMT Music. Feb 12,  · What Kind Of Man - Florence + The Machine Taken from the album ‘How Big How Blue How Beautiful’ released – get ‘What Kind Of Man’ instantly when you p.

Lainey Wilson dropped the official music video for what dogs attack the most new single "Things A Man Oughta Know," and the visual plays out like a mini movie to provide a different fo on the song. In the video, a young couple and their daughter move in to a beautiful new house, but when things get tough financially, the husband, played by Riley King, tries robbing a liquor store with an accomplice to get the money he needs.

Wilson opened up about her new music video during a live interview he iHeartCountry's Instagram. Lainey explained of the visual, "My goal for the entire thing was for people to, first off, just connect with the song in general and feel something. But I wanted to do something that made people just feel it in a different way. People who knew the song top to what is iso in baseball, know it by eould, I wanted them to watch this kinr and see it from a different angle.

And, I think that's exactly what happened. Everybody so far seemed to absolutely eb it. I'm proud of the thing. It took so many people to get this thing where we wanted it to be, and I'm proud of it. I've had guys who really did give up and got it wrong.

I've heard from single mothers, I've heard from just a little bit of everybody. One person even said that they were about to go through a divorce, she sent this on through to her husband [and] he kind of snapped out of it once he heard the song. My goal was for people to really see it from a different angle, maybe a situation that they would have never expected.

I think so many people, especially, people who had a rough childhood, I think they'll be able to watch this video and really connect and relate to it. At the end of the day, this song is really just about having good character and treating people the way that you want to be treated and the golden rule.

And that's something that every single one of us all to know, and it felt cool to step outside the box for a minute and just be creative in a different what is a scope procedure of way. Also during the IG live, the video's star, Riley King, appeared to talk about what filming was like, especially this being his first music video.

He explained, "It was pretty incredible. The production team How to work expired listings showed up and Lainey, they made everything so simple on our end. Obviously Kristen killed it, who's the other actor in it. But for me, I didn't know exactly showing up what the full plan was with everything.

And then once they explained it, they just did such a good job taking it scene by scene and kind of giving us a little bit of time, but really describing it so well that it made it pretty simple on our end. And I was a little bit scared going in. It was actually the first video I've been in, so I was wat hoping and praying I didn't mess it up for Lainey.

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What Kind of Man Lyrics: I was on a heavy tip / Trying to cross a canyon with a broken limb / You were on the other side, like always / Wondering what to do with life / I'd already had a sip / So I. Type in an artist's name or song title in the space above for a quick search of Classic Country Music lyrics website. Low prices on Books, Kindles Classic Country Music Cds and Country Gospel Cd s. Easy to download Classic Country MP3s and Country Gospel MP3s most only $ or less. Please add the song Ballad of a Useless Man by Paul Revere and the Raiders as this song failed to show up using several search engines. Anonymous 05 April Reply Does anyone know the one that goes " if they want to leave then shake there hand and let them go its gonna be hard but if thye loved you darling you know so stop begging them to.

When Will started dating Taylor , she seemed magical. That was because, well, she was. She had an aura of perfection that made people see the kind of girl they wanted her to be.

It rose like a song inside her and made her able to control them. She learned to control it to some degree — and to use it to control men. When she danced, her control over men becomes stronger. And she liked using that when picking up men. At its core, though, it is a curse that she has to keep in check.

In order to test when it became real, she would act crazy and jealous. As soon as he realised, she knew it was real. The stronger her love, the better she was at keeping it in check. This lead to her boyfriends breaking up with her and getting back together with her over and over again. And so it started with Will.

But with Will, it became more real than ever before. After countless breakups, he became clear-headed enough to break up with her for good. It worked and they stayed together for years, even had a child. But then Will broke up with her again and even cut her off from seeing her child. He believed that he did this for the child , but it resulted in Taylor following them around from a distance. Possibly because of her fading love and thus increasing her control over him , he allowed her to stalk them.

But then, he saw her with another man and jealousy worked its own magic once again. So he confronted Taylor and promised that she could have him and their old life back. And Taylor realised that just like her genuine love had removed her control over Will, it had put her under his control instead. She suddenly sees his generous gifts as another way to keep her docile. And she was not going to let him win her back like this. So she stops controlling herself entirely. Like turning on a radio, the song inside her rises to new levels.

She dances and takes complete control of his mind, makes him completely devoted to her. He becomes her slave. And she enjoys actively using her curse again. Her lover, the only man she has actively tried to push away was not impressed with her actions. She can live with losing him though. Video Lyrics. Read about what this blog is about in the sidebar.

Follow the tags around to figure out what happened before, read the key events for a more spoilery and quicker version or read the whole blog from the beginning. If you just want to start with the story click here. Want to influence the story?

Add a song of any genre to the list or recommend artists for me to subscribe to by leaving a comment here or on Facebook. This is now the second time falling asleep in my chair has made the chapter late. I have to realise that this is how my life looks now. So temporarily the chapter is published Tuesday morning. Taylor has done something so horrifying on her revenge mission against her ex that it has made Perry , the man who loves her and has followed along, rethink his choice to do so.

And Taylor can see that. So she tells him that he is free to leave, tells him goodbye and turns around. She is doing this so she can see her child. And she will see it again, whatever she has to do for that to happen. The child is the stars and light she follows. She carries her child with her in her heart and mind, until she sees it again. And thus she never feels lonely in the shadows. At night she listens to the echoes in the wind calling her back to the time where they lived near the water and was a happy family.

Where she had her child with her. She smiles at the thought. She will do whatever it takes — even if it means losing another man she has loved.

Perry knows how Taylor responded to Will s offer. She comes back grinning about her actions, even as she apologises to Perry. He wanted this story to be different. He is suddenly reminded of, what he has gotten himself into. What it has made him. What he has sought at the bottom of every bottle to forget. And following her around, stealing food to survive, never felt good. Falling in love with Taylor was a mistake. Following his heart was a mistake. He was blinded by love and saw that before.

But now he feels it too. And she knew how much his love for her had made him accept. There are two sides to every story. And her overreactions became more severe as a result. So he promised to be easier on her IF she tried to control it. But he had good reason to be distant. He was working on a way to control time. A way to talk to his deceased mother again. And thus, he failed to uphold his part of the deal as well.

In the end, the relationship suffered for the distance between them, and he took the difficult decision to leave her. Problem was, he knew what kind of ex she was. He has seen it himself and heard stories. So he lied and told her that they would still be friends. Then he made sure she would never get near him or their child again. Of course, that made it worse. She became consumed with revenge and followed him around, stalking him from the shadows. At this point, however, he finds comfort in that.

He still loves her and having her close by makes him feel better. He has also seen her crying. That makes him hopeful that she still has sweetness in her.

They seem romantically linked. He decides that this might be the time to talk to Taylor again. And he is far enough with his work that he could focus on her again.

He is now able to stop time at least. So he goes to talk with her. She tells him that she wants to be with Perry. He knows he can treat her better than Perry can. He promises to not let her down again. Also, I literally fell asleep in front of my computer just as I was about to publish this. Perry is hopelessly in love with Taylor , a woman on a mission to punish her ex.

He has chosen to follow her on this mission. Taylor changes her mood a lot and is sometimes drawing him close and sometimes pushing him away. He is drowning in the relationship, dizzy with love and trying to understand her.

He is happy to follow her and very aware that this makes him out of his mind as well. The world has beaten her down in regards to love , and this is the result. And she loves him back. They both give their all, risking everything, no matter what they get into.

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