What is the moral lesson of cinderella

what is the moral lesson of cinderella

What Is The Moral Lesson In Cinderella?

May 20,  · May 20, by Hasa. 4 min read. Moral: Having courage and believing in oneself even in times of adversity and how good people are rewarded for their goodness. Cinderella is a folk tale of unknown origins which has been adapted into many films, musicals, and dramas. In this lesson, we learn about 'Cinderella' teaching the morals of kindness towards all, forgiving others for doing wrong, and never letting bad things ruin your heart.

Moral: Having courage and believing in oneself even in times of ls and how good people are rewarded for their goodness. Cinderella is a cineerella tale of unknown origins which has been adapted into many films, musicals, and dramas. Cinderella lesso a beautiful, gentle, and kind girl who lives with her wicked stepmother and her two daughters.

The stepmother and her two daughters treat her like a servant and make her do all the household chores. But Cinderella never complains; she bears her lot with patience and courage. One day, the young ladies receive invitations to a royal ball held with the intention of selecting a wife for the prince.

But Cinderella is not allowed to go; neither does she have fine clothes or jewels to wear to the ball. Cinderella is very sad. Then the fairy godmother changes a pumpkin to a fine carriage and some mice into men. But morzl leaving, she advises Cinderella to return before it strikes midnight since the spell would only last till then. At the royal ball, everyone is entranced by Cinderella. The prince falls in love with her.

But Cinderella has to leave the ball before midnight. In her haste to get away, she loses one of her glass slippers. The prince finds the slipper and sends men to every house and makes every young unmarried lady try the how to clean your breast nipples. Then Cinderella marries the lessno and lives happily ever after.

Having courage and believing in oneself even in times of adversity. Cinderella is always gracious, kind and patience; even though the stepmother and the sisters are evil, she patiently tolerates their treatment. She never stops dreaming.

Her desire and attempt to attend the ball can be taken as an indication of her courage, bravery, and perseverance. So the moral of the story can be taken as having the courage and believing in oneself even in times of adversity. The idea that good things happen to good people or how good whar are rewarded for their goodness is also reflected in vinderella story.

It is her graciousness, which she cnderella even after years of mistreatment and abuse, that impresses the prince. The term graciousness can actually be interpreted as the embodiment of all her good qualities such as perseverance, patience, courage, and bravery.

Graciousness, however, is priceless od of even greater value. Young women, in the winning of a heart, graciousness is more important than a beautiful hairdo. It is a true gift of the fairies. Without it nothing is how to make mesos with nx with it, one can do anything. She is currently reading for a Masters degree in English. Her areas of interests include literature, language, linguistics and also food.

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The Story of Cinderella

Certainly, one moral of this fairy tale is that being cruel, like Cinderella's step-sisters, doesn't pay; it is better to be kind to people, like Cinderella. The wicked step-sisters not only. Dec 21,  · A moral is a lesson, especially concerning what is right or prudent, that can be derived from a story. Here are a few of these important lessons from Cinderella. The first is . Aug 04,  · The moral of "Cinderella" is that people should always fight for what they want with a good heart and hard work. Cinderella is never negative or angry due to how poorly her stepsisters and stepmother treat her, and she keeps working hard despite things seeming hopeless. "Cinderella" is a folk tale that has unknown origins.

There's just something about Cinderella -- from her gentle, guileless spirit to her glittering, glass slippers -- that makes her one of the most cherished Disney princesses for little girls. But compared to other heroines, like Elsa or Belle or Mulan, she seems to be extra passive and damsel-in-distress though probably not as much as Sleeping Beauty!

Although there have been attempts to give her character a modern edge see Drew Barrymore's "Ever After" , her story no matter which cultural version you're reading works best when it's still rooted in universal lessons of kindness , fairness , and patience. Personally, I've always been partial to Cinderella for her inner beauty and goodness, and for the powerful lessons her story teaches -- timeless lessons that parents can teach their kids across all ages and backgrounds.

Her kindness can make her seem like a pushover especially when her evil stepmother and stepsisters are overloading her with housework! But it actually takes a certain quiet strength to remain as kind as she does to others, be it elderly ladies who turn out to be fairy godmothers or defenseless animals. Cinderella's kindness allows her to be selfless, to remain grateful and to appreciate others.

Takeaway:Help your kids understand the importance of kindness and generosity , and remember to show other parents some kindness as well! And even when that happens, she's still brave enough to risk a ride in a pumpkin carriage to spend a few short but glorious hours dancing. Takeaway: From a young age, foster bravery and fuel independence so your child will grow up to be a trailblazer.

Instead of staying home weeping, sweeping, and having a solo pity party after her first ball gown is ruined, Cinderella stays determined and resilient to attend the ball. So what if the magical transformation wears off at midnight? And even when the stepmother tries to prevent her from trying on the precious slipper, Cinderella still finds a way to try it on. Takeaway:Raise your child to not give up on anything when the going gets tough; instead, inspire her to keep on trying.

So when she actually has the opportunity to change certain moments, she's already prepared to embrace them. Takeaway:It's never too early to set achievable goals , which can guide your child toward a happy future and well-rounded life. She remembers her loving parents and knows she is more than the designated housemaid.

Despite her tough circumstances and her difficult stepfamily, she still chooses to be kind and brave, to persevere and remain steadfast in trying to change and take charge of her life. Takeaway: Boost your child's self-esteem but be careful to avoid narcissism so he knows that he has the innate ability to accomplish anything! By Sherry Huang March 12, Save Pin FB ellipsis More. Cinderella movie. Royal Ball Cinderella doll. Wedding Day Cinderella doll.

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