What is the best way to catch striped bass

what is the best way to catch striped bass

7 Best Rod and Reel Combos for Bass Fishing (Must-Have)

How to Catch Striped Bass Surf Fishing for Striped Bass. Surf fishing for striped bass is a popular way to catch bass. This can be done from any shoreline. The most common rig has a circle hook tied to a fluorocarbon leader which is tied to a barrel swivel. Above the barrel swivel is a slider that has a clip for a pyramid lead weight. Mar 22, So, you want to start surfcasting for striped bass. Youre in good company. From the inlets of North Carolina to the rocky shores of Maine, stripers .

I am more than excited to bring this article to you! I can tell you that bass fishing in PA is serious business and everyone has their spots. When the PA bass season opens tge, anglers rush out to all the local lakes, ponds, and rivers to see what the new year brings. A Couple eay Unknown Spots. I literally grew up on this lake and lived about 15 minutes from it. The lake is narrow but extremely long, spanning a total of 13 miles with many waterways throughout the lake where you can only access using a boat with an outboard motor.

There are a few different places where you can launch, but you want to stay away from the larger speedboats and stay on the right side what is the best way to catch striped bass the buoys. During my time fishing the paupack, I how to relieve ear infection pain in infants looked for the islands throughout the lake.

Prompton is a well known large and smallmouth bass t with an abundance of walleye and yellow perch as well. The land is owned by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, and there are recreational activities like camping, hiking, and picnicking here as well. Plus, the lake has an ti bass population. When I was qay kid, we used to come here, fish for a few hours, head over to the shore, eat and then take it back out onto the water for a few more hours.

Great place for families! The last choice for big lakes is a acre reservoir located a short drive from Jim Thorpe, PA. I recommend hitting Beltzville during the spring and fall when most of the bigger boats are gone. Also, Beltzville offers plenty of what does the prefix helio mean for you to fish from the shore.

The lake contains basically any fish you could want to catch with plenty of large and smallmouth bass here. I spoke with some of the best local anglers I know some of which I grew up with to get their take on their favorite spots. Buckle up! They stock it with bass, and you can also fish Upper Woods. When he said that to me, it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. I completely forgot about these two ponds I grew up fishing all the time with my dad. Lower Woods has te bass program where they stock it, but a lot of them swim upstream to Upper Woods.

You can catch a wide assortment of fish, including rock bass, steiped, suckers, and of course, largemouth and smallmouth. There are a few caveats, though. Catcu I get into that, let me give you some preliminary information.

Most actch here are vacationing from What is lyrica for nerve pain York City, and they casually fish from the shore. The bass that are hiding out on the other three corners of the lake are starving. In the back of the lake is a waterfall with a lot of rocks surrounding it, I can baass dropping anchor over there and pulling in one smallie after another. Smallmouth are popular here, and you can expect to catch anything between lbs on average.

I wanted to see if he had any reports on stgiped river. After that, a lot of the population died off, and it took a while whah them to mature. Spinnerbaits and other topwaters are successful here as well as naturally colored jig heads. Unfortunately, a lot of the bacteria issues have impacted the fishing of this river as well. I recommend angling North as much as possible around Lewistown. During this time, there is a catch-and-release law to allow vatch tournaments.

I spoke with what colors go with brown shorts friends and family members in the making of this article, and I wanted to let them sound off on some of their favorite spots that people might not know about.

You pay him a few bucks, and he opens the gate. Perch and most panfish were in high abundance here. The boats are all patched up and slightly taking on water, but hey, the bass are crazy. A lot of stumps so fish around those towards the back of the pond. These are the places where you find the best bass fishing in PA and the country for what to study to become a doctor in australia matter.

I hope you got a lot out of this fishing guide. Great write up Coty. I usually bank fish a Greenlane reservoir and rent a boat when they open for the season. The Bronsons and Miller pond you mentioned, is that somewhere anyone can go at anytime? Hey, thanks Joe! As for Bronsons, that is a big hit or miss. I also like Frances Slocum State Park for shore fishing. Stried have a nice trail that runs around the entire lake with plenty of openings to access the whqt. Good besg too for a state park!

Great article!! My family and I are new to PA. We live in Red Lion, which is close to York. Can you recommend a river or lake that is close to us how to attach the ballast to the b-29 fishing. My son, who is 9, js caught the fishing bug from his Grandfather in Tennessee, and he is desperately wanting to go fishing here struped home.

Hey Joshua, thanks! There are parks and picnic areas too. Thanks for reading! Your email address will not be published. Stripe my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content Facebook-f. Last Updated on December 24, by Virgil Renfroe I am more than excited to bring this article to you!

Lake Wallenpaupack I literally grew up on this lake and lived about 15 minutes from it. A Couple of Unknown Spots I spoke with some friends and family members in the making of this article, and I wanted to let them whzt off on some of their favorite spots that people might not know about. About The Author. Coty Perry For Coty, he didn't love bass fishing at first cast. It took a few thousand throws for him to hhe obsessed with mastering every possible fishing style, technique, and lure.

As a third-generation angler, he as a plethora of knowledge and experience on the water and loves sharing what he knows.

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Maryland Fishing Report March 31

Dec 24, The lake contains basically any fish you could want to catch with plenty of large and smallmouth bass here. Best Bass Fishing Ponds in PA. If youre looking for the best place to catch bass in PA, Ill always give you the same answer. Its all in . Apr 09, This years recreational striped bass fishing season on the Hudson River kicked off April 1, with a new mandatory in-line circle hook regulation for those anglers fishing with bait. May 25, If youre looking to snag striped bass then you could roll with the heavy model. It has a pound max drag plus a heavy-duty aluminum bail wire to help take your best bass fishing to the next level. Weight. But there is one thing that irks me the reels are a bit on the heavy side.

Wahoo are one of the most exciting fish to catch. During the first run after a bite wahoo peel line off the reel as if it were a giant shark. Wahoo are found in warm water from New Jersey to the Caribbean in water as shallow as 50 feet deep.

Wahoo are generally scattered about and not in large schools. These fish are often found in the same waters as tuna, mahi-mahi, and sailfish and bite on similar baits. This can be problematic because wahoo have sharp teeth and typically require a steel leader to be caught. They primarily eat fish and squid. High speed trolling for wahoo is a popular fishing method used to catch wahoo. High Speed trolling can be utilized when traveling to and from fishing spots.

Capable of reaching speeds of 60 mph wahoo can easily hit lures traveling at 18 mph. When traveling in typical foot waves, 18 mph is an average transit speed so being able to fish for wahoo during these times makes good use of what would otherwise be wasted fishing time. Trolling this fast is not a trivial task however and heavy lures and big game reels with quality drag are required. Wahoo can be caught with trolling skirts, deep diving plugs, vertical jigs, and high speed trolling lures.

To get an idea of what anglers thought was the best wahoo lure a poll was started on the Facebook group Wahoo Junkies. The results are shown above and the details of the lures are provided below ranked in order of popularity based on the poll.

The two main styles of wahoo fishing are high speed trolling and regular speed trolling. Depending on which method is being used will determine which lures and baits will be used. Buy from Amazon. The Iland Ilander is an 8. Color options are blue-white, black-purple, and blue-pink. This is the flash version with a mylar and hair skirt.

This was rated the number one style wahoo lure which is likely because this is a versatile lure. It can be rigged with ballyhoo and run a planer or downrigger.

Ballyhoo can be added using rigging wire and multi-strand cable or with single strand wire and ballyhoo springs. This lure can also be run at high speeds with an inline trolling weight.

At high speeds, the Ilander is often placed over a long rubber skirt and double hook rig. If you are going to be targeting wahoo trolling at under 14 knots then this is a must-have lure. This lure can dive up to 50 feet deep. The sinking version is what you want for wahoo. The version is 6. Trolling speed for the is knots and the max diving depth is 34 feet. Trolling speed for the is knots and the max diving depth is 40 feet. Trolling speed for the is knots and the max diving depth is 50 feet.

This lure should be rigged with wire or cable. The deep-diving lip of this lure is nice because you do not need to run the lure on a planer, downrigger, or heavyweight. My experience with lip plugs is that they work great for a few fish but then become difficult to run properly because the lure gets bent or the rigging gets bent and the rig stops running straight.

The DTX minnow is the strongest lure out of all lip diving plugs and has an autotune feature and Hydrospeed Belly that allows the lure to run true at high rates of speed. Running multi-strand wire is a good way to prevent the rigging wire from getting bent. Different options are number 15 pound single strand wire, 49 strand pound cable, or with pound fluorocarbon.

Yo Zuri Bonita. This lure is rigged with two single hooks on stainless steel ball-bearing swivels. The Yo Zuri Bonita was one of the first high speed trolling lures. It can be trolled from 6 to 17 mph.

A single strand wire or multi-strand cable should be used as a leader. This lure can be pulled with or without an inline trolling weight. It can also be placed on a planer or downrigger. The dark colors like black, red or purple work particularly well on wahoo. This lure also catches big tuna as well when a steel leader is not being used. This lure can take some abuse and still runs straight even after catching lots of fish.

Nomad and MagBay now have similar high speed trolling lures. When trolling wahoo lures at high speeds it can be difficult to get them to troll straight with single strand wire. After catching a big fish the wire can get bent and need to be rigged again. A multi-strand cable is flexible and less likely to bend, kink, and not run straight. If a multi-strand wire is crimped without chafe gear the back and forth motion can slowly break the wire and wear through the cable.

Adding a clip like the one on this rig prevents that. Also, it makes it easier to change and store the lure. This chafing gear kit comes with tubes. There are 25 tubes in size 1. Chafing springs or tubes help prevent wear at the line connections when rigging multi-strand cable, fluorocarbon, or monofilament.

Using springs, coated polyester braid chafe tubing, or plastic thimbles are all good ways to prevent lines from wearing through.

This sea witch is 1. Other color options include black-red, blue-white, and pink-white. The lure needs to be used on a planer, downrigger, or with an inline weight. Fishing with a sea witch is typically done at a speed of less than 12 knots.

This is a good way to target wahoo while also fishing for tuna and mahi-mahi. A planer is used much like a downrigger on a boat. It is let out using a yo-yo hand spool and is then tied to the back cleat on the boat. The line is then sent down on a double snap swivel with a rubber band. This makes is so you can troll fast and get the lure below the surface. When retrieving the planer the boat should be slowed down and the line should be kept away from the propellers. It comes rigged with 35 feet of line at runs at about a degree angle.

This makes the max depth around 25 feet. This is a good depth for wahoo but a long line can be added to set lines deeper. Yo-Zuri Bonita style lures, sea witches, and other bullet head skirt baits can be ran with a planer.

If there is a downrigger on the boat these same methods can be used just make sure you have strong adjustable downrigger release clips. The Bost 39 wahoo witch weighs about 7 ounces. Color options include blue-white, green-black, pink-blue, pink-white, purple-black, and red-black.

The lure can come unrigged or rigged with 3 feet of pound cable with two hooks. This is the best looking and heaviest sea witch style lure on the market. Perfect for high-speed wahoo trolling. The hooks that come with the rigged version are not intended to be used with ballyhoo.

This sea witch rig comes ready for ballyhoo. The wire is 9 pound test. A ballyhoo spring makes adding ballyhoo to this rig quick and easy. To rig ballyhoo, the hook is placed in near the gill and out the underside of the bait like normal. The weight should be tucked into the chin of the fish and the pin should be placed up through the mouth into the soft top lip.

Next, the spring threads onto the pin until the bait is secure. Finally, the excess pin exposed should be cut with a wire cutter and the skirt placed overtop the bait. This rig should be trolled on a planner or downrigger at knots. Billy Baits Mister Big lures are 16 inches long and have a ounce head.

This lure comes unrigged. Color options for the skirts are red-black, green-black, blue-white, and white-blue. The head of the lure is a jet that makes large bubble trails under the water. This lure is intended to be used for high speed trolling and works well with a ounce inline trolling weight. This EatMy Tackle jet high speed trolling lure is 24 ounces and inches in length. It has 5 jets drilled trough the 3-inch head.

The chrome-plated brass head comes attached with double skirts in colors of red-black or purple-black. This lure is very similar to Billy Baits Mister Big lure.

However, the Mister Big lure does not come rigged and is 16 ounces.

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