What is high mileage for a harley motorcycle

what is high mileage for a harley motorcycle

How Many Miles is a Lot For a Motorcycle? Buying a High-Mileage Motorbike

Jun 11,  · I would consider 60 to 70, miles to be high mileage on any harley under 6 years old. That doesn't mean the bike is not in good shape, only that it . 26 rows · A guide to motorcycle gas mileage (MPG and L/km) and fuel economy.

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Search Advanced…. Log in. Trending Search forums. What's new. New posts Latest activity. What's considered high mileage hrley a sport bike? Thread starter fuzzybabybunny Start date Dec 1, Sidebar Sidebar. Ehat Social The Garage. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next. Jan 2, 10, 33 What's considered high mileage? Are motorcycle engines somehow not as long running as car engines?

I see whatt lot of good bikes on Craigslist that appear to be in excellent condition at a good price. The only thing is that they're at K miles. How problematic is high mileage when you're talking about motorcycles? IcePickFreak Platinum Member. Jul 12, 2, 0 wyat Thing about sport bikes is they rev like crazy, and they're generally driven with that in mind. Doppel Lifer. Feb 5, 13, 2 0. No, they aren't as long lasting, they don't really need to be anyway since many of them end up losing hiigh a tree, oncoming traffic, etc.

Jul 28, 0 0. Didnt burn one drop of oil. Like most things, if you take care of it, it will last for a long time. Apr 3, 1, 6 Runs like a peach.

As long as harly keep up with scheduled maintenance and take good care of it, you won't have milege issues. Nothing wrong with buying a high mileage sportsbike as long as it's been taken how does water turn into ice in seconds of.

Buying it from a dealer - I probably wouldn't. Buying it hugh a private seller with detailed maintenance records - sure. JulesMaximus No Lifer. Jul 3, 74, Doppel said:. Ferzerp Diamond Member. Oct 12, 6, JulesMaximus said:. Now that we have motogcycle dumbtard response out of the way Ferzerp said:. This from the guy who thinks all cars need mandatory traction control that cannot be disabled. Dec 14, 68, 9 Dec 29, 0 0. A sport bike rarely reaches high mileage because of the rate of attrition.

The bikes are designed to last for many thousands of mileage, they just rarely get the chance. I currently have a R6 with 28K miles on it, runs like a champ. They have been sitting around way too much and will be a pain. SpatiallyAware Lifer. Sep 7, 12, 2 what is the best oil heater. Most sportbikes never last long enough to see the end of the motor itself. Either the bike eventually isn't worth fixing or it's wrecked. Supersport owners tend to be idiots, in my experience.

Vor far far more important to look at how it was kept up versus mileage. I have a buddy that has rolled the odo over twice on his f4i. That's over k miles on a fairly high strung but honda engine. Personally even it's maintained well I hadley to stay away from anything above about 30kk, but only because you can almost always find a lower mileage bike how to use green screen in imovie you look around a bit.

IncrediblyBored Lifer. Jun 18, 10, Oct 10, 25, 1 0. Oh noes, FBB in the market for another sportbike. Emo sportbike threads pending. Soccerman06 Diamond Mileafe. Jul 29, 5, 5 How long before he crashes this bike?

WackyDan Diamond Member. Mohorcycle 26, 4, 68 If it was well maintained Nothing wrong with it. As for sport bikes DVad3r Diamond Member. Jan 3, 5, 3 It all depends how you ride and how you maintain the bike. Depending on where you live and what you use the bike for, you probably won't rack up a lot of mileage anyways.

Josh S. Junior Member. Mar 26, 1 0 0. Its got 40, kilometers. Is this a good what is high mileage for a harley motorcycle, or bad? High kms for this specific bike, or decent? He says it fires up and runs smoothly. He just bought a new bike the other day, unloaded it from his truck at work today.

Can i get some opinions? My mileags real reason for wanting a bike is to save gas. DigDog Lifer. Jun 3, 11, 1, John - i find it hard to believe a bike from has 40k kilometers on it.

Or someone who puts 1k Km a year on a bike, idk. Last edited: Mar 27, Oct 9, moyorcycle, 6 DigDog said:. Charlie98 Diamond Member. Nov 6, 6, 39 And nobody would race a Kawasaki Scepter.

Step 1 – Follow recommended break-in procedures

Some people will consider 20, miles to be a high mileage bike. Other people would laugh if you were worried about a motorcycle with 50, miles. It’s a motorcycle specific process when it comes down to whether or not a bike has a lot of miles. It’s less about the bike itself and more about how the bike has been treated, ridden, and maintained. What We Learned After Putting More than , Miles on this Harley. At AMSOIL, we go the extra mile when it comes to product testing. In the case of our Harley-Davidson, we went , miles. Nov 02,  · 0. 6. I guess everyone will have a different idea of what "high mileage" is on a motorcycle, but in my world 25k is is just a little more than one average riding season. As far as specific things you need to look at, as already mentioned, it is hard to .

Log in or Sign up. Harley Davidson Forums. How many miles is too much? Looking at buying a bike with about 25K on the speedometer. Never bought a used bike with that many miles before and would like to know if that is too many? Would I be looking at problems early on my ownership? ImaRider , Oct 23, Year and model would be good info for accurate info.

Bodeen , Oct 23, Perhaps have a mechanic take a look before you buy? I guess everyone will have a different idea of what "high mileage" is on a motorcycle, but in my world 25k is is just a little more than one average riding season.

As far as specific things you need to look at, as already mentioned, it is hard to advise you without knowing the year and the model. Jennmarr , Oct 24, More info about bike would help. Mileage is not all that important. Let you gut be a guide and do not get caught up in the emotion of the bike.

I dont think anyone can give an answer that will totally make you comfortable with any used bike. Have had no problems but 'normal' wear and tear - loved the bike and still do. Last year I bought a Road King that was 3 years old but only had 18K miles.

I thought that was very low miles and that bike looked and ran good - I bought it. Just me speaking here now - I am NOT retired yet, work everyday and actually do not put a ton of miles on either bike.

My wife and I take off on weekends just to go off and have a nice ride and meal and return home. Sometimes it's an overnite trip maybe miles round trip. I'm talking about maybe 5K miles or less per year. At that rate, you would ride and wash and wax that bike for more years before it had 50K miles on it - AND that is where I bought the Heritage. So I think a good Harley thats taken care of will last many years and miles.

But you will save lots of money up front anyway and you just might get a GEM! Billbo , Oct 24, Sorry got distracted when I made the post and forgot more info. Bike is actually a tri glide, don't know the year yet think it is an ' ImaRider , Oct 24, I say 25k is barely broken in. Sure some things might break but fixing it is all part of the fun if you ask me. At any rate 25k is nowhere even close to the lifespan of any bike.

Dswartz , Oct 25, I'd agree with Dswartz First statement and the Last on I don't know about that one And in between? Not many miles at all I have 93, miles on my 09 bought late in the season Just when the 10's came out with Little in Problems along the way. Many with 25, miles are trouble free Ask the owner what has been done so far.?..

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