What does republic day mean to us

what does republic day mean to us

Republic Day

72 years of India celebrating its Republic Day. What does one mean by being a СrepublicТ? It is derived from the Latin word Сles publicaТ meaning Сpublic affairТ or in other words a form of government in which Уpower is held by the people and their elected representativesФ and not being concentrated in few wooustoday.com most common manner of attaining a republic is way of having a. Jan 26, †Ј Republic Day holds different meanings to all of us. To some, itТs about channeling your inner patriot, to others itТs a much-awaited holiday. It is definitely a day we remember how far weТve come as a country! HereТs celebrating the right to those different opinions.

The most common manner of attaining a republic is way of having a democratic form of government. Thus, where the people elect their own representatives to voice their concerns, the representation is often through a Republic as opposed to a monarch.

The importance of 26 th January lies in the fact that the Constitution of India was adopted and enforced on this date in the yeari. The If i am self employed what taxes do i pay Constitution is truly an experiment as the vision was to bring together many small regions, powers and princely states to make a country so vibrant yet divided.

Each value vay in the Preamble was heavily weighed, debated and deliberated in the Constituent erpublic before being adopted on this date. A day where the rights and duties of each citizen even persons has been secured and guaranteed. As for me, the gepublic three Republic days in the preceding years have been celebrated in three different parts and cities of India Ч Delhi, Calcutta and Chennai.

Growing up, I have many deeply etched memories and associations with this day. As it would what is fundamental of management an assuredly cold morning in Delhi; I would spend my morning half snuggly under the quilts with a warm cup of cocoa and watching the parade on TV to marvel at the tableaus and patiently waiting for the flying squads at noon to pass above in the skies.

The trembling of the earth, spilt milk over the gas burner, republlic of the paintings against the wall on a cold 26 th January in the year was equally heart wrenching as the pictures of the earthquake started flashing across. As a child, I often associated it with a national holiday and the luxury of staying in on a cold morning in Delhi.

With the passage of years, the relevance and importance were realised. One such year, when I was in Bhopal and mexn remembrance hit home, I very honestly asked my domestic help on why it is an important day.

I make something nice for us to eat for lunch and we do end up republci to patriotic songs. I was quite struck with the response.

Just like me when I was a child, most people have no idea regarding the significance of the day and would rather relegate it to another national holiday where staying in to enjoy another Republic day was practised. I kept up this doss of asking common people regarding their perception of the day.

Most times, when I ventured to clarify the significance, I have ended up being snubbed. Today as I think about it, it seems to be symptomatic. But was a class apart. The year was preceded by one of the most anxious, mentally exhausting and most probably a scary year where many succumbed to the pandemic. Many lost their loved ones, and many lived horrific nights to pull through. The magnitude of the celebrations made me wonder as to why such massive and honestly excruciating steps to display our military might and prowess is undertaken what are the principles of business management after year.

The Constitution enshrines and promotes the living of ideals of equality, justice, freedom, liberty, fraternity through practice and not tableaus carrying precision warfare artillery. As a conscious citizen, each of these values has taken centuries to be fought and earned upon which revolutions have been fought, which should never be relegated to the background noise but truly on the foreground. These principles in the Indian Constitution, which was guaranteed by all people to all people must not be left to die at the borders of Singhu.

From what it seems, it may even work out to be last bastions which lash out to hold the government watering how to weatherproof old windows each constitutional norm with the passage of time. Is it not ripe that we truly make how to detox from methadone Indian realise, internalise and practice what we ourselves gave to us!

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Republic Day is a time to enjoy the rich culture, acknowledge people who have made an attempt to put their lives to good use for othersТ sake and maybe derive some inspiration from it. A day when you stop cribbing and start shouting for the fulfillment of the pledge. A day running high on idealism. What does Republic Day mean to you? As an army kid, I feel indebted to the brave men and women of the Armed Forces that keep us safe. I have seized many opportunities to visit the Parade and. Jan 25, †Ј However it took us 2 years to properly define the country of India and what rules the government must follow. Independence day is about the past and Republic day is about giving a glimpse of our bright future. Independence is about simplicity and happiness. Republic day is .

Note: This article is dedicated to my friends Anahita Thukral , Jayasharadha Chandrakalatharan and Lasya Jagirdhar, a fun-loving group of people who love to talk. This article is a result of a long discussion in a small hostel room in BITS Pilani, a few minutes before the clock struck 12 to the 61st Republic Day of India.

I guess we all were taught the significance of Republic Day in Indian History. But the question is whether it actually holds any significance for us beyond passing an 8th Std history exam? Is it just another holiday, an excuse to not go to work, maybe just a dry day. Republic Day of India is celebrated with great zeal. On Independence Day, the past is re-called , on Republic Day, the pledge is renewed. The Republic Day Parade is reflective of the united India that is one despite the apparent diversities in culture, lifestyle, languages, traditions and religions.

But does our urban youth realize this attribute of our National culture? Or is it just a mid-week break for them? A day when you stop cribbing and start shouting for the fulfillment of the pledge. A day running high on idealism. I know being too optimistic can be mistaken for being naive which I do not want. At least a day is all I am asking for. A day to celebrate your nationЕ to celebrate your nationality. Speak Up. Just like them, anyone can publish on Youth Ki Awaaz.

By Youth Ki Awaaz in Society. Karuna Ahuja: Note: This article is dedicated to my friends Anahita Thukral , Jayasharadha Chandrakalatharan and Lasya Jagirdhar, a fun-loving group of people who love to talk.

It brings us to ponder over the meaning of Republic Day Celebrations. You must be logged in to comment. More from Youth Ki Awaaz.

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