What do you wear with a pencil skirt

what do you wear with a pencil skirt

Different Types of Tops to Wear with a Pencil Skirt

Oct 10,  · WHAT TO WEAR WITH A PENCIL SKIRT Pencil skirts can be paired with a feminine blouse or a more masculine shirt, depending on your style and the skirt itself. When choosing a pencil skirt, you can opt for simple with a solid-colored or pinstripe straight skirt. Pencil skirt can be matched up easily with shirts, blouses, jackets, high–waisted belts, and mixed with different kind of shoes. Depending on the style you like, pencil skirt can give you that classic Hollywood look, but also a bit more edgy and modern appeal.

Pencil skirts usually symbolize formal dressing, but different tops bring about different looks. Here are some fashionable tops to wear with a pencil skirt. Pencil skirts have been essential since before the time women started wearing pants to work. You would say all you need is a wuth and a suit jacket to complete the look, but there is more. Women have now empowered themselves in fields that require more than just a suit. So this article is for us to conquer a pencil skirt to wear it in more ways than just one or two!

Styling a tee with a pencil skirt is one way to ease tension. It brings about a balanced calm in your dressing yet keeping you looking polished. Tees can be anything from graphic printed to short sleeves, elbow sleeved to full sleeves, V-necks or round-necks and even polo tees with pencil skirts make great semi-formal or wexr outfits.

With more casual skirts like denim, pair a graphic or loose casual tee. Pair cute off-shoulder tees and fitted tees with your formal looking skirts to balance the look. Pencil skirt with polyester blouses is like cherry on the icing. They make a great combination no matter what color.

But you can also team up blouses in pencol fabrics depending on the skirt and the weather. Prints and solids make great combos, too.

Pair a printed pencil skirt with a matching solid-colored blouse. Or if you want to pull off an all monotone, make sure the tints and shades match well. The ever classic shirt with the pencil skirt. Nothing can ever go wrong with this combination. So, go a little further in teaming up the good pendil pencil skirt with something modern too. You can also roll up the sleeves for a semi-formal look!

Jackets have taken a new stand in our wardrobes and what causes rickets in adults what do you wear with a pencil skirt great pairing for pencil skirts.

Make it a point to invest in a good set of summer and winter jackets that will work well wity all your clothes what does injector circuit open mean colors. Pair shirt jackets that act as the first layer with your pencil skirts, and add a belt and weae favorite shoes for a chic look! Sweaters with witu skirts are for the cozy days. They make a great team if worn right.

Let them loose on your waist for a more casual look or tuck a skinny sweater in to make it formal. They are comfortable work buddies on heavy winter days.

Throw on a winter jacket and high boots tou get to work in style. Crop tops, sweat shirts, sheer tops, bralettes, body suits and mix and match lace tops and great oyu fun times and parties where you wanna wear your pencil skirt in an whxt way. After-work-drinks perhaps? Accessorize well and take your confidence along.

Pencil skirts come to the rescue in so many different situations. That is why knowing about the different types of tops to wear zkirt a pencil skirt helps. Let me know if how to build upright bookshelves found this article interesting and useful.

Post your comments below on how you would wear your pencil skirt! Kruthika Ravi is a freelance writer at ShilpaAhuja. Her work focuses on fashion merchandising, and writing articles for fashion shopping ideas and basic style tips.

She an imaginator based in Chennai, India. A fashion design major, she explores her thoughts through art, design and words. She enjoys traveling to explore, loves animals and novels are her best friends. For comments and questions, please email [email protected]. Shilpa Ahuja. Image Credits: Mango. Blouses with Pencil Skirts. Shirts with Pencil Skirts. Jackets with Pencil Skirts. Sweaters with pencil Od. Assorted Tops with Pencil Skirts. Kruthika Ravi. Related Items: advicefashion basicshow tooutfit ideaspencil skirtpencil skirtsskirtssweaterstipstopstops to wear with a pencil skirtwhat to wear wigh, what to wear with pencil skirtswomens fashion.

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Black Pencil Skirt: Looking Sophisticated

Jun 13,  · Outfits to Wear with Pencil Skirts For pencil skirts that are high waisted or have a thick waistband, it is recommended that you wear it with a tucked in shirt. There are so many ways you can do this, you can use a blouse, a t-shirt or even a dress shirt. This creates a Author: Caz Jones. Feb 08,  · A statement pencil skirt is a great addition to any wardrobe, and keeps this style from looking too corporate. They can be dressed up or down, but we prefer opting for simplicity - wear . Jun 23,  · Now let's move to the different ways you can wear your denim pencil skirt. Go for a classic look with a tucked-in shirt, or explore new styles by layering on your favorite statement t-shirt and leather jacket. Scroll down and check out 13 different ways to wear a denim pencil skirt. Looking for more outfit inspirations?

What to Wear with Pencil Skirts- Pencil skirts are slim-fitted skirts with a straight and narrow cut. They could be knee-length or longer, but no matter how long or short they are, they undeniably are a timeless gem. They are chic and feminine, which is why every woman loves them. No matter what your age or size is, pencil skirts always look classy on a lady, so read on for 40 beautiful outfit ideas with different types of pencil skirts, along with some great tips and even a video tutorial to help you master this skirt.

Slay at the winter carnivals in your gorgeous pencil skirts. Here are some more Girls Carnival Outfits Ideas. You should also try these 20 Gym-wear Ideas for Modest Look. An olive green pencil skirt paired with an off-white or cream-colored blouse will be the ideal outfit for guests in this wedding season.

You can find more ideas from these Outfits to Wear for Vineyard Wedding. For casual wear, pair your pencil skirt with a crop top, and for the hairstyle, go with a messy top bun. Instead, go with loose and flowy tunic tops that are slightly longer in length.

The cutest shirts to go with pencil skirts right now are ones with ruffles or statement sleeves. When it comes to flat shoes, sneakers are the best option to go with pencil skirts. Here are the 18 Best Sneaker Styles for Girls this year.

Here are some modest but chic outfits with pencil skirts that can be worn to the church. Always remember that dark colored pencil skirts are more slimming than lighter ones. Get the perfect cute and flirty look by pairing a black and white striped pencil skirt with a cutout top and silver pointed-toe pumps! When going for a bright yellow skirt, take it up a notch by pairing it with a yellow bag and a yellow bandana.

Whether going out with friends or simply running some errands around town, keep it simple by going for a black crop top and black accessories with an adorable checkered knee-length skirt. Who said neutral colors are boring?

Grab your go-to white button-down with a tan pencil skirt and nude heels for that classy day look. Looking for a way to take your plain black skirt to the next level? Here are 20 Best Outfits to wear on a Date. Lace skirts are often worn at night since they are considered a bit formal.

Not sure how to pull off your tribal print skirt? A plain white top and white heels are all you need! Be your own stylist and see which patterns go together. Pair a striped skirt with polka dots and let the magic unfold! Knee length skirt and a graphic T-Shirt. Looking flawless was never this easy. Looking for comfort AND style? An oversized sweater and a deep navy blue pencil skirt is the way to go.

Modern chic done right! Here are some ideas on wearing your pencil skirts with stockings, leggings and tights. Make a bold patterned pencil skirt work for you by keeping everything else black and simple. Create an outfit with one dominant color like burgundy or navy, while mixing with different textures. For some more amazing ideas, you must look at the Amazing pencil skirts collection for women.

Or go for a funky look with an artistic and colorful top, paired with a black or grey pencil skirt. It looks awesome on redheads for sure. Keep it classy with a navy striped skirt and beige accessories. You should also have a look at these 10 Ways to Wear Striped Shirts. With the addition of statement jewelry, give the outfit the edge it needs.

A chambray blouse and a perforated floral designed skirt for a casual day at work are perfect. When keeping it simple with a black and white striped skirt and white blouse, add a pop of color by wearing bright red shoes and a matching lip color.

This knee-length grey skirt and maroon top help you check both the requirements while going well with the Fall palette. Add a blazer and t-shirt with your check print skirt, and you can pull this off as a day AND evening look.

Also check out 10 matching outfits to wear with pencil skirts for A chic look. Peach, Grey And White are perfect for the cold Winter days.

When going for a light colored outfit, add texture with a lace skirt and shiny silver heels. Wear this all red outfit for a fun day out with friends. Wear it with confidence and sunglasses for a day out in town. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. About The Author. A classic way to wear a pencil skirt is under a peplum top. Add Comment Cancel reply Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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