What are you doing these days

what are you doing these days

Croatia wants tourists to move there. These people are doing just that

With More Businesses Requesting Card Over Cash These Days We Asked You, Is Cash Still King? Listen to this episode. 98FM's Dublin Talks. Share this article. These people are doing just that. "not in a rush of days but slowly savored over months or years." You can walk for a few hours from one port to the other, ending at a sunset bar.".

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If you have what does defrag and optimize mean concerns about the accuracy or timeliness of our content, please reach out to our editors sre e-mailing editors bestlifeonline. But as some top officials have warned would happen, the once drastic drop in numbers has continued to plateauwith cases flattening out at a troublingly high rate. And on a more local level, the picture looks even more concerning, as almost half of all states are seeing COVID cases rise once againaccording to data from The Washington Post.

Recent data from The Post shows that the national daily average of COVID cases fell thesr a much slower rate over the past week than the previous one, seeing a drop of just 4 percent to 55, as of March The last week also saw the number of states with increasing cases more than triple from seven to 23, with 14 of them witnessing a double-digit percentage point jump in cases over the past seven days.

As some states begin to remove mask mandates and restrictions on indoor dining, Fauci warned that if we "spike the ball on how to implement chat in ios five-yard line," it would be a tragic mistake. And that's the thing we wre want to avoid because we are going in the right direction. Read on to see which states are now seeing the worst COVID spikes, according to data from The Washington Postas of March 16, and for more on why we may see another rise in cases nationwide, check out Dr.

And for more on places that are creating concern, check out Dr. And for more on when we might be able to ditch our PPE, Dr.

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Unlocking the World. Facebook Twitter Email. CNN — While most European Union nations have kept their borders sealed against non-European visitors during the pandemic, Croatia has been welcoming arrivals from the United States and many other countries. Summer saw it allow almost anyone to vacation on its beautiful Adriatic coastline and enjoy its stunning islands and the "Game of Thrones" city of Dubrovnik.

Even now, non-EU visitors are welcome, provided they test or quarantine. Now Croatia is making it easier for people who want to stay longer -- tweaking its immigration laws to grant one-year residency permits to remote digital workers from outside the European Union, provided they don't require tourist visas to enter. While other destinations such as Dubai have paid a price for keeping their borders wide open, Croatia is convinced encouraging long-term tourism is a winner.

The new rules began on January 1, and the first applicants have already arrived. On January 15, American Melissa Paul had the unexpected honor of becoming Croatia's first official digital nomad under the new law. Since then, she has been caught up in a flurry of media interviews by national dailies and television networks. Paul, a marketing consultant who produces websites, blog articles, newsletters and manages social media for art and design, events, wedding and hospitality businesses, had already experienced life in Croatia prior to receiving her one-year permit.

Soulful quality. Paul initially moved to Croatia with her American-Croatian husband, whose parents hail from the island of Krk. When the couple divorced, she learned she didn't have many options to continue living in Croatia as a resident.

But the new law opened a window of opportunity. She is now running her business from her kitchen table in a house in the walled hilltop town of Labin on the Adriatic peninsula of Istria, in northwestern Croatia. All in a beautiful, central location. It's perfect for me and I love it more every day. European-style bureaucracy was something Paul was already familiar with, but the application process still involved a paper chase. Since I have been a location-independent worker for years, this was all easy for me to provide.

Paul sees her extended stay in Croatia as an opportunity to get to know the country better and experience it firsthand, "not in a rush of days but slowly savored over months or years.

A boost for the tourist industry. Croatia offers a Mediterranean lifestyle with more than 1, islands. The idea to introduce a residence permit for digital nomads was the brainchild of Jan de Jong, a Dutch entrepreneur and investor living in Croatia since For de Jong, welcoming digital nomads as long-term tourists is a win-win.

People speak great English. Also there's good Internet and easy travel connections with the rest of Europe. Lastly, life is affordable here. At the same time, this new potential for year-round tourism could boost struggling local economies and Croatia's tourist industry, which has been hit by the pandemic despite the open-door policy. Locals renting out tourist accommodation and new businesses catering to digital nomads are set to cash in. History and resources.

Split, on the Dalmatian coastline, is a popular destination for travelers. Soon after settling into this historical seaside city on the Dalmatian coast, they heard of the government's digital nomad plans. Medel has been a freelance comic book artist, illustrator and graphic designer for the past 15 years.

The appeal of working as a digital nomad grew as the couple made extended visits to Europe twice a year. Mexican couple Ariel Medel and Claudia Sau says becoming digital nomads was a natural choice. The couple has already explored the capital Zagreb, where they first arrived.

As for many long-term travelers, the ancient port of Split held the highest appeal. From Singapore to Zagreb. Jane Tor plans to move to Croatia from Singapore after touring with her parents.

After making an extended stop in Croatia this past fall, long-term traveler Jane Tor from Singapore has hatched a plan to return in March This time, with her laptop in tow, she'll apply to stay long-term as a digital nomad.

Tor works for a tech company leading and managing projects with startups working in the education, fintech, digital marketing and travel industries. She was drawn by the Croatian coastline and the opportunities for windsurfing, diving and hiking. Her enthusiasm attracted her parents, who joined her on a five-week vacation. The coastal city of Zadar was a highlight. You can walk for a few hours from one port to the other, ending at a sunset bar.

Though Zadar would be her preferred place to live out her digital nomad experience, Tor is scoping out a move to Zagreb. Going there every day to buy local produce was a nice routine. Croatia is also small enough that I can be on a quiet island within two or three hours of driving from Zagreb. Compared to Singapore, Tor finds Croatia less crowded and much cheaper to live in.

She was also able to connect with expat communities that encourage new businesses. Pros and cons. Jane Tor says she finds Croatia cheaper and less crowded than Singapore. The pros and cons of each country looking to attract digital nomads is a hot topic on online forums. Croatia has plenty of pluses -- it does not require nomads to pay income tax and the residence permit is valid for one year, although extensions require one to leave the country for six months.

Some, however, find the police check requirement to be an extra hassle. Sara Dyson of Expat in Croatia offers one-on-one consulting to anyone considering a move and has seen an uptick in inquiries from digital nomads. If someone is considering some other country, then it is giving them pause on whether Croatia is the right choice. A year of the world's Best Beaches There's a perfect beach for every week of the year.

Join us on a month journey to see them all Go to the best beaches.

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