How to use html codes on facebook

how to use html codes on facebook

Facebook Login Page Html Code With CSS (Free Download)!

Feb 23, Facebook lets you add links to your notes just like you would in HTML. Plus, you can add any HTML character codes you need in order to get special characters into your notes. To add a link, type: this text is a link. And replace the word URL with the URL where you want the link to go when Makeuseof. Apr 19, The least effective method is to use sniper APK. Facebook Phishing can be very effective to grab someones password Facebook Hacking Html Code is one of the examples of Phishing techniques. (1) Facebook Password Sniper: The Very Least Effect method to crack Facebook Password is to use Facebook Password Sniper Apk. Download the Sniper.

December 17, by Ravi Kumar 4 Comments. Facebook is the most popular social networking website in the world. Every developer wants to know about how to design Facebook style home page and login page using Html and CSS. So, in this blog post, I will share facebook login page html code and html code for the Facebook home page.

This example can help you to create a clone of the Facebook home page. There are basically 3 sections to design Facebook style homepage. Download Source Code. I would like to have feedback from my blog readers. Your valuable feedback, question, or comments about this article are always welcome. Your email address will what is l arginine powder be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

December 17, by Ravi Kumar 4 Comments Facebook is the most popular social networking website in the world. Subscribe to our blog and get the latest posts delivered right to your inbox. Subscribe to our newsletter. Comments Good. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Oct 07, Click on Get Code get the HTML code for the Profile HTML App not the java code; Copy the code into note pad; Go to your facebook account; Add the Profile HTML App to your profile (you can also add it to a page if you have one) Paste the code from note pad into the box on the application page; Hit preview; If you like what you see hit save! Make a HTML file and define markup. We make a HTML file and save it with a name In this step we create three main div for three main homepage section header, wrapper and footer and add all the content as it is like may also like auto post on facebook using PHP. Step 2. Mar 17, If you want to download Facebook Login Page Html Code With CSS & HTML Code For Facebook Login Page for free, and use it for free, then keep reading this post.. As you know, Facebook is a social media company of America. And also the worlds largest social media platform. So if you want to create a login page like facebook.

Here you will get genuine tips about hacking of anyone's facebook account id and password along with code and example. This is a tutorial to make you aware that how any of your account such as facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin etc. This tutorial is based on hacking facebook account with your own code, not for making someone in trouble, therefore please don't use the code given here to actually hack anyone's facebook account as this is an illegal process or action.

After reading this tutorial on hacking facebook account, you will feel safe and can put yourself in safer area when operating your account over internet such as facebook, gmail, or even bank account. You will also understand the result of opening some unknown links sent by anyone, even by your friend. Now, let's start the tutorial on hacking facebook account id and facebook account password using your own code.

Before start hacking facebook account using this tutorial, you must have some basic ideas about the following languages:. Now, you are thinking why it is necessary to learn or have some basic ideas about the above languages. Now, I think you have got the idea after reading the above line, that you will hack facebook account just by using phishing attack after reading and implementing the code given here.

After reading this tutorial of facebook account hacking, you will be able to implement phishing attack with your own to hack too many facebook account id and password. There are following tips that teaches you how you can easily trap targetted users to hack their facebook account id and password:.

If you design the last step, that is a web page that shows the hacked facebook account detail, then you don't have to go in your database and check whether any user is trapped or not. Now let's see the step by step code and description used in hacking anyone's facebook account id and password.

Before starting this step, first check what your targetted user like most. For example, if your friend targetted user like to earn money in very short time then create a login page with message related to earning money. This login code is for mobile users, you can implement redirection code to redirect users to mobile, or desktop version login page using the JavaScript code, you will get the code after this login code.

If you are not getting some idea about what i am telling then follow our PHP and MySQLi tutorial to feel better and start to the next step of hacking facebook account id and password. But you have to create the same login page for both users, that is for mobile facebook users and desktop facebook users. Create another login page with name earnmoneyD. Here is the redirection code to use to redirect your targetted users to desktop version page if users are on desktop:. Here is the login handler script to store facebook login credentials of targetted users in database:.

Now create a database with same name and then create a table with same name and at last create columns with same details as used in the above code, that is database named fbhackedusers , table named fbusers and then columns namely facebookid and facebookpassword.

Then enter fbusers next to name and set 3 next to number of columns. Click on Go button. And then click on Save button. Now you have successfully setup the database locally. To see your trapped users or hacked facebook account id and password, you have to go to your database again and again, therefore to make it simple to see the hacked facebook account id and password, just make another webpage that fetches and lists the facebook account id and password from database in the form of table as shown in the following code:.

Now let's see the step by step screenshot of hacking facebook account id and password of your friend. You can also change the message, title and description of the page as per your requirement, that is what your friend like most.

After entering the facebook login credentials and pressing on the Log In button, your login handler script will store the details inside the database and redirect the user to original facebook URL.

Your friend's facebook account id and password gets stored inside your database, you can see the list of hacked facebook users. You will see using your web page, that is created using the last step 6 th step. You can send the link to any of your friends whose facebook account is going to be hacked by you, or anyone's facebook account you want to hack. And to check whether your friend is trapped in your hacking system or not, continue checking the list of hacked users.

Now the last and most required step to implement it to make your facebook account hacking system live using your website, here are some steps. If you have already a website. For example if you have a website named codescracker or any other, then:.

After doing all the above things, you need to change the connection string, that is you have to replace localhost with your hosting address, root with your database username, password with your database password. You can also make some changes accordingly to hack anyone's facebook account id and password as this tutorial is just a demo to show you how you will be able to hack anyone's facebook account using some simple methods.

Here I have provided the complete tutorial, that is from beginning to end of hacking facebook account by using phishing attack just to make you aware that how the random link looks like that can cause you in trouble after opening and filling some details inside unknown website, sometime just on clicking on some random link, you may be hacked or your account may be hacked as there are many types of hackers available over internet that can make you in trouble when you have gone in wrong path or wrong way, therefore be aware while using Internet.

Computer Fundamental Online Test. Message before Hacking Facebook Account This is a tutorial to make you aware that how any of your account such as facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin etc. What to do before Hacking Facebook Account? For example, earn money in short time, get tips to make body healthy in just 10 minutes, tips to learn Java in just 30 minutes etc.

Check which device, users are using at that instant - Now check that, targetted users are operating in which device either mobile, computers or tablets. Make Login Page looks like Facebook Login Page Before starting this step, first check what your targetted user like most. Now let's do the first step by creating a demo login page with following code.

This list are exclusive to get for free to everyone. All Rights Reserved.

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