How to throw fastpitch softball

how to throw fastpitch softball

Life in the Fastpitch Lane

Jul 31, It's helpful to use your whole body when pitching in softball. Learn some tips towards throwing faster strikes in this softball video. It starts with good fielding technique, then footwork, then the hand break, arm-action and finally acceleration and follow through. Learn it all in this complete guide. Fastpitch players should be able to throw 60+ mph in order to get a shot at playing college softball, so its a really important skill to develop.

How to throw a softball with better technique is a confusing topic, one that too many players and coaches struggle with. In this article, learn everything you need to know today. How do you improve proper softball throwing mechanics?

It starts with good fielding technique, then footwork, then the hand break, arm-action and finally acceleration and follow through. Learn it all in this complete guide. Throwing speed also depends on the position you play, so check out doftball article on each sofftball in softball. Jump ahead to any section below using the table of contents. How do you throw a softball properly? It takes a combination of excellent fielding footwork, great shoulder-hip fastpltch, proper arm action and timing, and strong use of the core and hips.

When a player has the ball in her glove and goes to break separate her hands, the first move needs to be her throwing palm moving down toward the ground as the elbow pulls back, pinching the shoulder blades behind the body. Good throwing mechanics are about timing, synchronicity of body parts, joint angles and a lot of other little variables. The hand break action is important because it sets the stage for joint angles being correct and sync of body parts fawtpitch on in the motion.

The way the hands break will affect a LOT of parts downstream, so to speak. Then, the hands separate, with the fastiptch hand facing down and the throwing arm pulling back like a bow and arrow.

The hand position when the body is ready to start accelerating fastpiitch ball is one where the palm faces downward, so any other movement in the hand break is wasted and unnecessary. The hand break in the throwing motion is a key part of the delivery, and working on it is an easy fastppitch that softball players can throw harder.

The glove arm is VERY important in the sofftball motion fastpicth all thhrow in both baseball and softball. The glove arm helps the thow body to rotate faster, which adds velocity. And the glove arm has a very important role, which is to basically start the rotation of the hips and upper body. Many what did theodore roosevelt do in office players struggle with their throwing because their throwing arm goes first instead of their glove arm.

For more on this, please watch the video below:. Lots of players struggle with their glove arm action. For young players, I recommend teaching them to point their glove arm, as shown below. This is the big thing to look for as a coach does their glove arm start their throwing motion?

Many high-level playerscollege and prohave glove arms that swing what is biostatistics and epidemiology low, at a downward angle. Though the low glove arm works for many who are naturally good throwers, low front shoulders are bad for many younger players who are trying to just get to a baseline throwing ability.

The shoulders need to at what temp is chicken done slightly uphill so that the weight is back, then shifts forward at the right time. In infielders, the uphill shoulders will only apply when throwing over the top, and it will look more subtle in general. Uphill shoulders will not apply when throwing on the run, or throwing from lower-than-sidearm arm angles. Having downward angled shoulders, fzstpitch shown below, is fine when throwing sidearm or throwing on the run.

Throwing sidearm is not bad! As the arm how to tell if wisdom teeth are impacted continues beyond the hand break, then next thing that happens is the elbow is pulled back, behind the body.

This motion is as if you were trying to elbow someone behind you. Watch the video below for more on the shoulder blade pinch in the context of your softball throwing mechanics.

The shoulder blade of the throwing arm pinches back what time is ufc 182 on, then as the thrwo arm clears the body it, too, pinches. The big flaw that everyone in the softball industry is trying to fix is the low elbow.

The low elbow, though, is a symptomnot a cause. When the shoulder blades pinch, they essentially provide good synchronicity between body parts and indicate that the glove arm is rotating before the throwing arm, which is important.

How to throw fastpitch softball angles are important to throwing harder. The angle at the elbow makes a big difference in both throwing velocity and accuracy, as well as potential elbow and shoulder pain. In general, the standard for hhrow angle is 90 degrees or lesswhich is based on American Sports Medicine Institute research on baseball pitchers. But, we can extrapolate and apply what we fastpich about angles, stresses and velocities from baseball pitchers and apply those with decent accuracy to softball throwing.

Yes, there are differences but throwing is mostly throwing. When a player softbll her crow hop or outfield pro step, the goal is that the hand is slightly above parallel to the ground when their front foot strikes. The throwing arm should NOT be in the L-position, with the forearm and ball sticking straight up in the airthat position comes after the hips begin to rotate.

A great article on this topic specifically is found here on Snap Softballmy softball site. The throwing arm should NOT be vertical yet now the front foot fhrow. Watch the video below for more on this:. The upper arm should NOT rise above the line made by the shoulders. This is a common flaw. When the arm goes too high early, it comes down later, often leading to a low elbow and other problems.

The following is a an example of excellent softball throwing mechanics with regard to throwing arm height and the line the shoulders make:. Fastitch length is softbll something that should be measured or thrrow about too much with softball throwing. The body is smart softbalk works together as a system. When the earlier how to use oblivious in a sentence parts in this system what are the problems caused by acid rain the right thing, the stride will be the right length for fastoitch person.

There is no perfect length for all players. The big thing in softball what size is a 4ft bed in cm that the stride causes is body angle. We want to use the upper body to our advantage, and when the stride is properly long, the body can shift weight from the back leg to the front leg. This allows the upper body and lower back to fold forward, adding velocity to the arm via the acceleration of the torso. Basically, when the stride is long enough, the long base of support it creates allows a better, more powerful weight shift and a body angle that is more forward to the target.

Notice how close her feet are together, as compared to the player above. Her feet are close together and she has a similarly tall body angle to the outfielder above. Another huge milestone in softball throwing mechanics is shoulder-hip separation.

Watch the video below for a quick, thorough explanation of shoulder-hip separation in throwing mechanics. Shoulder hip separation is seen in both hitters and throwers, as well as pitchers in both softball and baseball. Softbalp concept is simple: the upper body faces away from the direction the lower body is rotating toward.

This stretching that occursbecause the body is twisting in opposite directionscauses a rubber band effect when the upper body eventually rotates back through, bringing the arm or bat, for hitters with it.

The chest should face slightly backward, which indicates good shoulder-hip separation. Fastpicth Shoulder-hip separation is the concept, but chest direction is the big thing to look for: if the chest is facing the target even a little bit, then the player is losing velocity by rotating open too early. It starts the motion of the hips and torso, and creates the proper sync and sequence of body parts accelerating.

But, the glove arm can do multiple things: it can fall down long, or it can tuck by the side. Either is okay. The big thing, though, is that the glove arm needs to clear the body completely and get out of the way of the torso. Compact and tucked is good as long as it gets clear of the torso, or long like the player in white above is okay too. The better a player uses her hips and core rotation to power her arm, the more her arm will lay back at the perfect time.

Check out the video below by Harvard University for more information on the history and biomechanics of throwing. Throwing arm layback is really important its how the whip cracks. Softballl rotation looks kinda sotfball the throwing shoulder is adapted to it. Throwing well requires a balance of strength and instability the shoulder has to be sogtball enough to move this way, into these somewhat cringe-worthy sotfball.

When that sequence is off, everything later on is off. The arm angle MUST match the lateral tilt of the shoulders. Look at this baseball pitcher below and take note at how the lateral angle of his shoulders pretty much exactly matches his arm angle. The problem is that ffastpitch softball players have issues with their elbow fastitch they have fastpiitch degree of low elbow. This player below has level shoulders, but her arm angle is too highthis mismatch causes problems.

To throw at that arm angle, she needs to crunch her body over and create lateral shoulder tilt to match. Even amongst Division-I softball players, the majority have some amount of dip in their elbow. This is fastpith unfortunate result of poor teaching methods that have been passed down throughout the history of the sport. This player how to throw fastpitch softball a very normal-for-softball dip in her elbow.

Her elbow is both in front of her torso and because of this, it dips below the shoulder softnall. When the shoulder blades pinch properly early in the motion, this dip may go away just from that one fix. Then, as his body accelerates, his arm stays in line with his torso, instead of jumping ahead and dipping:. In the photo above, the elbow is in line with the torso, and then will flip up and over when the torso is done its part of the acceleration. Most softball players lack this, and thus they end up with a low elbow.

We talked about this earlier with regard to stride length, but the chest will move toward the target. This is an important piece of the acceleration phase of a throw. The upper body DOES contribute velocity to a throw. Again, this part of how to find the base area of a prism throw is related to stride length and weight shift, but it can be coached a bit for players who are just a little too timid in their throwing.

If all of those things work properly, fasttpitch back what are jelly beans really made of should be mostly long when fastpitvh throw is finally released. The follow through is a product of the arm angle, which is in turn a product of shoulder tilt.

Drop Drill

Published: 05 December, Fastpitch softball is a variation of the game of softball in which the pitchers throw the ball underhand at speeds that can top 75 mph. On a regulation softball diamond, the pitchers mound is 43 feet from home plate. In baseball, that distance is 60 feet. Nov 16, Fastpitch softball is a game that is dominated by pitching. Pitchers can throw the ball at speeds up to 70 mph and they can also throw drops, risers, curves and changeups. A fastball that reaches 70 mph thrown from a distance of 46 feet corresponds to a . Aug 03, Start low and out. Most hitters dont like that pitch and will let it go by for a free strike. When in doubt, throw low and out. When ahead in the count ( or ), dont throw strikes trying to go for the quick kill..

Check out the video below, where I demonstrate and explain the proper softball grip. In this short video I discuss:. If you grip the ball with the fingers spread too far apart, each finger will apply pressure to the ball more individually, causing sidespin which hurts accuracy and carry.

Many girls also pull their thumb onto the side of the ball, which causes more problems by allowing the ball to roll out faster. Learning how to hold a softball with good finger and thumb placement really can make a big difference. The thumb should be on the bottom of the softball to support it and allow the arm to move faster without fear of the it rolling out early much like what happens when you throw a beach ball and it shoots up into the air.

Learning how to grip a softball starts with an understanding of what each finger and thumb contributes to the throwing motion. The wrist flick gives a player the feel for the center of the ballbut it does so while teaching an elbow position that absolutely destroys good throwing mechanics.

The feel you get from it has littleor nothingto do with real throwing. Now, being able to throw with the fingers in the center of the ball IS very important. But we can teach these things using a lot of much better drills that mimic a real throwing motion. I have tons of drills there that will be a much better choice for you or your fastpitch team. I also have lots of strength training, mental training and other videos to help you with your overall game.

Fastpitch is tough and you need all the educational resources you can get. I have a lot of great free resources to help you improve your throwing. The best place to start is by downloading my free eBook below. I also offer an extensive online course on throwing that walks you through your own video analysis and drills. There are a number of important factors in how you hold a softball to throw it: 1. Keep your thumb on the bottom of the ball even if your hands are small 2. Keep your middle three fingers close together, so they work as a unit 3.

Make sure your middle finger is centered on the ball 4. Follow these steps to improve you throwing in softball: 1. Improve your mechanics through throwing drills and better footwork 2.

Get stronger! Bigger players throw faster, so start a strength and conditioning program with good coaching. Do arm strengthening exercises. These directly strengthen your shoulder and rotator cuff, which improve velocity. Increase your conditioning. Do more sprints and some slightly longer distance running that will improve overall conditioning. Throw days per week.

Long Toss. Throwing farther and challenging yourself to improve your throwing distance is a great way to improve your mechanics and max throwing velocity.

Softball players should throw baseballs or other smaller, lighter balls as part of their training regimen. These smaller baseballs allow the arm to accelerate faster and stimulate the rotator cuff and other throwing muscles to adapt to these higher speeds.

And, because young girls have small hands, the baseball allows better mechanics and an easier teach of good throwing technique. I recommend using baseball as a practice tool for young players. If you need help with your throwing, this free ebook has tons of tips, videos, drills and insight for players, coaches and parents.

Slow pitch softball is a hugely popular sport, inviting players from all walks of live to get out. NPF pay: how does it stack up compared to other sports? Are professional softball player salaries on par. Everyone wants to play Division-1 softball and they pool all their recruiting efforts to this goal. But college. Your email address will not be published. Share on facebook. Share on twitter.

Share on pinterest. The grip used by many softball players holds them back. Many players have their fingers in the wrong place. Other players have their thumb on the side of the ball a big no-no. Others still still have their fingers spread too wide.

In this short video I discuss: The grip Finger pressure Finger gap distance Spin how it works and what we want What most girls struggle with What our goal is in applying good spin. The way most fastpitch softball players grip the ball costs them velocity and accuracy. Thumb Placement Is Important in How to Hold a Softball The thumb should be on the bottom of the softball to support it and allow the arm to move faster without fear of the it rolling out early much like what happens when you throw a beach ball and it shoots up into the air.

How do you hold a fastpitch softball? How do I improve my throw in softball? Can throwing baseballs be helpful to softball players? Sign Me Up. More Softball Articles. Common Reasons Slow Pitch Players Struggle with Throwing Slow pitch softball is a hugely popular sport, inviting players from all walks of live to get out. February 12, Prev Previous. Next Next. Share this post with your friends. Share on linkedin. Share on email.

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