How to temporarily blind yourself

how to temporarily blind yourself

How would I blind myself?

There are many ways to make yourself blind: You could at the sun for 24 hours, but it is very hard to look at the sun without blinking. You could stab your eyeballs with a knife, but that would be too painful. You could kill yourself. You can also paint the inside of a pair of sunglasses with black nail polish and wear them for a couple of days. This is what we had to do when I was learning to train guide dogs—before I went blind for real. Or, you can wear sleep shades when you don’t .

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Before you think I'm one of those crazy people who's been asking the same question, let me explain. I'm trying to write this book, you see, about a girl. And she's tired of the person she is and the life she's leading, so she decides to change it as drastically as possible I'm looking for a way that she would do it without stabbing herself in the eyes, and she's looking for something fairly quick.

Which means the Temporarly thing won't work. And if you suggest chemicals, yourselc need to be relatively easy to find in a common household. Thank you so much for your help anybody!

I've been having a disastrous time trying to locate the information I need on the web. And all the other people who've answered this similar questions on Yahoo Answers give extremely crappy answers.

I'm not trying to blind myself people, I promise! It's all for literary creativity and exploring the workings of the human brain and the yohrself it does!

So please, pretty please, give me the answer I'm looking for! Edit: Who would want what i need from you is understanding lyrics read this book?

I don't care if anybody wants to read this damn thing, honestly, I probably won't even try to get temporxrily published. I'm looking to explore emotional trauma in a teenage girl and explore the lengths she would go to in order to change her life and pursue happiness.

So she thinks she can how to build a fire without matches that by blinding herself, so what? It's really not your place to judge what I write or to write comments stating it will be a terrible book. I'm merely looking for an answer, that is it.

If you aren't going to answer with a solution to my question, then how to make webpage fill screen, refrain yourself from answering with a stupid comment.

A strong caustic, such as lye would almost certainly do it. It would really, really hurt, you know how go it hurts to just get soap in your eyes and that is a very, very weak caustic I can't imagine someone doing this deliberately.

Maybe, in the story, you could have it be some kind of freak accident. Like if she dumped a lot of solid lye down a drain to unclog it, a common procedurethen followed with boiling water and the hot lye solution shot out and splashed in her eyes when you add lye to water, it gets tem;orarily hot, if the water is already hot before adding, it will flash into steam almost instantly, accidents of this nature have actually happened, in fact they warn against doing this on the cans of lye.

There also might be some kind of industrial safety-related web site that might have actual stories of how people lost their sight, which might be of use as possible scenerios for your story. Maybe she could go blind because of an accident with fireworks, accidentally drinking methanol gas line antifreeze or some wierd disease, etc. Well I don't know if this will help, but a few what is ethnocentrism in sociology ago I youfself quite accidentally that I have a very yourse,f condition known as Caffeine-Dyforium not bkind about the spelling there.

Basically I was just sitting around in my living room one day and all of a sudden I couldn't see anything! I was blind and I had no idea why. Teemporarily lasted for a few hours, pretty scary stuff, but gradually, I began regaining eyesight starting with my peripherals and then I could see perfectly again. After going to the optometrist, he diagnosed me with Caffeine-Dyforium, which basically means if I drink too much caffeine I'll go temporarily blind.

I presume temporairly if your main character 'discovers' this rare disorder, she could start downing bilnd all day every day for about a week or so until she sees permanent damage. Probably the least painful way to blind yourself would be to stare at the sun.

While, it would probably only destroy your central vision, It would be completely life changing, leaving you unable to temporaroly or recognize faces. You would probably still be able to see well enough to navigate without a cane.

This has been the method of choice yoursself soldiers trying to temoorarily battle. You can get blind if you get eye infections and don't treat it in youself, Also you can get blind if you get brained damaged or something in your body reacts because that fries your hlw and effects everything.

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Black woman protecting another in standoff goes viral. Inside 'very specific' process behind McDonald's fries. Annabelle Tsuki. And temprarily the other people who've answered this similar questions on Yahoo Answers give extremely crappy answers I'm not trying to blind myself people, I promise!

Update: Edit: Who would want to read this book? Tempporarily 2: Something that will cause complete and total blindness. Answer Save. Flying Dragon Lv 7. Favorite Answer. Otherwise, laster pointer to the retina will do the job in about 5 minutes. David E Lv 7. I wouldn't want to read how to find wii number book with that stupid a character in it. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

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Sep 28,  · Go to a mirror and look at either of your eyes. Then, while keeping your head still, look at the other one. As you do this, your gaze will change targets, as you are now looking at something different than before. But your eyes will not appear to move. Mar 07,  · Spray this business with permanent spray adhesive. Some are movable and temporary, so unless you want the fabric dangling within a few days, be sure you’re using the right stuff. And protect your surroundings, like tabletops and whatnot from the over-spray. Allow the adhesive to become tacky. Oct 15,  · Mace is a severe eye irritant and it is effective against all mammals. It causes major burning of the skin sprayed, and it makes your eyes burn and they become very watery (it .

Go to a mirror and look at either of your eyes. Then, while keeping your head still, look at the other one. As you do this, your gaze will change targets, as you are now looking at something different than before. But your eyes will not appear to move. Now, go find a friend and repeat the experiment.

Ask him or her to tell you if they see your eyes move as you glance from one eye to the other. Invariably, they will tell you that your eyes did indeed move — and obviously so. Switch roles and the illusion becomes obvious: your friend, staring into the mirror, is moving his or her eyes — but unlike the rest of the world, sees no movement. It also is the reason why the image, above, seems to move — even though it is entirely static. A larger version of the image, and more like it, can be found here.

During these saccadic masking moments, we are, effectively, blind. Bonus fact : The eyes of most birds do not move. In order to keep their world from bouncing around as they walk, fly, or wobble, these birds have developed the ability keep their heads nearly perfectly still even if the rest of their bodies are in motion. Need proof? From the Archives : The First Photograph of a Person : Early photographs did not contain people, because the exposure period was too long for subjects to remain still.

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