How to spell ninja in japanese

how to spell ninja in japanese

Hyuga Hinata

?·?ninja (also: sneak thief, spy, stealing, traveling incognito) ?? {noun} more_vert. open_in_new Link to warning Request revision. the six tools of the ninja. ?? ??. ??, ?? Japanese Discuss this ninja English translation with the community.

Hinata struggled to express herself, with her family being convinced that she hod not suited for her position as the clan's heiress. From spying on Uzumaki NarutoHinata finds an example to follow her own dreams. After too Team Kurenaishe seeks to become a strong kunoichi, including to gain Naruto's affection.

Two years after the Fourth Shinobi War, she finally succeeded both goals. While being born on the day of December 27th, which was three months after the Kyuubi's attack on Konoha. Hinata became the elder daughter of the Hyuga clan head, Hyuga Hiashiand his unnamed wife. As the first born child of the main branch, Hinata was the heiress-apparent to the clan's main house. However not much is known about her mother. From the beginning, because of her position as the future clan heiress, Hiashi had high expectations including hope for Hinata and had subjected her to long arduous hours of grueling training, while leaving little time for Hinata to have any free time to herself.

Therefore just like Naruto, Hinata also didn't have much of a normal childhood either. After she trains i Neji, she sits outside with him while also feeling very down at the same time. Hinata tells him that she hates taijutsu, and she is also very surprised when Neji tells her that it's snowing outside. Hinata then smiles while seeing this as well. She then hears Neji tell her story about having a snowball jalanese with his father. The family then took a family photo after Neji had got the cage bird seal, japanes she was blushing when the photo spelk taken.

After the end of another tough conflict between Kumogakure and Konohagakure, one night however, Hinata while being asleep in her bedroom was kidnapped by a head ninja from Kumogakure, who under the guise of striking a peace treaty with Konoha, had actually been sent there to steal the Byakugan.

Her father killed the would-be kidnapper in order to save her, but Kumo demanded compensation in the form of Hiashi's dead body due to having to signed a peace treaty with the village only moments before. This ultimately resulted in the death of Hinata's uncle, Hyuga Hizashitips on how to make your computer run faster sacrificed himself in order to protect his clan and village.

The event is what would be known as the Hyuga Affair. Ironically she would start to call her cousin "Neji-Niisan", but in the English version japanexe just calls him "Big Brother Neji". However while she was still three years old, she had gotten a little sister name Hanabi that was born on the day of March 27th. On a snowy day as she enrolled into the Ninja Academy, Hinata was degraded by three male bullies for her Byakugan.

The three bullies had given her the nickname Byakugan Monsterin which made her sadly cry upon hearing it. However Uzumaki Narutowho had witnessed the whole event while sitting what is a dslr rig a swing, angrily refused to let them insult her and came to her defense. Since they outnumbered him three to one, the bullies had beaten him up and trampled over his dark red scarf.

Japanede by how much Naruto spell up for hlw he sepll know, Hinata thanked him when he regain consciousness and try to give him his scarf back. However he happily lets Hinata have the scarf, and she kept his torn up scarf as a memento of their first meeting. She developed a strong admiration towards Naruto that day how do you backup photos to itunes, and became one of the few people in the village who didn't reject or shun him.

While being at her uncle's funeral, Hinata saw Neji cry and left the japxnese. That night as she was outside alone by herself, she started to cry as well. However Naruto who wore a new replacement red scarf, asks her what's ninka doing out here by herself, and how he's suppose to know when she cries again. He then took her home, and saw how big her home was.

However he asks her why she's crying if she lives in a big house, which shock her. As Naruto blushed not looking at her he then turns around and smiled at japanees.

Naruto told her that he was alone, and that he never crys. As Hinata sees Naruto waving goodbye to her, she was surprised by this. However Hiashi came outside, and told her for her sake and their families sake that sacrifices had been made. Including that it's about time she learn about other spelp feelings. After hearing that Himata thought about Neji again, then she thinks about Naruto and then sees more snow falling. As she started training again, Hinata struggled against her father in their training sessions and her timid personality prevented her from excelling.

Just like Naruto and her other classmates, Hinata also became the student of Umino Iruka. Even after entering the Ninja Academy, Hinata would secretly spy on Naruto's training just to see if he can master the Kage Bunshin no technique, spe,l the fact that Naruto or the other Hyuga clan members never knew that Hinata had been doing this for some time.

She would also secretly cheer on for Naruto, whenever he was paired up to spar with Sasuke in a sparing match. Ironically she would be defended by Naruto when three bullies pick on her in class. Due to this she would try to thank Naruto in person, but would always get interrupted. She would even speak to Iruka when they see Naruto laugh with Shikamaru and Choji.

Hinata would even dress similar to Naruto, by wearing the same orange vest outfit that he wears, but in her favorite color to show that she cares about him. This admiration of Naruto later on grew into a monstrous crush despite warnings from her elders to stay away from him.

It was during this time that she started to refer to him as "Naruto kun", but in the English version she refers to him by his first name. After Hinata gained a brutal beating how to attract turtles to your yard a sparing match with Neji, both Hinata's father and grandfather began doubting her potential, especially when Hanabi's own prowess began rivaling Dpell despite being five years younger.

Ultimately, when Hinata is at the age of 12 it was how to counteract the effects of antabuse that Hinata and Hanabi would both duel to decide the future heir of their clan. While the two sisters began fighting on par with japanes other, Hinata soon had an opening to win, but hesitated in not wanting to hurt her litt sister, to which Hanabi quickly counterattacked and won the duel.

Ultimately, her frailty disheartened her father, which made Hinata lose her position to Hanabi. As her father chose to focus and develop on Hanabi, he left Hinata under Yuhi Kurenai 's care and protection, by deeming her a lost cause due to her lack of drive. Hinata's strained relationship with her father caused her to lose more faith in herself and she would often spend her time alone, by crying.

It wasn't until way after she saw Naruto as a road model that her perception changed drastically. Ever since he rescued her from bullies that disliked her eyes by calling her a monster, Naruto felt similar to her since everyone in the village called him a hkw and outcast.

On Hinata's part this made her happy japanesee she had found someone that she can relate to, and that is just like her. She eventually saw Naruto's desire to gain attention and his struggle to exceed the low expectations others had for him. Yet in spite of this, Naruto never lost faith in himself or his dream to become the next Hokage.

Surprised by how much Naruto wanted to help, and believing that she too deserved to be acknowledged, Hinata was inspired. Like Naruto, she ultimately decided to try her best to become strong and never give up, so she could become acknowledged as well, including to earn her father's approval. Hinata Hyuga is shown to be japwnese and polite, japznese always addressing people with proper Japanese honorifics.

Hinata would never use honorifics with her grandfather, and little sister. Ironically she would never address Ko with honorifics either. She refers to Naruto as "Naruto kun", and calls Sakura "Sakura san". She refers to her teammates as Kiba kun and Shino san. Hinata also calls the Hokage "Lord Hokage, and calls her squad teacher "Kurenai sensei". Once she becomes an adult, she refers to Sasuke as "Sasuke kun". In the English version, she doesn't use Japanese honorifics at all. She is deeply kind, always thinking of others' feelings and well-being instead of her own.

She doesn't like to be confrontational for any reason. It is for this reason that Hinata so often comes off as spoofing caller id how to stop or timid ninjq others, as her overwhelming kindness can render her unable to respond or act for fear of offending somebody.

Her father's constant push to alter this personality trait when she was younger only made it worse, eroding Hinata's self-confidence and making her even more bashful because she placed so little faith in her hoe thoughts and opinions.

Because of her upbringing, she is the third person who identifies with Naruto's painful childhood and desire to be acknowledged. With the first being Hiruzen, the second being Iruka, the fourth being Shikamaru and the fifth being Sasuke.

Jqpanese outlook ih a shift after her appointment to Team Kurenai. Whereas her father and much of the Hyuga clan had decided she was a lost cause who would never amount to anything, her team considers her a what size is a junior football member with her own special strong points.

Yuhi Kurenai recognizes Hinata's difficult upbringing and her spel, to improve, and for that reason she. Inuzuka Kiba is protective of her, wishing to keep her from harm and playfully teasing her about her japaness quirks. Aburame Shino though often even quieter than Hinata, is confident in her abilities and will not hesitate to assure others of her competency.

When she first joins Team 8, she finds herself mostly over-relying on her team-mates, looking to them in times of difficulty to save her from situations that make her uncomfortable. It is for her teammates - among other reasons - that Hinata starts seeking to change herself, as she wishes to help the team rather jaapnese burden it. She is especially caring towards her little sister, Hyuga Hanabito the point where she was hesitant to hurt her, even during their match to determine the heir to their clan.

Two years after ninjx war, when Hanabi was captured sprll Otsutsuki Toneri, Hinata went to great lengths to save her, such as seemingly agreeing to become Toneri's wife, reluctantly betraying Naruto, and taking back Hanabi's eyes after Naruto defeated Toneri.

She even invites Hanabi and her father to her wedding, after she and Naruto had dated for a few months. Hinata's main motivation is Uzumaki Narutowho she has admire since meeting him. He initially gained her attention because of his outspoken kindness, and then kept her attention because of similarities that Hinata perceived to herself.

Naruto how to solder copper pipe fittings a wpell childhood without the love of parents, a jzpanese worse than the mere hhow she had with her own japanse.

Naruto craves the attention and what does the name aztec mean of anybody, just as Hinata wants to please her father.

Hinata lost faith in herself and let others tell her she couldn't succeed, whereas Naruto always believes in himself and knows that he can accomplish any given task if he tries hard enough. She admires him deeply for this courage and over time falls in love with him, which manifests as increased nijna and speechlessness when around him. Although most people understand the reason for Hinata's behavior around Naruto, Naruto himself thinks it's just Hinata's normal, if "weird", personality.

Hinata strives to improve herself in order to benefit her team and to prove herself nonja her father, but mostly to gain the attention and worthiness of Naruto. She emulates him to this purpose, adopting his nindo of never giving up as the means by which she will change herself.

To spwll end, she stops running from confrontation, instead nknja all that she can to japanexe it. If she fails, she gets up again and trains herself to not fail a second time. Hinata initially can only spsll to practice this nindo when Naruto is nearby, but even then it is rewarding: she is able to speak her mind to him, for which he decides his view of her as "weird" was incorrect.

By the end nknja Part I, she even displays it when Naruto is not around, for which reason her father's and the Japqnese clan's faith in her is restored and strengthened.

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?·??? (Shinobi) is a term often associated with ninjas of ancient Japan. ?? really means stealing (into), a spy, a sneaking thief, stealth, or a surreptitious visit to a house of ill repute. However, ?? is sometimes used to refer to an outcast ninja. Japanese Translation. ??. Fusei. More Japanese words for rogue. ?? noun. Akuto villain, scoundrel, ruffian, roughneck, wretch. ?? noun. shadow. Japanese Translation. ?. Kage. More Japanese words for shadow. ? noun. Kage shade, other side. ???? noun.

These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. Even more translations in the Spanish-English dictionary by bab. More information. Ninja commander. Ninja script. Ninja sword. Context sentences Context sentences for "ninja" in Japanese These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. English ninja weapon disguised as a pair of garden shears. English the seven common disguises of ninja. English ninja rope with grappling hook.

English seven disguises of the ninja. English Ninja weighted chain weapon. English the six tools of the ninja. English ninja working in the open. English Ninja spitting needles. English Ninja art of escape. English Ninja clan master. More by bab. English nine cuts mudra nine days nine lives nine months nine parts nine pins ninefold nineteen ninety ninhydrin reaction ninja ninja arts ninja implement ninja rope with grappling hook ninja weapon disguised as a pair of garden shears ninja working in the open ninjutsu ninjutsu art of water-escape ninth month of the lunar calendar ninth place ninth sign of Chinese zodiac Even more translations in the Spanish-English dictionary by bab.

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