How to replace trimmer fuel lines

how to replace trimmer fuel lines

Replacing Fuel Lines in a String Trimmer

Fuel line replacement is a common trimmer repair. Remove the Trimmer's Fuel System. 1. Remove the fuel system cover. 2. Unscrew carburetor fasteners. 3. Release the throttle cable from carburetor. 4. Unscrew fasteners holding the mount plate. 5. Remove the fuel assembly from the trimmer. Draw a Diagram of the Trimmer's Fuel Lines. Sep 23,  · This video from Sears PartsDirect shows how to replace a fuel line on a gas-powered grass line trimmer. Over time, the fuel lines in your grass line trimmer.

The addition of ethanol in gas has been a major problem with small engines, such as string trimmers. A major lones is that it has a tendency to break down rubber, resulting in discoloration and cracking of the fuel lines.

If this occurs, replacing fuel lines is the only fix. Fortunately, replacing fuel lines in a string trimmer or other small power tool is not very difficult. Ethanol is a corn-based alternative fuel. For the average consumer, ethanol is less desirable. Hhow it is less energy dense than gasoline, it results in worse fuel economy. It also has a tendency to attract water, so it is more prone to going bad from sitting than gasoline. Fuel stabilizers, such as Stabil, can help with this issue.

As a final aside, because it is prone to collect water and rot your fuel lines, it is recommended to drain ethanol gas from small outdoor power tools.

It seems like too much of a pain to do this every week. This worked fine until I forgot to do it last year. My chainsaw, on the other hand, sees less use, so I always empty it after use.

So how do you know if your fuel line has gone bad? It can discolor. My trimmer has a clear green-tinted line that had started turning brown. Lastly, it may not rev up properly when you give it throttle. At higher throttle, it may suck air instead of gas, leaning out your fuel mixture.

It is worth starting by at least inspecting the line for cracks, though. There are a few ways to go about getting replacement fuel line. The easiest and most expensive is a kit, such as the one pictured. Most brands offer something similar. Replacing fuel line in a string trimmer this how to make sweet lime juice at home is very easy, as everything is already cut to length and ready to go.

It also includes a replacement fuel filter, which is usually a couple of bucks by itself, along with a primer bulb and gas cap seal. Simply cut off pieces of tubing to replace what you have. I went the easy route. The first step how to use a blackberry curve 8530 to completely remove the gas cap.

After unscrewing it, this trimmer has a plastic circle that you how to apply for individual grants pinch and remove. Then, you can unplug the fuel lines from the carburetor. One line will bring gas to the carb, and the rdplace is a return. These lines look new because relpace were from an attempt to use some scrap tubing from replacing the how to make a good imvu homepage hoses in my car.

With the fuel lines undone, you can push the grommet holding all of the fuel lines down into the rellace. It trimmwr also be pulled trimmfr, whichever way works easier. Pull the grommet and lines up liens the fuel fill area.

You can then reach down through the fuel fill area, snag the lines and grommet, and repoace the whole assembly out. This will include the fuel filter attached to the end of one of the lines. If you are tri,mer universal line, you should at this point cut off pieces of tubing and replace the pieces you just pulled out. In the case of this ilnes trimmer, there is one line in the tank, attached to the fuel filter, and there are three lines outside fyel the tank. Two of these go to the carburetor, and one goes to a vent.

There is also a male-male hose adapter connecting the inside line and one of the outside lines. If you have a pre-made kit like this, you can begin feeding the fuel filter into the tank as shown. Alternatively, you can keep the fuel filter off for now, and put it on the line after the grommet is in place. The final piece is to reconnect the two fuel lines to the carburetor. On my trimmer with the factory colored lines they connect as shown. Now, you may have forgotten the order in which these connect.

Simply pulls off with a screwdriver or this paint can opener. This step is totally optional. There is a gasket under the fuel cap that my kit included.

I figured that I may as well replace it. Rsplace do this, simply pry the old one off and slide the new one on. Fortunately, replacing fuel lines in a string trimmer or similar power tool is pretty easy. Also be liens to completely empty your trimmer of ethanol-blend gas, even if it has Stabil in teplace, when it is going to sit for any significant period of time. Completely remove the gas cap. Unplug fuel lines. Push the grommet down into the tank. Feeding fuel filter in. Seating the linnes.

Fuel lines to how to replace trimmer fuel lines. The gasket inside the gas cap. Connect with. Notify of. Inline Feedbacks. Terms and Conditions.

Ethanol in Gas

Oct 01,  · Pull the old fuel lines out of the tank. If necessary, use needle-nose pliers to grip the lines. If you can't pull the lines out, cut the lines flush with the tank. The use a small screwdriver to push the rest of the lines into the tank. Tip the trimmer and shake any fuel line pieces out of the tank. Completely remove the gas cap. The first step is to completely remove the gas cap. After unscrewing it, this trimmer has a plastic circle that you can pinch and remove. Unplug fuel lines. Then, you can unplug the fuel lines from the carburetor. One line will bring gas to the carb, and the other is a return.

Remove the fuel system cover. Unscrew carburetor fasteners. Release the throttle cable from carburetor. Unscrew fasteners holding the mount plate. Remove the fuel assembly from the trimmer. Draw a Diagram of the Trimmer's Fuel Lines Drawing a fuel line diagram will prevent mix-ups later in the repair. Draw a diagram of the trimmer's fuel lines. Remove the Old Fuel Lines 7. Remove all fuel lines from their fittings.

Remove the overflow return line from the fuel tank. Remove the fuel filter line. Replace the primer bulb. Install New Fuel Lines and Other Components Installing the fuel filter line is usually the most difficult part of this repair. Install the fuel filter line. Install the fuel filter line retaining ring. Install the remaining ruel lines. Reattach the Fuel System and Reassemble the Trimmer Reatach the fuel system. Reinstall the throttle cable into the carburetor.

Affix the carburetor to the mount plate. Replace the fuel system cover. The new trimmer lines are now completely installed. Video How to Replace Trimmer Fuel Lines Grass trimmers commonly need their fuel lines and other system comenents replaced, and this article offers professional repair advice for performing a trimmer fuel line replacement.

Fuel line replacement is a very common trimmer repair , because plastic fuel lines eventually break down, become brittle, and crack if they are not replaced every few seasons. The fuel lines of string trimmers and other gas-powered equipment rest partially in the fuel itself, increasing the rate at which the plastic degrades.

Trimmer owners often have questions about this repair, because disassembling a trimmer's fuel system requires many steps. Inserting the new, filtered fuel line into the trimmer's fuel tank is one of the trickiest parts of the repair. We explain the steps for replacing fuel lines below, and provide an example repair on a Ryobi rj Line Trimmer.

The steps used in this article and its accompanying video demonstration will be similar for most gas-powered trimmers. Tools needed for this repair: a set of drivers that fit your tool's fasteners a pair of flush cut diagonals or other cutters some needle nose pliers new fuel lines Remove the Trimmer's Fuel System The first step in this multi-part repair requires disassembling the trimmer enough to have access to its entire fuel system. In the case of our demonstration trimmer, the fuel tank, carburetor, fuel lines, and carburetor mount plate will come off all together.

Every trimmer can be a little different, and this trimmer's fuel cover is located on the rear of the engine. Remove any fasteners that affix the cover to the engine so you can access the carburetor. Many trimmer carburetors will be affixed to the engine against a plate, sometimes called a carburetor choke plate or choke plate.

Because the entire choke plate, carburetor, and fuel tank need to be removed from the trimmer, you'll have to start by releasing any fasteners on the carburetor. Release the throttle cable from the carburetor. Like the Ryobi rj which we use as an example, most trimmer throttle cables thread through the carburetor choke plate and attach to the carburetor.

Simply lifting and tilting the carburetor will release the throttle cable. Now that the carburetor is freed up, the only thing keeping you from removing the entire fuel system should be the fasteners holding the carburetor mount plate in place. The fuel tank, carburetor plate, and carburetor will still be connected together by the system's fuel lines.

Remove them together before disturbing the fuel line arrangement. The trimmer fuel system is now removed, but it is very important to inspect and diagram the fuel line setup before continuing. The fuel lines of the Ryobi rj connect the fuel tank, primer bulb, and carburetor through several holes in the choke plate that allow them to pass between.

Other trimmers may be a little different, but their fuel line set-up is likely to be similarly complicated. Drawing a diagram of the fuel line arrangement can prevent mix-ups. Note the hole in the fuel tank in which the fuel filter attaches. Note the hole in the choke plate through which the filtered "in" line from the fuel tank passes to the carburetor. Note where on the carburetor the "in" line connects.

Note where the carburetor "out" line passes through the choke plate. Most primer bulbs make one fuel line connection longer than the other to help keep them straight. Note which primer bulb connection the "out" line from the carburetor attaches to. Note which is the correct line to connect to the remaining primer bulb attachment site. Note which is the correct hole on the fuel tank through which the primer overflow line passes. When installed correctly, the fuel lines should be attached to their fittings tightly.

Attempting to pull the fuel lines off their fittings risks breaking them. Hint: An easy technique for removing trimmer fuel lines from their fittings is to use a flat head screwdriver. Place the screwdriver against the end of the fuel line and use some pressure to push it off the fitting.

Remove all fuel lines from their fittings with a screwdriver. On the Ryobi rj, the overflow line leading from the primer bulb simply pulls out. The trimmer fuel line attached to the fuel filter will often have a couple extra pieces holding it in place.

In the case of the Ryobi rj that we use as an example, the fuel filter line has a small retaining ring on the outside of the fuel tank helping to hold the fuel filter in place. The fuel filter retaining ring can be easily removed with a screwdriver. The rest of the old fuel filter line and fuel filter will just be thrown away. Instead of trying to pull the line through the fuel tank hole, it's much easier just to cut the line and push the old fuel filter into the tank. We've used a pair of flush cut diagonals to cut the line.

It's a smart idea to replace a the primer bulb along with other fuel system components. The plastic on the primer bulb is likely to wear at the same rate or faster as the fuel lines. The trimmer primer bulb can be held into place more than one way.

The bulb on the Ryobi rj just snaps into and out of place. All of the trimmer's old fuel lines should now be removed from the trimmer. A trimmer's fuel filter line will almost always be its trickiest line to replace. The line must be fed into its correct fuel tank hole through the inside of the fuel tank and then pressed firmly into position. To be properly installed, the fuel filter must rest flush with the fuel tank.

The next step will help to hold the fuel filter in its correct position. If your trimmer's fuel filter line has a retaining ring, it needs to be installed correctly to help hold the fuel filter in place. Use a pair of pliers to press the retaining ring into position. Use your fuel line diagram to install the remaining new lines. Fuel lines can be pressed onto their fittings by hand.

Make sure they're pressed on about as far onto the fitting as they can go so that they hold tightly. Follow your diagram carefully to thread each line through the right holes, attaching to correct places on your trimmer. After installing the fuel filter line, the rest of this repair should be fairly simple. Reattach the fuel system. For our demonstration trimmer, this means positioning the fuel tank in its place and then reinstalling the fasteners that hold the carburetor mount plate in position.

Thread the throttle cable through its hole in the mount plate and reattach it to the carburetor. This should just require reinstalling some fasteners. Like with our demonstration trimmer, you may need to guide the carburetor's choke lever through an access opening. Replace all fasteners that hold the cover in position.

The trimmer is now reassembled with new fuel lines installed. The steps used on our demonstration trimmer will be similar to other trimmers, and seeing them performed will help your own repair go more smoothly. Visit our Trimmer Parts page to find parts for your trimmer by brand, or simply type your trimmer's model number in the search field at the top of the page.

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