How to publish a book amazon

how to publish a book amazon

How To Publish A Book On Amazon In 2021

Publish to Print. Create, publish and distribute your book in print worldwide. Earn royalties of up to 80%. Set your list price and receive industry-leading royalties. Publish quickly. Use free tools to build and publish your book or take advantage of professional publishing services. Distribute globally. Reach readers worldwide through and. Self-publish eBooks and paperbacks for free with Kindle Direct Publishing, and reach millions of readers on Amazon. Get to market fast. Publishing takes less than 5 minutes and your book appears on Kindle stores worldwide within hours.

Do you love to write your own stories, but wish you had an audience to share them with? With KDP, authors can create ebooks and paperback books, all without any upfront costs or inventory orders. If you are an author of any kind, KDP is a great way to get your books published and listed for sale — for free! With KDP, you have the option of publishing a Kindle ebook or paperback book—or both!

If you choose to sell a paperback book, Amazon will print your book and ship it out to your customer for you. No need to purchase bulk inventory ahead of time. While it is free to list your ebooks for sale on Amazon KDP, you will split the revenue of the ebook sale with Amazon. What that share is depends on which royalty option you choose and how large your ebook file is. Under one account, you can publish as many ebooks or paperback books as you can write, even under different pen names and categories.

If you would like to have some physical copies of your book on hand to sell or give to friends, you can place a wholesale book order within your KDP dashboard. See the royalty help page for more information.

When you publish ebooks through KDP, you will get paid in royalties — both you and Amazon receive a percentage of the revenue. Amazon also places list price requirements on ebooks published through KDP. The royalty structure for paperback books is different.

Amazon will then subtract the printing costs from your royalty, which depend on page count, ink type, and the Amazon marketplace your paperback was ordered from. Your book is a page paperback with black ink sold on the US marketplace:.

Amazon offers cool marketing tools to get your books in front of potential buyers. One of them is Amazon Advertising. If you sell physical products on Amazon. With PPC, you bid on clicks for those targeted keywords — the better your bid, the more likely your ad will appear. For example, say you published a comic book about a new superhero through KDP. With the right bid, your ad could appear within search results — or even on product detail pages for similar superhero comic books.

This is a great way to get your new book title out in front of potential readers who are already interested in buying the kinds of books you write.

KDP Select is another way ebook sellers can get noticed on Amazon. This program is optional and only eligible for ebooks, not paperbacks. All authors and publishers, regardless of where they live, are eligible to enroll their Kindle books in KDP Select.

This how to separate from your husband with no money sounds pretty great, right? Signing up how to send a sponsor me videos an account is very simple, and you can have your own ebook published in no time.

Once you fill in some basic information, you can begin uploading your books! Next is pricing your book. In this section, you will choose if you want to enroll in KDP Select, choose the territories where you want to list your book, and select your royalty rate and price. Amazon will show you what your royalty will be based on your list price.

How to publish a book amazon you fill in all this information, your book is ready to be published! Just like that, your very own authored ebook or paperback will be available for sale on Amazon. Hopefully this helped give you a better understanding of how KDP works and how any author, big or small, can publish their own writings. Whether you write mystery novels, bedtime stories, or scientific textbooks, KDP can help you reach the masses.

Have you published a book through KDP? Let us know below, or share a question you have about selling your books on Amazon. Brian is a writer and entrepreneur with over 6 years of experience in e-commerce and selling on Amazon.

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How to track your book's sales and performance

Apr 19,  · To publish a book on Amazon, create a Kindle Direct Publishing profile connected to your Amazon account, upload a PDF or use the Kindle Creator tool. How to Publish a Book on Amazon: A Bestseller’s Guide to Self-Publishing, Formatting, and Marketing Using Amazon Ads - Kindle edition by Voss, Matt. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets/5(77). Feb 19,  · How to Publish an Ebook on Amazon 1. Under “Create a New Title,” select “+ Kindle eBook.” KDP will then take you to the three-page setup to create a Kindle eBook.

Some articles promise that if you follow their steps, you can be published by the end of the day. But rushing through it will usually make your book, and thus you, look bad. Doing each step the right way might take a few extra hours. In some cases, it might take a few extra days. Visit kdp. If you already have an Amazon account, use it to sign into the KDP system. If not, create a new KDP account. Readers start judging your book the instant they see the cover, and the title is the first thing they read.

So before you choose your book title , read my article on how to do that and watch Chapter 4 of our free publishing course , in which I walk you through the whole process. Amazon lets you enter up to 4, characters for your book description. Write it carefully. For guidance, read my step-by-step guide to writing a great book description. Use them wisely. Under US copyright law , you own the right to your work the moment you first write it in any form.

When people enter these words in an Amazon search, I want my book to come up. Use the Categories popup box to choose two categories for your book. This is another critical marketing decision. For help thinking through these issues, read my post on Amazon categories.

To add more categories to your book listing, contact Amazon through Author Central after your book is published. Do not do anything with this box unless your book is for teens or younger readers.

If it is, choose each minimum and maximum that applies. Especially for a non-fiction book. Book sales are driven by media coverage, book blurbs , advance reviews , email lists, and more. That kind of buzz is a lot easier to generate for a new book, so this is very important:. There used to be a significant limit on KDP pre-order dates, but now they can be up to a year in advance. Digital Rights Management prevents people from copying your book and sending it to other people for free.

Despite the options provided like pdf or doc files , turn your eBook into a well-formatted epub file before you upload it. Always use the current Kindle format so your book will look good in every e-reader. And eBooks need to be formatted a bit differently for Amazon than for any other eBook retailer. If you have an epub file ready and you want to see how it will look as an Amazon book, upload it here.

You can preview it after you load the cover file. People do judge books by their covers. Do not design your own book cover. If you want to be taken seriously as a published Author, hire a professional cover designer and listen to them. Check the cover image. Make sure the navigation works.

Try every external link. Look at every single page. If you intend to publish only on Amazon , you can leave these blank. KDP Select enrolls your book in Kindle Unlimited and gives you additional marketing options, like Kindle countdown deals, but the digital version of your book has to be exclusive to Amazon.

Make this decision as part of your overall book marketing plan. That seems obvious, but it does add some pricing limitations as well as a slightly different royalty calculation.

Choose Amazon. The price in other marketplaces will be set according to exchange rates, but you can set each one manually if you want to. Finally, pay attention to your gut. Your cover needs a spine and a back, and it needs to be in a different format. Interior formatting is completely different and much harder. The pricing is different, depending on both the market and print costs. DIY eBooks are hard. DIY print books are much harder. If you want a print book, I strongly recommend getting some help.

If you want a print book, have it ready to go before you publish your eBook so you can include it in your marketing plan. Publishing a book that looks unprofessional makes you look unprofessional. But if you take your time and do it right, publishing that book can be the best thing you ever did—for yourself and for your career. What is Vanity Press? Book Publishing. You deserve better than that. Your book deserves better than that. So I wrote this guide to accomplish two things: Lay out the technical steps to publish on Amazon Walk you through the right way to do that so that you look as good as possible Doing each step the right way might take a few extra hours.

Step 2. Step 3. Enter your book title and subtitle Your book title is critically important: Readers start judging your book the instant they see the cover, and the title is the first thing they read. It has to be magnetic. Step 4. This can be your own name or a pen name. If there is more than one Author, enter the other names using the Contributors box. Step 5. Enter your book description Amazon lets you enter up to 4, characters for your book description.

Your book description is a sales pitch for readers.

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