How to play as joker in arkham asylum ps3

how to play as joker in arkham asylum ps3

Play as The Joker

Play as The Joker is PS3 Exclusive DLC in Batman: Arkham Asylum where the player can play as Joker in Challenge Maps. 1 Combat Maximum Punishment Gutter Tactics Caged Fighter Giggles in the Garden 2 Predator Paging Dr. Joker Administered Pain Hell's Hecienda Cavern of Love 3 Game Over Scenes Aaron Cash Batman 4 Gameplay 5 Gallery 6 Trivia In . you can play as the joker in challenge mode. you to download it through psn first. make sure you download it from the same ps store where your game is licenesed. for exampe, if your game is an USA.

Ads that appeared in PlayStation Home today suggest that the PS3 might be getting some exclusive content for Batman: Arkham Asylum in the form of maps that let you play as none other than The Joker. The Joker's been all the rage since The Dark Knight burned up theaters os3 year, and considering Batman: Arkham Asylum seems to be closest thing we'll ever get to a Dark Knight game, the considerable lack ar,ham playable Jokrr was a serious problem that needed solving.

Well, you don't have to boot up your copy of Mortal Kombat vs. That sounds pretty conclusive, but the ad only says that the maps are exclusive to PS3 - who knows if The Joker's available in some other mode that'll be on PC and The fact that the ads went up in Home do suggest that there's some special treatment going on here with the PS3 version of the game, but at the same time, when Kotaku bugged Arkham Asylum 's PR about the ads, they seemed totally unaware that they had even gone up.

Since then, they've been taken off Home entirely. If The Joker is exclusive to the PS3, that could be a big boost to sales on that platform, since everyone's still crazy for The Joker these days. In any case, hopefully we'll get the official details soon enough. As the ad states, he'll only be playable on challenge maps. Latest Videos Reviews Everything. Not a member? Register Now. Keane Ng 23 Apr How to organize a field day Infinity 3.

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A new advertisement appearing earlier than expected in Sony's PlayStation Home reveals the ability to play as The Joker in PlayStation 3 exclusive challenge levels for Batman: Arkham Asylum. User Info: ZodiacD. ZodiacD - 11 years ago 8 0. In order to play as the Joker this is what you must do: Buy Batman:AA for the Sony Playstation 3. Sign in to you playstation network account. Go to. Kotaku: A new advertisement appearing earlier than expected in Sony's PlayStation Home reveals the ability to play as The Joker in PlayStation 3 exclusive challenge levels for Batman: Arkham Asylum. Several readers sent us in blurry photos of the new sign, which has appeared in various spots throughout the Home service today, featuring a grinning Joker (the best kind) and boasting exclusive.

Several readers sent us in blurry photos of the new sign, which has appeared in various spots throughout the Home service today, featuring a grinning Joker the best kind and boasting exclusive challenge levels for the PS3 version in which players will be able to take control of the clown prince of crime.

I hopped online and snapped my own shot, but appreciate the efforts of our readers to bring this story to light. I contacted public relations for the game, who couldn't offer me any details on the exclusive, or whether or not the Xbox version would be getting something similar. In fact, the man I spoke to seemed rather shocked that the ad had already gone up. I see a movie, not an indicator of the lead SKU. I counter that with the fact all of the demo stations in Walmart's are PS3 demo stations.

Does it matter in this case if the PS3 is getting exclusive material? But on disk content,that poster would have to say download from the store if it was DLC otherwise it's false advertising. Batman Arkham Asylum runs the ut3 engine, the thing is 's never really lost in a UT3 engine based game battle.

So your statement is, that because the U3 engine ruins better on the it automatically receives exclusive material? I am not saying it will not receive something exclusive but rather the premise this would occur due to engine interoperability is absolutely ridiculous.

Also you will find plenty of people to dispute which version of ME looks better. As long as you are quoting prominent ezines, ask IGN. Yea the unreal engine runs better on the arcade. Killzone2 runs better on the ps What exactly is the point of noticing that the PS3 doesn't get the best code when it comes to multiplatform titles that look decades behind PS3 exclusive titles?

Bad code is bad code, and has nothing to do with performance. So the less visually looking version received the DLC??? Yet Guns says the version will look better.

You are defending him so lets examine that. The least visually appealing version gets the exclusive material Hmmmm. See where I am going? It may be a moot point as anyone with access to the Unreal 3 engine knows there has been a great deal of PS3 optimization over the past 6 months. The Least visually appealing version gets the exclusive material Hmmmm. Sony has exclusive rights over the characters, It happen before with Spiderman, Being that Sony has Spiderman licenses up to 6 movies they can add playable characters like Ha-goblin and etc, Kudos to Sony!

That, and CoD4 Proved that it's all about the programmers; really. I have to say that the version of any Unreal Engine game will generally run better than the PS3.

However, the differences today are negligible. The game will play just fine on the PS3 with minor differences in a few textures or two. Quirky fact is that Bioshock ran on a modified version of Unreal Engine 2. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this turns out to be a "good" Batman game.

I hope that Eidos doesn't go Bethesda making DLC for one system and not doing anything for another system and supports the version.

UE3 runs fine now on the PS UE3 on a non Epic, 3rd party title usually means the game has little time in development This should make it even more interesting Play as the good guy and the bad guy but have different abilities available.

I like it when games pack in the "value add". I was wondering if there was anymore info so now I'm here, and the EA Sports Complex is awesome, but they need to get that driving range online. Jolly, are you sure he's not saying "sweet" just because you get to play as the Joker, rather than the fact that it "might" be PS3 exlusive?

Just a thought Then I don't see the relevance. I'm hating on Bethesda for being lazy, not because they accept ridiculous paychecks from Microsoft for exclusive DLC, hence I didn't and will not buy Fallout 3.

Maybe you should go back to school and learn how to read. Nineball: Lol he's got nothing on me. I respond to him once and I am a stalker? Some one sure thinks highly of themselves. Other than the fact that he owned you. He didnt particularly say, sweet only on PS3! Home has a huge potential and so far, I strongly believe it's the perfect trojan horse for advertising.

As for the Joker exclusive, Eidos is making harder and harder for me to resist buying this game. Didn't Square Enix just buy them? And yes Home is on its way to becoming a marketing beast.

Cheese, if you are proud of those DLC I feel bad for you. Then again, what else do you have to brag about? No full games. Poor cases like you are why MS get away with it. That was Desperate!! You are now officially the most brainless, desperate retard in the history of anyone who has ever posted a comment on N4G.

Not only did Microsoft pay for those, which is the real reason why they haven't shown up on PSN, but the PlayStation Network has current-gen retail games like Burnout Paradise, Warhawk, and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, which can be downloaded. One at a time now If you can name more than 2 I'll actually believe your idiotic fanboy comment.

Why do you people jump to assumptions so damn fast? One of which is now two new companies. That are still making games. Do you even read what you type? And I'm sure that Microsoft, along with Nintendo and Sony, will announce exclusives at e3. If you want to keep telling yourself otherwise, by all means go ahead. If you used your head, you could easily tell that I was "playing the fanboy" and countering 2's idiotic comment.

And since when did games have content left out? The only times that has ever happened is when the game was later ported to the PS3, which received additional content. It was never a case of the game not holding the content, it was only that the developers felt they needed to add something so that they could sell the game twice to eager consumers. See I can do it too.

For me to be the Or LittleBigPlanet? I hate it when I get slammed for being a "bot" when I actually own more quality games on the PS3 then some of you idiots. Good riddance. Burnout: paradise is bigger than all those DLC packs :p Just sayin' - flawed comeback. Aww damn, too bad us owners won't get to play those but at least we get to actually play the game. Oh, Harley Quinn would be awesome. Harley would be cool but Bane would be my favourite, especially if we got to break Batman's back.

I noticed that too edgeofblade. I can see them doing a Soul Caliber type exclusive characters. Someone was unhappy with the fact that although it's a shame I won't get to play the Joker that I'm happy I can still play the game. LOL thet would be the shytz man I don't know why I like Two Face so much but I always thought his transformation into a villan made more sense. Sony must have paid off the developer to make the PS3 version better.

I'm going to whine and complain until Sony stops throwing money around and starts innovating. Sound familiar? I was just going to say that! Funny how all of a sudden the crying stops isn't it?? Now I expect to see an article from DarkPower complaining how fans are getting the shaft on this game because of Sony and their checkbook.

This sucks for only owners if it's true but nothing has been confirmed. Edit: Looks like i'll get to play it either way so i'm good. Hope these challenge levels are good. Lol normally I'd have my doubts but this time I actually do believe that Sony paid for this.

Not only is The Joker one of the most important villains of all time but he is the most badass character in all of Batman so I can't really see why Rocksteady would give us The Joker exclusively unless Sony had something to do with it. And then there's the fact that Sony's advertising this content so much in Home. Makes it even more obvious.

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