How to make a scarecrow costume wizard of oz

how to make a scarecrow costume wizard of oz

35 DIY 'Wizard of Oz' Costumes for an Emerald City-Inspired Halloween

Jul 19,  · Just follow the yellow brick road right to your craft room to whip up these DIY Wizard of Oz costumes. This list has options for just about every character from the classic tale, including tutorials for Dorothy, Toto, Glinda the Good Witch, and the Wicked Witch of the West. There are also ideas for the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow Occupation: Editorial Assistant. All of these elements combine to make Wizard of Oz costumes such as The Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Adult Costume extremely popular and exciting. The Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Costume is true to the film’s recreation of one of cinema’s most beloved sidekicks. This Scarecrow costume comes with a blue shirt, brown pants, and cord belt. Of course, that famous Scarecrow hat completes the look. .

The 5 costumes were made by my sister and I and took about 3 months. I made the dress simply … Read more. Scarecrow Halloween Costume Idea The initial idea behind my scarecrow Halloween costume was to create an evil horror related scarecrow. After many hours of searching and researching I found a good how to make plain cookie dough that I could base the rest of my costume on.

This mask came from grim stitch factory. Also, I did not base my … Read more. Wizard of Oz Inspiration Cody is a very happy 12 year old boy who has CP, a dandy walker malformation and epilepsy. In short, he is medically fragile and each year is more special than the last. He just made his way 3, miles across country a few months ago to join his Active Duty … Read more.

There was an idea that became a reality in the home of Makxon Cash in The toddler monkey Halloween costume idea started in July of We are kind of fanatics when … Read more. We saw a similar scarecrow costume and how to make a scarecrow costume wizard of oz it was so adorable. So I had to make our own homemade toddler scarecrow costume It was expensive though.

I totally nailed it! Ours turned out way cuter than the one we had based ours on. And It was super easy to make. The Tulle, felt, fabric … Read more. I love making DIY Halloween costumes. Aa years ago my little man was a Minion for Halloween. He was a hit! But this scarecrow Halloween costume has topped them all. I received the most compliments on this one! I really wish I would have entered him into a contest, everyone amke he would have definitely … Read more.

This is my twelve year-old girl dressed in her autumn yarn homemade lion costume. She wanted to be a cute lion instead of a realistic fur lion. Homemade Lion Costume Instructions I used tie died fleece for the head and body. I enlarged a vintage mask pattern for the head.

She wanted a really BIG … Read more. These his and her homemade scarecrow costumes were created for my daughter and son. I wanted unique costumes that were original and I came up with scarecrows. My children agreed with the idea and I explained it to their sitter. Their sitter then made the idea come to life with all sorts of hidden features.

I decided to do this at the last minute for costume day at work. It only took one look at the ruby red or for Claire age 5 to be certain she wanted to be Dorothy for Halloween. Friday afternoon, last minute, I decided to come up with what going on in raleigh north carolina this weekend new costume idea for Max.

I have never worked with the stuff before so I had no clue that by the end of it all I would be picking it out of my eyelashes… not to mention the … Read more. There was a local Wizard of Oz festival and we just had to go! But instead of being just like every other girl who wanted to be Dorothy, she went as a dancer in the Lullaby League.

Costume was simple enough, just a tutu skirt, the hat, and some tulle around the collar of her shirt. Also … Read more. Our family had just left the local zoo too my 3yr old daughter shockingly changed her mind about dressing up as Princess Elsa to going as a beautiful peacock instead for Halloween.

It was a very productive outing I must say — in the short time we were there, it was decided that Mommy and … Read more. Every hiw my group at work participates in the company costume contest. The competition is growing fiercer with each passing year and we are the reigning champions scarefrow the last three years. This year we decided on the Wizard of Oz for our theme and I took the tin man. I did some internet research … Read more. I had seen lf pictures of people dressed up as the Wicked Witch of the East but a lot of them just were not big enough for my imagination.

I found a huge box and used that at the base of the house. I used the flaps from one side of the box to tk … Read more. Nunni and Papi are surrounded by little girls, and this year or Halloween, Mommy had a very hard time coming up with a theme as of course what to do for cat bites girls have to theme and flow. Mommy, back in August, was researching ideas.

Brianna 8 year old really wanted to be a queen with a big flowing … Read more. These two costumes were a labor of love as tribute to one of my favorite movies of all time. It csotume started with the tornado. On a sunny day in August my darling 9 year old son came to me with his Halloween requests.

He had decided on a costume, and much to my surprise it had absolutely nothing to do with a super hero or a video game! He wanted to be a … Read more. Several years ago for our buddy Mikey, we had tried to make an airplane to go over his wheelchair for a pilot costume that did not work out as planned. From far away it looked pretty cool, but as you got closer you could tell it was barely staying together and was built primarily from … Read more.

This is my homemade Halloween costume. I got my mom to help me in adapting a pajamas pattern … Read more. While following the yellow brick road, he passes by an evil wicked witch, a beautiful good witch, a cowardly lion, a scarecrow without a brain, a heartless tin man, and a girl with glittery shoes.

And then it happens, another twister! They all get … Read more. We do a family costume theme each year, everyone gives an idea and then we vote together on which scarecros we think will be the most fun, easy to recognize and create. Each of them has to have enough characters for each member of the family. This year was a close vote between Alice In … Read scaecrow.

My husband and I went back and forth one night trying to decide on a Halloween costume for our two year old daughter. We wanted to make as much of it ourselves as we could.

What did we come up with? The cutest scarecrow ever! Our daughter loves dressing up in her tutus, which gave … Read more. Older posts. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

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Aug 16,  · Scarecrow costume from wizard of OZAuthor: dlindeman.

Off to see the wizard this Halloween? Just follow the yellow brick road right to your craft room to whip up these DIY Wizard of Oz costumes. This list has options for just about every character from the classic tale, including tutorials for Dorothy, Toto, Glinda the Good Witch, and the Wicked Witch of the West.

Oh, and there's even an idea to dress up as the Wizard of Oz himself! If you're looking for something a bit more outside of the box, there are even tutorials for the twister and Dorothy's house, which would definitely make you stand out at your Halloween party. Whether you're looking for a costume for your pet Halloween costume , a Halloween costume for kids , a DIY Halloween costume for couples , or a toddler Halloween costume idea , there's an option that looks straight out of the Emerald City for everyone in the family.

Although all of these Wizard of Oz costumes are put together by hand, they're so simple to make that both amateur and expert crafters alike can DIY them.

In fact, some costumes can be put together using items that are in your closet. Or, if you don't own most of the items already, you can purchase just about every piece you need for cheap! It doesn't get much better than that. It took this blogger just 10 minutes to create these costumes, thanks to items she already had at home. If you don't already own all the clothing, it's easy—and inexpensive—to purchase what you need.

Get the tutorial at The House of Hood Blog. Tiffany Ascencio of Always in High Heels gives Dorothy a gorgeous grownup makeover with red lipstick, dramatic eye makeup, and braids. See more at tiffanyascensio. Everyone in your crew can take a trip to Oz this year, thanks to this family-friendly idea.

You can use a mix of store-bought items, DIY creations, and clothing you already own to make everyone's outfits. Brittany Boyd 's sweet costume is simple to put together with a blue dress and red Mary Janes. Of course, the little dog is the perfect accessory! See more at brittanyleannaproductions. Although this tutorial is geared toward boys, you could definitely make it for girls too. The blogger suggests wear the top with a gray tutu and leggings. Get the tutorial at Old Salt Farm.

How cute is this duo? If you don't have a real Toto, you can always bring along a stuffed version. This Wicked Witch look is super easy to pull off with a black hat and plenty of green face paint. Get the tutorial at The Mom Creative. You'll be amazed at how silver spray paint transforms a plastic funnel and soccer shin guards into accessories for this little tin man.

Get the tutorial at This Sweet Happy Life. Shop Lion Pajamas. Simple makeup and a few staples you probably already own will turn you into a not-so-scary scarecrow.

Get the tutorial at Pattern Revolution. This clever Lollipop Guild getup is just the beginning. This blogger created an entire group costume for her friends and family—all of the characters are included! Get the tutorial at Keiko Lynn. For those looking to be fashion-forward while staying in character, a chic tin man costume is the perfect fit. And if you've got an adorable little Cowardly Lion to join you, even better!

Get the tutorial at L Avenue. Get the tutorial at Child at Heart. This might be the most creative costume we've ever seen! You'll bring down the house with this Wicked Witch of the East outfit.

Pair this super simple makeup look with a flannel button-down and you'll be off to see the Wizard! Get the tutorial at The Domestic Diva. Pair this handmade outfit with a pair of red sneakers so your daughter can be super comfortable while she's trick or treating. Get the tutorial at House of Fauci's. Get the tutorial at Dress Cori Lynn. If you're looking for a last-minute costume , try this little lion getup that can be made in mere minutes. Get the tutorial at A Night Owl.

Get the tutorial at Make It and Love It. There's nothing wicked about these tulle-covered dresses, ideal for your favorite pair of friendly witches. Get the tutorial at Simple as That. With just a little paint and imagination, you can turn a cardboard box into the Tin Man's torso. Don't forget his heart!

Get the tutorial at A Pumpkin and a Princess. The base of this costume—a plaid shirt and denim overalls—is likely already hanging in your kids' closet. Get the tutorial at Where the Smiles Have Been. Get the tutorial at Crafty Chica. Bring Emerald City's most notorious characters to life by re-creating the looks of the Wizard himself and one of the Wicked Witch's mischievous flying monkeys. Get the tutorial at Live Free Creative Co. You can DIY everything on this adorable little girl's costume—right down to the ruby slippers!

This fabulous furry lion's outfit will keep your trick-or-treater nice and warm throughout the chilly October evening. Get the tutorial at Posh in Progress. Come out, come out! This super-pink and super-sparkly Glinda design captures the true essence of the beloved enchantress. Shop Glinda Crown.

Get the tutorial at Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body. Because a scarecrow is meant to appear a little disheveled, you don't need flawless sewing skills to get this look. A homemade tiara and a bevy of bubbles set this more subtle Glinda getup apart from the rest.

Get the tutorial at Polkadot Chair. Country Life. Design Ideas. Home Maintenance. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. How to Care for Hostas. The House of Hood Blog. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Tiffany Ascensio. The perfect backdrop for a Dorothy costume is the Yellow Brick Road, of course!

Brittany Leanna Productions. Old Salt Farm. Donna Gronda. The Mom Creative. Our favorite part about this family costume? The twister outfit! This Sweet Happy Life. View this post on Instagram. You might have an easier time convincing Dad to dress up if he can wear comfy PJs! The Joy of Fashion. Pattern Revolution. A peplum top and fitted leggings add some femininity to this metallic outfit.

These sweet golden retrievers make the perfect Cowardly Lion and Dorothy. Keiko Lynn. Child at Heart. A tutu, sparkly heels, and a hair bow will make every little girl happy on Halloween. Cat Eyes and Thigh Highs. The Domestic Diva. House of Fauci's.

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