How to make a cut off t shirt

how to make a cut off t shirt

How to Cut up a t shirt and make it Cute- DIY Techniques, Instructions & Ideas

Mar 13,  · Making a Basic Cutoff Shirt Download Article 1. Gather your materials. Making a cutoff shirt is easy, and no sewing is required. 2. Fold the shirt in half. It is important for your cutoff t 65%(16). Feb 08,  · Want to create that perfect "vintage" looking band tee? In this video I teach you my methods for creating the perfect worn-in cut-off tee.- - - - - - - - - -.

You can refashion them by cutting them up, resizing, painting them into a cute look that suits your personal style. Here are techniques and step by step instructions for cutting over-sized tees, trimming tees to tank tops plus no-sew methods.

It is simple! All you need is creativity, cheap and readily available household tools such as garment scissors, a marker, measurement tool and learn-able skills as follows. After using your preferred method of trimming you can also paint or print your cut shirt.

This involves use of garment-friendly colors to paint your tees. You may also require use of particular printing machines and skills to create a variety of art right on your cut tee. POD is a rapidly growing industry worth investing in.

If your aim is what are the markings for white gold to have fun while putting you creativity into practice at home, below are basic tools you can easily get from Amazon. There are quite a number of methods you can use to up-cycle an over-sized tee that may end up in the trash bin. To resize huge and baggy shirts, the easiest parts to cut off are the front, the back and the sides.

Your aim here is to create a well-fitting and may be add a little bit of styling. If you have stitching machines or any other sewing tools, you can stitch the how to make healthy flapjacks sides but it is totally not necessary.

You can create tie knots which will even make it more original and appealing. As mentioned earlier, you can also reconstruct you shirt from the front.

Following are some ideas. Below is another form of redesign from WobiSobi that looks perfectly awesome. All you need is a pair of scissors, a marker optional and a flat surface. Here are the steps for a more accurate and clean look. You can improve its appearance by cutting one of the side edges then make some holes on the fabric all along the cut hem.

Use the strips from the cut bottom edge and lace it through the made holes. You can as well add some ribbons if you wish. Generally, this involves modifying the neckline of a t shirt to a better, presentable and classy top. Step 1 Fold the tee into two, front part of the garment facing out.

Ensure the neck is lined up well in the middle. Step 2 Mark where the fold is using a marker. Step 3 Take your tape measure your shoulder width from the base of your neck to the part slightly below your shoulder as shown below. Ensure to round it down by one or two centimeters how to receive satellite signals allow for stretching in a later step.

Step 4 Measure from the left shoulder to the mark you made in step two, as shown below. Step 5 Trim round the top layer from the shoulder, slightly away from the hem, to the marked part at the middle. Step 6 Repeat step 4 and 5 for right shoulder. Remember to cut only the top layer Step 7 After cutting the top layer, now cut bottom layer but ensure it is straight across from either the left or right should.

This is to avoid an oversize neck in the finished tee. Step8 Cut both the left and right sleeves off the hem. You can also cut how to make a cut off t shirt bottom of the off the hem especially if too large.

Step 9 This is the last step. Stretch out the trimmed parts of the tee. This gives your tee a messy fashionable and distressed look. Your tee is ready! You can add a little modifications by fixing a ribbon on the collar which maybe done through stitching or by use of glue. Another way of modifying your neckline is by making small cuts leaving very tiny fringes at the edges. This is one of the easiest cut out out there.

Instead of worrying about getting the best necklace or ornamental band, let your tshirt act as choker…it is all about being creative! All you need is a tshirt that fits closely round your neck, scissors and a marker.

Draw v shape in the front layer using the marker then make a cut out and stretch it out. You can leave it at that or cut-off the sleeves. You can as well make the cut from the back. He is a video tutorial guide. Using a hem from old shirt, make a trim along the cut edges then fix the eyelets inside the fabric with the help of the pliers.

Use the sewing tools; stitch all-round the top along the collar making sure that the eyelets are kept in place then fix the laces in the eyelets.

This is yet another simple trim. You only require a pair of scissors or any tool that can cut garment. This will make the shirt curl at the top and will be ready for you to put on. Additionally, if you need to improve the entire look of the tee, you can do this by further cutting semi-oval shapes at the bottom then removing the pieces.

The edges of the cut part will act as your ties for clinching your tee. This is a technique that requires a sewing machine, though you can as well use a how to make a cut off t shirt and thread. This technique works well with a v-shaped neck tees. Begin by removing the arms and the hem at the bottom to form a tee-tank.

Cut the back of the cloth at the middle all through to the top the overlap it and stitch or sew to about 8 inches from the collar. This will look pretty well on your tee. Make a shape of the moon crescent at the back of the shirt then using a pair of scissors cut it off. From the inside of the tee, fix a lace with the shape of a moon at the open space left. You can opt to sew the lace or glue it on the fabric. To make the top more catchy use a lace with different color from the tee.

In this technique, you need a sewing machine and some pins. Start by cutting the neckline, arm and bottom hems then trimming the side ridge, through the arm and diagonally by the shoulder to the collar.

In an orderly manner, trim large triangles at both the top and bottom of the t shirt at the back side. At the point where the triangles meet, twist the fabric twice, pin the how to go to shantiniketan from kolkata by train region then sew it.

Your top is now ready to be worn best with patterned leggings. This is a great technique though very tricky since you have to ensure that you make identical cuts. If it happens that you make a mistake, then the whole project will be ruined. Here, you only need a pair of scissors for the cutting.

Shoulder cut involves cutting the tee from either of the sleeves to the other, leaving gaps in between the cuts. Begin cutting from the sleeve, shoulder, the neck and finally on the other sleeve. Ensure you make similar cuts all through the entire tee.

Cut the slits following the marks you have made on the shirt. You are encouraged to ensure that the slits are about 1 cm thick. This is done to prevent them from ripping off or overstretching and get thinner with time. Fringed fun cut is made by use of a pair of scissors to deal with a t shirt. You only need to first cut off the neckline, arms and bottom hems.

Thereafter, cut out the fringes at the bottom side of the shirt. The length of the fringes is not restricted; it is of your choice. You are advised to make thin fringes since they give the best look. However, you can choose any thickness that you wish to have. In this technique, you are required to have the skills of first cutting the tee into a crop top.

This is done by removing the sleeves from the t shirt, ensuring both sides are identical. Cut off the bottom hem and the neck to make a well sized crop top. After this, make the shape of the heart at the back of the crop top depending on the size of heart you need. What are the card catalogs, you can make a heart cut out by drawing the shape of the heart on either sides of the tee top then making oval cuts around the heart.

This is a pretty idea to manifest your talent and can also be done on a plain t shirt. This is one of the techniques that I loved most and you only need a pair of scissors. In this case, first cut the sleeves, neck and the bottom seam of the t shirt. Then, fold the bottom part of the cloth at approximately two inches and cut triangle shapes from the folded part.

Unfold the tee to disclose the diamond cut outs. For better a look, accompany the made top with a long necklace. Do remember most shirts are made up different materials that are light and in most cases wont stretch.

Below are some the best video tutorials with tricks, ideas and instructions illustrating how you can creatively cut, modify or revamp your shirt. You may wonder why someone wants their new shirts cut, but reality is, even new t shirts can be cut and made to some new and great items. Generally, there are so many reasons you can decide to cut off your tees.

How to cut an oversized t-shirt

May 19,  · Quick cut off t-shirt tutorialMY SOCIAL NETWORKS!TWITTER http://i.

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There are 8 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 67, times. Learn more Cutoff t-shirts are fantastic for showing off your muscles at the gym or while exercising outside.

They are easy to make as well. All you need is a t-shirt you want to cut up, an old pair of scissors, and something to mark the t-shirt with, like some chalk or a pen. Try transforming one of your old shirts into a cutoff t-shirt to help showcase your muscles during your next workout.

If you want to make a cutoff shirt, fold a T-shirt in half lengthwise and so the sleeves are perfectly lined up. When you know where you want your sleeves to be, carefully cut off the sleeves along the dotted line you drew. Try not to make jagged cuts, but if you do, go back and trim them carefully with the scissors. Keep reading to learn ways you can customize your shirt, like cutting off the neckline or the hem!

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By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article parts. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1 of Gather your materials. Making a cutoff shirt is easy, and no sewing is required. Fold the shirt in half. To ensure that your armholes are even when you cut them, start by folding the shirt in half lengthwise.

Make sure that the sleeves are matching up. Mark where you want the new armholes to end. Next, locate the place on the shirt where you want the new armholes to begin and end, then mark the shirt in these places.

You can also mark how far in you want the sleeves to go. However, keep in mind that the deep into the shirt you cut, the more of your chest will be visible. Try marking just above, beside, and below the current sleeve to guide you as you cut the sleeves off. Cut the sleeves off. Once you are happy with the placement of your sleeves, you can cut off the old sleeves. Cut along the points you marked in a slightly curving line.

If you do end up with a jagged edge, you can always cut in a little more. Tug the armholes gently to curl the fabric. After you have cut off the sleeves, give the new armholes a gentle tug. After this, your cutoff t-shirt is ready to wear. Part 2 of Make larger armholes. The wider you make the armholes, the more of your body will be visible from the side.

Try a small cut and see how it looks on you before cutting too far down. You can always cut more, but you cannot put the fabric back after you cut it. For example, if you cut your armholes down to the middle of the shirt, then your ribs and the side of your abs will be visible. Cut out the neckline. You can simply cut around the neckline to widen it a little, or cut way outside of the neckline to widen it a lot. If you prefer a deep v-neck shirt, then you can also cut a V shape out of the front of the shirt.

The more of the neckline you cut, the more of your chest, back, and shoulders will be visible. Trim off the hem. Trimming off the hem is more for a uniform appearance than anything else, but cutting off the hem can shorten the length of the shirt by a little or a lot.

Try cutting off the hem close to the seam at first to give the bottom of the shirt the same curved appearance as the arm holes. Then, give the hem a gentle tug to curl it up like the sleeves. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. Related wikiHows How to. How to.

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