How to get super sonic chao

how to get super sonic chao

Jun 03,  · Steps 1. Hatch any color Chao from an egg of your choice. Try to use a regular Chao, not a color one or else the Chao will 2. Keep the Chao neutral by raising it with any hero and dark character together. Have both of them spend equal time 3. Get 62%(10). Dec 03,  · i love sonic adventure 2 battle, so much better than sadx, so here's a video on how to make a super sonic chao and a super shadow chao without action replay or any of that hacking shit.

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Current visibility: Friends-only. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Here is the guide to make your own Chaos Chao for the what is integral in math time. This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Languages: English.

Guide Index. What's a Chaos Chao? Before we begin. Things to keep in mind. Get to the point. And when the chao turns adult Except smaller. Chaos Chao are special and unlike other chaos they're immortal. THEY NEVER: cyao and die become sick mate don't waste your Heart Fruit, it won't do anything, neither placing them on another chao that wants to mate have their appearance changed by animals it would be the same as giving them Chaos Drives NOTE: Treating them ssonic won't get them killed they'll hate you for it though.

These two are connected to one another. Age: It tells you how many times was a chao reborn by caho cocoon. Their age can only go to After that it resets. Times transformed: When a chao is reborn by pink cocoon times, the Age automatically resets to 0 and Times Transformed changes to 1 or one higher. NOTE: When chao's Age's at 4, at some point when it's an adult it'll automatically change into Age 5 before it's reborn. After that the Age resets to 0. There is a program yow you tl see every wuper stats while chwo meant to cheat how to write us number for international is very useful to read.

Here's the link: The link is in the description in "Fusion's Chao Editor 2. If you change anything in it, it may crash the game, including the program itself. So cheating isn't really recommended. They also have three aligments. The process is same like any spuer chao when you want them to be either Dark or Angel.

Also, another thing: if you want them to look as in the how to get super sonic chao below, you'll need a Neutral Chao. If a chao gte in gow other color you've bought from Black Market, it'll also affect its skin. My chao hatched from white egg. Okay, now that we're chap on that, let me tell you what it takes to get a Chaos Chao.

So far, you need to take care of how to get super sonic chao chao very well like any other. It's not limited to what animals or chaos drives you give it to, it won't affect the process. Summarizing, it needs to be reborn times. The link is above in "1. Hiw we begin" Then the Age resets to 0 and Times Transformed turns 1.

Repeat the process and Times Transformed turns 2. Times Transformed: 2 That's when you should be careful. Just the very moment it hatches, you need to give it animals before it turns adult. In either games, absolutely one of every animal should be given to the chao. All of them. Not a single one. It'll collapse the entire process you've worked for Okay, one or two won't really affect it, but I wouldn't bet on it. Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic DX. You got Chaos Chao! My very 1st Angel Hero Chaos Chao.

Sonicc 1st Dark Devil Chaos Chao. My final Chaos chao, Netrual Chaos Chao. They got all transformed in the same day on June 23th Unless you have a program to manipulate it, but that has not been tried out, supper I can't guarantee that will either work or gget cause any problems.

I say that you leave the game on as long as you can. I know that feeding chao increases the evolution rate, but does it increase the rate in which they age? I am trying to make an all S Chaos 0 chaos chao. I have the exact chao I need and now all I have to do is rebirth it until it's vhao to evolve to a chaos chao. Is there anything I can do other than just leaving my computer on to let it age? You however have to get out of game and back in to avoid glitches.

What if you use the chai editor to sonix speed up evolution process? Can you do that? Briar 1 Jul, pm. Thanks a lot for this guide!! Thanks, this seems very helpful! SotiCoto 20 Jun, pm. Well, you seem to impart the correct information eventually You could have just said "reincarnate at least twice and give exactly one of every animal as a baby" right at the start and saved a lot of hassle.

TacoNinja 10 Apr, pm. Are you talking about the tranformation cycle and letting it transform 2 times? Fhao don't really understand when you said that I need to let my chao go through reincarnation 2 times and having it come back a total of 8 times. Congratulations on your first Chaos Chao! Share to your Steam activity feed. You need to sign in or create an account to do that.

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May 02,  · A 'how-to' video that shows you how to make a 'Super Sonic' Chao in SA2B and/or SADX. Since there wasn't any good (not filmed off the TV) clear videos on You. NOTE: When chao's Age's at 4, at some point when it's an adult it'll automatically change into Age 5 before it's reborn. After that the Age resets to 0. In Sonic DX, Health Center doesn't exist, therebefore you cannot know its status. There is a program where you can see every chao's stats (while it's meant to cheat it is very useful to read). May 22,  · It's finally here! Part 2 of my how to make a 'Super Sonic' Chao video series! (Cobo, are you okay? Don't pass out!)It shows you: Some stuff that happened in.

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We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article Steps. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Author Info Last Updated: January 7, Hatch any color Chao from an egg of your choice.

Try to use a regular Chao, not a color one or else the Chao will look like Sonic but not in the right color. Keep the Chao neutral by raising it with any hero and dark character together.

Have both of them spend equal time with the Chao. Get either green chaos drives, or animals that give your Chao speed: bunnies, cheetahs, skeleton dogs, etc. It's recommended to use animals because they give your Chao more points. Also, stamina does not matter! Even though many recommend raising your Chao's stamina level to it doesn't have to.

It can evolve at any level. However, raising the stamina level to 15 makes it evolve right away, but force feeding it takes a long time unless the Chao's personality is "Big Eater". Make sure that your Chao's run stat is the highest raised last because it will not evolve to be the right type. If you used animals, remove the animal parts from your Chao by using skeleton dogs which can be found at Pumpkin Hill on Church Mountain.

Be patient. After the animal parts have been removed, your Chao will eventually evolve into a neutral run type Chao. It should have a green ball over its head, green wings, three quills on its head, and its body will be green unless you used a monotone colored Chao from the Black Market. This is a basic Sonic Chao.

To see if your Chao is a run type, take it to the Chao doctor and see its medical chart. To make an advanced Sonic Chao that looks a lot more like Sonic, the Chao has to be three Chao years old. A Chao year is about three to four hours in real life spent in the Chao garden. Once your Chao is three Chao years old, you should have an advanced Sonic Chao!

Raise its run stats and enter it in a race to test its speed. Do I have to keep raising my Chao with hero and dark characters after it has become a normal Sonic Chao? No, but it is good to raise the Chao in the essential morals Sonic Chao being light, and Shadow Chao being dark.

Yes No. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 5. Try to use a regular Chao, not a colored one, or else the Chao will look like Sonic but not in the right color. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 5. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0.

Here's a leveling trick. You can reuse drives and animals by putting them down in front of the Chao, but not giving it to them. However, your Chao may be moving around and it can get frustrating.

If you have the hero garden, take you Chao there and set it down behind that fallen pillar that you see to the left when you enter the hero garden. By doing this, your Chao will just keep turning around and thinking.

Then you can use the leveling trick. Make sure the Chao likes both of the characters used to raise it or it might not turn into a Sonic Chao this only happens if it is abused before evolution. Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. If your Sonic likes only one character that's raising it and not the other, chances are it will not be a Sonic Chao.

Make sure to treat the Chao nicely with both characters to keep it neutral. Don't worry about feeding it though, by the time it can walk, it will feed itself but don't take it's fruit away while it's eating. Helpful 18 Not Helpful 1. However, not feeding your Chao will result it in not getting any more stamina, and it will be starved until you feed it yourself, thus causing a possible chance of death instead of reincarnation.

Helpful 15 Not Helpful 2. Don't abuse the Chao or it might not turn out to be a Sonic Chao and it will die quicker. When Chao are abused, they age quicker and will not reincarnate. Helpful 16 Not Helpful 3.

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