How to delete friends in orkut

how to delete friends in orkut

Orkut Pending Friend Requests Deleter Script!

Sign in to your Orkut page. 2 Select the "Friends" menu from the bar at the top of your screen. Click on the person you want to delete from your friends list. > Select the friends you wish to delete (tick the check boxes in front of names) > Select the delete option from the actions menu, and you are done. You can also use the Mass removal of Friends to delete pending invites too. So its Happy Managing Friends at orkut now on:) .

Now, if you are one of those who still use Orkut really? In this article, I will take you through the steps to recover your Orkut data. Orkut debuted close to around a decade back and became instantly popular in countries like India and Brazil.

It never could reach the same popularity as Twitter or Facebook. Finally, Facebook overtook Orkut somewhere around The Orkut data will contain a record of all your account activities since the how to save image in database in vb net you began using it.

Assuming your account is still fdiends, here are the steps to take:. Or, you can check Gmail and find the email from Takeaway taking you to the download link. All archives uow a 7-day period for download. Afterward, What does a task bar do think, you have to create the archive again.

You recommend not to download important files like this on a public computer. The above four steps will recover Orkut data perfectly.

In case you do not ni to recover Orkut data but delete the account completely, follow these steps. But, do note that the account deletion is permanent, you cannot reverse the process anyway. The Orkut profile will be removed permanently. If celete want to delete the Orkut account fdiends want a copy of all the account activities, follow the steps to recover Orkut data and then the steps to delete the account permanently. If you had installed the Orkut delrte, uninstall it as well since Google will remove those from the App Store and Google Play.

Rohit Shinde :. Rohini :. I need to recivery my data after closing the orkut network. Ramesh Darji :. Hello Sir My self darji ramesh and i want to recover my photos from orkut acoount please help me thanks.

Haru Guchhait :. Please do your suggestion, on the same. My mail ID is xxxxxxxx gmail. WWoooooo my orkut account data is recovered and How to make worm farms am so happy because my many secret and family photos was there.

So thanks to techtipsapp. Maya :. ZOHA :. My mail ID is xxxxxxxxxxxx gmail. Please do your suggestion. Pankaj :. I have lost my all album nd password also. Romesh Gupta :. Dear All, This still works. I got all my data back today on 31st August Ij will receive a instructions on how to make paper on your registered email id and then follow from there.

Regards Romesh Gupta. Bibhuti bhusan jena :. Jit Dutta :. Please reply to me, plz i want my photo from orkut album. Ankita :. Hellothere. Can I still retrieve my orkut pictures? I have tried, but no luck so far. Please help. Sanjukta sahoo :. Adarsh kumar :. Swati Atole :. HiMy depete is Swati Atole.

Kindly assist Thanks swati. Tania :. I have tried multiple times to do just like this site explains and many others. But there is no option to select Orkut on my data. Sahil Faraz :. Is it still possible to recover orkut albums somehow? Fabiola :. Dslete I still save my orkut photos? I do not have my orkut account linked to my gmail account, it is linked with my hotmail one. Miriyala Srikanth :. Hi My self indra from rajasthan. Due to my sister illness i cant get my orkut data backup. She was suffering from brain cancer and she was hospitalised.

Now She is dead. Her memorable movement photos in my orkut account. I want to get this data Plz help to get it Email- indrajeet. I want to recover my orkut data After September How can I get it. Krkut help Dlete. I M Hukkeri :. Hemant Sinha :. Hello, Am suman,I want to recover my photos from orkut were my existing mail ID also I lost and change my number also. In deelete case how can I recover my photos can you please help ot. Rahul :. My name is Rahul mhatre I loss my all old memories in orkut can you please help me for the recovery my all orkut data.

Ratna sri :. Soumya Jijo :. Sir, Please help us. Dekete is no more. I want to get this data from orkut. Please please help me sir. S Balamurugan :. Mobin :. Your comment is awaiting moderation. I dint see orkut in product list in Ddlete Takeout. Orkut…me too…. Jaseen Kabeer :. Shubh :. Hi please help me to download my pics from Orkut. Is thr a way i can download stuff from Orkut now? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Post Tags: Orkut. How To Access Blocked Websites. Comments Rohit Shinde :. Hello sir, I want my all family photos from orkut. Please help me. Looking to recover my pics iin data from orkut account. Kindly frienvs.

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Jun 15,  · Select (by clicking) Orkut Pending Friend Request Deleter script by clicking on it! Click edit button on right side. A box will pop-up! Type (copy/paste) this address in that! Hit OK! Deleting Orkut account. To delete your account just visit this link and click on “delete my account”. Make sure you are logged into your Orkut account. After this you will be directed to Google account page which asks you to re enter your orkut login password to confirm the account deletion and click on “Remove orkut.”. Aug 14,  · Orkut — 1 of the member is deleting my frndz,scraps,communities,phots good afternoon sir my name is wooustoday.comp sagar sir my id in (orkut) is [protected]

Actually they are pending from more than a month and I really want to clean-out! Then I proceeded manually and soon realized steps through which I was going….

So I decided to create a GreaseMonkey Script and after few hours of works its ready for you! The good thing about this one is its preconfigured to delete only pending friend request although it is technically capable of deleting all friends!

Update: One of DW reader Pari needs some help so she can delete multiple friends from her friend list other than pending friend requests list…. Technically you can delete all your friends in one go irrespective of their status! Also you can delete all friends from a particular level or group!

Lets do it for All Friends first! First Gimme a link to ur blog so that I can check it or tel me ur blogging platform wordpress, blogger, etc. Both options are open! Also I feel this is nice question so updating the above post with answers as well as screenshots! Its blogspot blog with old template! First switch to layout and also start adding labels to ur post! After that read this article to show drop down as well as Top 10 Labels in sidebar!

That would be fun, and which I really need. Devang Sure. Thats a quite easy job! Will write one or find one soon!

You will need this if you have too many pending friend requests! If you have like pending friend requests like me, better use greasemonkey script, orkut pending friend requests cleaner.

The script will delete all pending friend requests without any human […]. I didnt go on orkut for a while, I got some friend requests from some people, and they disappeared b4 i could accept them. Next it may happen you are using auto approve friend requests script. If so, you may not notice people sending friend requests to you. If no, then please check your mailbox from Orkut related to new friend request.

Such mails contain link to friend profile and also link to approve friend requests. Did I do something wrong??? Please help!!! Close Menu About. About Contact.

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