How to cut using pen tool in photoshop

how to cut using pen tool in photoshop

How to Cut Out a Subject with the Pen Tool Photoshop – Day 26

The most common mistake when first using the pen tool is to try to click and anchor the tool with each movement of the pen. This is a very basic use for the tool and can work around sharp or straight lines, however, where there is a curve involved in the image being cut out, it creates a jagged finish to your image. The best technique with the pen tool is to keep all your movements smooth, dragging the pen whilst holding down the left click of the mouse or touchpad. Apr 29,  · From the Photoshop tool box, choose the “Pen Tool”. Look at the image on the right Click on the edge of the part you want to cut out within the image, launch the mouse button. After a positive space, push again on the edge and this point grip and drag your mouse wooustoday.comtion: Clipping Photoshop.

In today globe, many firms and individual want Photoshop clipping howw service. Specially who are linked with designing, photography, printing and advertising industries.

For example, a catalog firm generally use s of images in their catalog and they are most likely to remove background of their product how to make a scarecrow costume wizard of oz they place them into the layout.

Similarity, a website development firm needs to publish images in their site where they need to use clipping path service to drop out background. We are closely working with individual graphic design houses, photographers, catalog firm, newspapers, website developers, photo studios, penn, printing press, advertising agency, and so on. Clipping path is a closed vector shape, or path, generally drawn with Photoshop Pen tool to cut out a picture from its background.

When image clipping path service is applied to an image, anything inside the path is added and everything outside the path is missed. Use of photo cut out service in the image industry has risen amazingly in the past few years. Because of the outcome of cutting out a picture from background using clipping path Photoshop is always the best technique in terms of standard.

There may have some other choice in Photoshop to drop shadow background but they are not used while considering standard output. A clipping path not just can be applied to the type of pictures that have quick edge; it can also be applied to the general edges. Click on the edge of the part you want to cut out within the image, launch the mouse button. After a positive space, push again on the edge and this point grip and drag your mouse cursor.

Once you view the draw round is actually on the edge of the picture, launch the mouse. Carry on the same process until end at the point where you begun your path. Once you see the beginning point, click on it to end the path, you are done with the outside path only. See the picture below. Now you need to draw path for how to clean a dirty flame sensor of the spaces within the picture.

Begin making a fresh photo clipping path beginning point the uskng way you did before and carry on drawing until you finish the loop with the beginning point. Continue drawing paths for all spaces. You are done drawing paths for your pictures to remove background. See the picture below. Once you are done drawing path all around the part of the picture you want, you then need to apply Photoshop clipping path on it in order to obtain the background removed.

Now you will view the paths you just have created are in work path, twin click on it and provide it a name. This method your path is kept. This is how the designers use pen tool to clip an image. But pen tool is the most important tool to select an image and extract the background. It can select an item very precisely and if you zoom in image, you will still get the better result with details Photoshop clipping path.

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Perfect Lines, Shapes & Curves

Oct 10,  · Cut Out Image Using Photoshop Pen Tool Step 1: Creating Path with the Pen Tool First, open the image in Photoshop then Then choose the pen tool. Learn how to Step 2: Making Selection Now right-click with the mouse on the selecting area. Now choose the Make Selection option from Step 3. There are numbers of selection tools in photoshop but the pen tool is the only tool that gives you very clean and sharp selection without blur lines or soft edges because the pen tool uses “vector technology”. So if you wanna cut any object with clean sharp edges then you must have some knowledge about “Pen tool”. So let’s start with it. 2 days ago · It’s day 26 of 30 Days of Photoshop, and today we’re cutting out a gingerbread man! Learn from Aaron how to master cutting solid objects out of their backgrounds with the Pen Tool. Download the Sample Image.

A lot of times, new or inexperienced designers using Photoshop might use the Lasso Tool, Eraser Tool or Magic Wand as opposed to the Pen Tool to cut an image out of its background. While these methods may work, they can have many drawbacks. The final image could still contain portions of the background, have jagged edges or not be of the highest quality. The Magic Wand — Its effectiveness is very much tied to color. They can be extremely helpful in very specific situations.

It allows you to build a quick and efficient outline that you can adjust at any point along the way. You can choose the Pen Tool by pressing P on your keyboard or going over to the top of your Tool Bar, which is located at the left of your screen, and heading down seven tools until you reach it.

First, find a spot on your piece of art to start drawing your outline. To draw straight lines with the Pen, simply click in the area that you want to place your points. To draw smooth curved lines, hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse in the direction of the curve, and then release the button.

The use of the Pen takes some getting used to, especially if its your first time using it. As you start adding points to your outline, you may notice that your shape will start filling in with a color. Another thing to pay attention to is the fact that if you select a different layer than the one that your outline is on, it may appear that your outline has disappeared. As you continue to draw your outline, keep in mind that the more detailed you make your shape, the better your results will be.

In order for your outline to be completely finished, your last point must connect with the first point that you made, which should now completely encircle your image. The most important and difficult part has now been completed. To do this, hold down the Control key Command on the Mac and click on the Vector Mask thumbnail in the layer that contains your outline.

If everything is correct, you should end up with something very similar to what you would get if you used the Lasso Tool. This will turn your selection inside out, selecting the background of your image. Press Delete and your background will disappear. To deselect the highlighted are, you can go back up to the Menu Bar, go to Select and then down to Deselect. There you have it, no background image. The good thing about removing your background this way is that you still have the layer with the outline.

If you need to make adjustments if, for example, not enough of the background was cut out you can always go back and do so by clicking on the Vector Mask Thumbnail in the layer with your shape.

It lets you correct the path if needed, and then all you have to do is repeat the process to delete the background. As you can see, using the Pen Tool in Photoshop gives us a very clean-looking cut. Our marketing, design and printing experts are passionate about sharing their knowledge.

We're eager to help make your vision a reality in print. Be sure to explore the rest of the Printwand blog for more reliable, easy-to-understand information. Hei, i want to create the background like the fifth advertise in given link.

But i can not do after a long effort. Not sure I understand; are you talking about the banner with the jumping man in the yellow plaid shirt? Do you want to create a background from scratch, or do you want to cut out an image and place it on an existing background?

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