How to complete bioshock infinite

how to complete bioshock infinite

The third game in the popular Bioshock series, BioShock: Infinite breaks away from the underwater setting of the first two games to take players into the floating city of Columbia. BioShock Inifinite isn't very long - the average completion time is a dozen hours. If you focus solely on the main storyline, you will need around hours to see the end credits. However, if you want to carefully explore the area and find all the collectibles, the game time will be increased to about 20 hours.

Intinite, successfully complete the game. In mode, the game is more difficult. You must stick with the specialization how to remove dried grout from porcelain tile surface choose, and your actions will be ruled by that choice.

Ammo is scarce, and health is more important. If you die, you must have the proper resources needed like money to revive, or the game will be over. The mode's name is a reference to System Onfinite 2one of the precursors that inspired BioShockwhich was released in Note: Enabling this code will unlock the "Should Auld Acquaintance In the "Return To The Hall Of Biosock chapter approximately two hours into the gameimmediately after exiting the Hall Of Heroes infinit going down two sets of stairs, possess the Dollar Bill vending machine on the left side, and take the Silver Eagles.

Then, go down another set of stairs, and use the right Sky-Line. Jump onto the platform on the right from the Sky-Line, and hioshock the lockpick on a wooden plank under the stairs. Next, attach to the Sky-Line again, how to complete bioshock infinite infijite down to the next Sky-Line below. Jump onto the platform at the bottom, and go into the nearby "Ticket" building to the left of the gondola station. Inside, there is a Dollar Bill vending machine, near a "Patriot's How to order a half side of beef Confections" sign, and three cash registers two behind a door hhow must first use a lockpick on that contain up to 40 Silver Eagles complrte.

Finally, return to the Hall Of Heroes, and refill your salts if needed with the Salt machine can be refilled unlimited times. Go back outside, and the Dollar Bill vending machines can be repossessed and the lockpick will have respawned. The cash compllete will also have money in them again.

Repeat this process as many times as desired. Note: If you kill the enemies in front ho the Hall Of Heroes, they will not respawn, allowing you to keep farming without having to deal with the enemies. You should not need to collect more than 30 comlpete. There are also a lot of vending machines around the entrance to vomplete Hall Of Heroes, allowing you to level ho your magic biosuock weapons. Pieces of gear are randomly dropped in special prize boxes located yo Columbia. Normally, it will take most of the game to obtain a good amount of gear.

However, there is an area earlier in the game where gear will respawn, allowing you to get every piece bioshoco random gear early and in one place. Directly behind the starting point are the doors into the Hall Of Heroes. Use the Sky-Lines to go down to the lower gondola station, and fight through the Founders and Fireman. Inside the entrance hall you will have to fight a Motorized Patriot. Stun the Motorized Patriot, and run to the elevator.

Press the button, and you will return to the Soldier's Field boardwalk. Enter the toy store next to the carousel, and interact with the shutter to lift it up. Inside the store, use Shock Jockey on the generator near the locked how far are the galapagos islands from the equator. The door will open, and you can collect a random piece of gear. Go up the stairs, and enter the Hall Of Heroes.

Then, go down the hall, and refill any necessary salts. Exit the Hall Of Infonite, and repeat this process as many times as desired. Go to any vending machine, wait three how to convert a mountain bike into a road bike, then select an item from the vending machine vomplete cannot afford. Back out of the vending machine, and Elizabeth will give you money.

The amount of money will depend on your progress in the game. You will get more money towards the end of the game compared to the beginning.

Repeat this as many times as desired. Search the indicated locations to find all collectibles in the game 80 Voxophones, 25 Infusion Upgrades, 37 Telescopes and Kinetoscopes. Obtain all collectibles to get the "Eavesdropper", biosgock With Greatness", and "Sightseer" achievements. Note: You can biohsock chapter select to replay chapters after completing the game so you can pick up missing collectibles. Thus, there is no way to tell which ones you already found -- so try to obtain all collectibles in the correct order.

Search the indicated locations to find all 25 audio diaries and Voxophones in Burial At Sea - Episode 2. Search the indicated locations to find all eight Vigors. Use all eight Vigors againist enemies to get the "Well Rounded" achievement. The following Vigor combinations can be used. Use the following eight Vigor combinations at any time, against any type of enemy, to get the "Combination Shock" achievement.

Note: If you restart checkpoints, your progress will be saved. Thus, keep restarting checkpoints if you are out of salts. There are six total optional quests in the game.

You will be rewarded with health, ammo, and infusion upgrades for completing the optional quests. You will also find several hidden Voxophones that reveal more of the city's backstory. Chest 1: While traveling across the rooftops, you will eventually now skylights.

Shoot out the lights to jump down into the bedroom below, then take the stairs down to find a smaller bedroom in the Lansdowne Residence. There is a chest inside the bedroom, with a Voxophone nearby. The key is how to complete bioshock infinite the main alter in the Fraternal Order Chapel. Take the key back to the Lansdowne Residence to unlock the chest. Vox Code 1: There is a building with a cannon monument in Soldier's Field. In the bioshpck of that cannon is a code book.

Grab the book, and take it to the Fellow Traveler restaurant. There is a secret message scribbled in blood in there. Interact with it, and then use the hat hanging on the hook to cmplete the secret room. Inside the club's boiler room are a couple of boxes, bioshoco the book is on top of them. There is a clock on the right side of the wall, which acts as the access to the secret room. Chest 2: In the Bull Yard Impound is a chest.

The key to it is located in the Graveyard Shift's basement. If you missed it, take the Sky-Line outside to the Graveyard Shift bar to obtain it. There is a bridge patrolled by snipers past the Grand Central Depot. Underneath the bridge is a doorway to the Founder's Bookstore. You will need a lockpick to open the locked door there. Grab the Voxophone, then go back to the Salty Oyster, and use the button under the cash register to open the comp,ete room.

Vox Code 3: In Downtown Emporia, there is intinite Hudson's clothing store with a gate that bars half the tunnel. Go inside, and grab the code book from the basement. Then, carry it with you until you enter the Bank Of The Prophet.

The switch for the secret room is the typewriter. Use the following strategy to defeat Lady Comstock in mode without purchasing anything from a Dollar Bill vending machine so you can still get the "Scavenger Hunt" achievement. Enter the cemetery where Lady Comstock's mausoleum is located.

Search the gravestones to the left of the entrance to her grave. Upon entering the "New Workers Introduction Center" in "The Plaza Of Zeal" area, there will be a workshop to your left that contains a sniper rifle in the middle. Pick it up, but do not use it until you are attacked by the Handyman.

How to complete bioshock infinite Handyman will attack after leaving the Gunsmith shop for the first how to get abs in 15 days. Once bjoshock starts attacking you, run to the right biowhock of the map where the hooks are located. Then, use the hooks to get on the roof, then jump from the roof to the logs in the back corner. Next, shoot a couple rounds from the pistol to get the Handyman over to you.

When he sees you, he will attack you. Crouch and move back and to the right. You should now be in the walls, and the Handyman should stop attacking. Aim at his heart, and shoot him with the sniper rifle. If he does not move when you shoot him, it means you are in the walls. Move up a tiny bit, and try again. Keep shooting him in the heart with the sniper rifle until he dies to get the "Heartbreaker" achievement. You comllete encounter the first Handyman in "The Plaza Of Zeal" area, after leaving infinkte Gunsmith shop for the first time.

The heart of the Handyman is the orange glowing machine on his chest. In the same area where the Handyman spawns is a sniper rifle. Grab the sniper rifle, and wait until the Handyman stops for a moment. Sometimes he will stand still for a second to protect the what is the main purpose of the stomach with his hand, which is when you need to aim at the heart using the Right Analog-stick. As soon as he stops protecting the heart, immediately shoot it.

You must do this six times in a row, without hitting any other body parts to get the "Heartbreaker" achievement.

BioShock Infinite Complete Edition-PROPHET

BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition - Burial at Sea - Episode 1 DLC Trophy Guide By Abd_Viper and ddracarys PS4. Burial at Sea is a two part DLC which follows an alternate Booker and Elizabeth as they explore the darker roots of Rapture. In Episode 1, you will take control of Booker and pay your respects to Andrew Ryan. Sep 06,  · Bioshock Infinite is the third installment in the Bioshock series. Players can experience the airborne city of Columbia through the eyes of Booker DeWitt, as they are tasked with the challenge of retrieving and assisting Elizabeth Comstock, the daughter of the controlling leader of Columbia. Sep 16,  · The real kicker here, though, is that both entries are titled “Bioshock Collection”, despite the fact that the second one only includes Bioshock Infinite and all the DLC for that game.

Bioshock Infinite is the third installment in the Bioshock series. Players can experience the airborne city of Columbia through the eyes of Booker DeWitt, as they are tasked with the challenge of retrieving and assisting Elizabeth Comstock, the daughter of the controlling leader of Columbia.

The storyline of Bioshock Infinite is a very complicated one that deals with multiple universe theory, as well as many moral dilemmas. This guide will cover what players should do once they have finished the game and seen the full picture of Columbia for themselves.

Beware of spoilers, as this article is intended for players who have already finished. Once players have completed the game, the credits will start to roll. There is a post-credits scene in which Booker will wake up in an apartment at a desk. The screen will cut to black as he opens the door, calling out to Anna.

The player will then be returned to a title screen. Now that players have finished their first playthrough of the game, and tried to make sense of the interdimensional story of Booker and Elizabeth, they may want to return to the city of Columbia to see what opportunities for achievements, lore, and self-improvement they have missed.

Follow this guide to get the most out of Bioshock Infinite. Do another playthrough to see what was foreshadowed through lore and dialogue. Having the context of the first playthrough will make players think that they should have predicted the big twists. There are also four different decisions players can make.

Players can choose whether or not to participate in the stoning of the couple at the fairgrounds, to give Elizabeth a bird or a cage necklace, to demand tickets for the airship or draw a weapon, and to spare or kill Slate. They will, however, cause players to think about the ethical choices they make, and will affect the overall feel of the playthrough in the long run.

Try to complete the game on every difficulty level. Even if the player completed their first playthrough at the most difficult setting, they may find more information, collectibles, or just enjoy it better by playing it in a less stressful setting. There is also a game mode called that is even more difficult than Hard Mode.

Unlocking this mode will give players the Should Auld Acquaintance… trophy. Like other Bioshock games, there are collectible items hidden throughout the game. Finding these collectibles will also reward players with trophies and achievements. Find all of the voxophones. There are 80 voxophones scattered around Columbia. These voxophones contain voice recordings, similar to the audio diaries in the first Bioshock games. Some voxophones may be hidden, while others will be in places that Booker has to pass through for story purposes.

They give the player more context for the events leading up to Bioshock Infinite , and if the player finds all of them they will earn the Eavesdropper trophy. Find all of the kinetoscopes. There are 30 kinetoscopes that can be found in Bioshock Infinite.

Kinetoscopes are machines built by Fink Manufacturing that will play a silent film accompanied by music. These kinetoscopes are commonly used as propaganda for Columbia. Some of the films they show are repeated in different levels. Find all eleven of the telescopes.

These telescopes can be spotted around Columbia as Booker explores, and allows him to get a better look at the surrounding area. They are usually located near the railing on the various platforms in Columbia. If players find all of the kinetoscopes and telescopes, they will earn the Sightseer trophy. Find all of the Infusion Upgrades. Infusions allow Booker to increase his capacities for health, shields, or salts.

They work similarly to the plasmids in the first Bioshock game. Many of these vials can be found in locked areas, hidden in corners , and on tables. If players find all 24 of the infusion upgrades, they will earn the Infused with Greatness trophy.

There is a 25th infusion upgrade, but it is given to the player by Rosalind Lutece instead of being found in Columbia. While the storyline may be a little difficult to understand, multiple playthroughs can set the story straight and make players the true masters of Bioshock Infinite. MJ Cox is a board and video game enthusiast located in Kansas. A graduate of the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications, she has created content for a variety of different organizations and news sources.

When she isn't writing, MJ likes to play her Nintendo Switch outdoors with her loving cat and baker's dozen of chickens. Share Share Tweet Email 0. Related Topics Game Guides bioshock pc.

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