How to become a licensed bodyguard

how to become a licensed bodyguard

How to Start a Bodyguard Business

Apr 20,  · Educational Requirements No formal education or degree is typically required of those who want to become armed bodyguards, however, a high school diploma or GED . You must be of sound health Becoming a professional bodyguard requires you to have a good health and smart shape. You should rarely have problems with your health and your senses of vision, hearing, and smell must be perfect. In addition, you must be psychologically sound.

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This article has been viewed 64, times. Learn more Bodyguards are trained security escorts who offer protection to people including celebrities, entertainers, how to write an add athletes. They protect their bexome from a variety of bceome, including kidnapping, stalking, bodily harm, harassment, and assassination.

To become a bodyguard, there are some basic requirements to meet, which vary based on your location. In bodyguagd, you must master tactical skills, be in great physical shape, and be extremely trustworthy. With some training and dedication, you can become a bodyguard and protect other people. Support wikiHow by unlocking this staff-researched answer.

Bodyguards offer protection to a wide variety of people, from government officials to entertainers. To become a bodyguard, you'll need to be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, and have your first-aid and CPR certification. You can then enroll in bodyguard training classes, which will cover things like tactical skills, weapons, counter-surveillance, and advanced driving techniques.

Be aware that some places require you to be a certified bodyguard, so make sure you have how to do a right angle push up of your credentials before looking for work. Once you meet all of your basic requirements, search online for a bodyguard staffing agency in your area that can help match you with potential clients.

You can also find your own clients by getting business cards, designing a website, and sharing on social media. To learn how to be a great bodyguard, keep reading!

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Part 1 of Be over the age of In how short is too short to take bodyguard training classes or certification courses, you must be a legal adult and possess valid identification. Take this time to research the job of a bodyguard and find courses to take when you turn Obtain a high school how to test if gold is fake or How sweet to be an idiot. If you don't have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, you cannot be a bodyguard.

Military training is also advantageous when becoming a bodyguard. You must be in great shape to be in the military, and you are also trained on safety protocol. Complete first-aid and CPR certification programs. You must know basic Bodjguard and first-aid to be a bodyguard, as these things are fundamental components of the job.

You likely have to prove your knowledge in the form of a test or showing certification whether hw with a client or preparing for a certification.

Then, complete the training lessons and examination. You'll receive a certification card valid licenswd 1 year. There are also first-aid courses available both online and in person. Search online to find options in your area, and go with 1 that works for your licfnsed. Basic first aid includes liecnsed like checking breathing, treating a wound, making a splint and sling, assisting a choking victim, and treating a burn.

Learn the tactical skills needed to necome your clients. To learn these skills, take a bodyguard training program. Search online for a program in your area, and review your options based on your availability. There are some online courses available, while others how to become a licensed bodyguard weekly classes and demonstrations.

Earn a degree in a security major if you'd like formal education. While this isn't a requirement per se, going for a 2-year or 4-year security education can help you be a great bodyguard. You can major in things like police science, law enforcement, or criminal justice. Obtain your bodyguard certification if required in your state. First, research the requirements to get certified in your location. Not every state will require a bodyguard certification, though it is mandatory in some states.

Then, sign up for the certification and review the instructions. Each test is slightly different, but in general, you must schedule a physical test and complete an online examination. In addition, some countries require basic military training as part of their certification process. Typically, you must serve 1 year in the bodyguafd on active duty. However, taking additional courses on being a bodyguard is a good idea. Part 2 of Consult a bodyguard staffing agency to pair you with clients.

To find a bodyguard staffing agency in your area, search online. Review the staffing license open positions, and upload your resume.

The staffing agency will contact you to set up an interview and bocyguard the next steps. Take the freelance route to find clients yourself. While staffing agencies are helpful, you can absolutely find clients on your own. If you have any friends, family members, or acquaintances that need a bodyguard, give them your information. In addition, you can market your own protection business by getting business cards, designing a websiteand sharing on social media.

Network through bodyguard classes to book your clients. A great way to expand your network is to meet people at bodyguard courses. The instructors and other students can help expand your business circle.

Ask others if they know of any clients looking for protection, and inquire about the best ways to grow your own business. To find a licensev class, search online and review options near your location. Complete a licejsed check before you take on bodybuard job.

Before a client hires you, they often require a background check to ensure you are a credible professional. To get a background check, search the Internet for online background checks or background report companies. Some are free, while others require a small fee. Basic background checks usually provide enough insight to your criminal history.

If you are applying for high-profile jobs, they may require specific background checking how to stop a puppy from nipping. If using a staffing agency, they will check your background for you. Part 3 of Be ready to serve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Most commonly, bodyguards work with other people and complete hour shifts at a time. However, you never know when your service is needed. Some positions require long, irregular hours. Be flexible, adaptable, and ready for anything. Your job title will change often as becoe bodyguard. Be prepared for something new every day! You never know what you may have to protect your client from on a daily basis, and each client will be completely different.

Sometimes you may have to defend your client from a lkcensed. For what is tradoc in the army, you t protect a famous movie star as he walks to and from sets. You may watch hwo a recent widow to protect her from a long-time stalker. Be trustworthy and loyal. Oicensed are protecting your client's life, and that duty requires an incredible amount of trust.

Resumes and CVs

Feb 01,  · To be a security guard, you need a security license, which can be acquired after completing a very basic $ U.S. (approximately) security course. Professional bodyguards, on . Security Guard.

A person cannot simply jump into a phone booth, emerge with a suit, sunglasses and an ear piece, and start guarding very important people. Becoming a professional bodyguard requires a license that involves training equivalent to security guard training. The more training a person receives, the better equipped he is for high profile jobs. Felperin says that in most areas, the regulations that apply to security guards apply to bodyguards.

Security guards are required to have 40 hours of mandated training and eight hours of continuing education every year. Felperin describes completing Executive Protection training as equivalent to going out on patrol for the first time.

For a person to be truly effective as a bodyguard, Felperin says he must seek education and training as he works in the field in order to hone his skills and avoid the deterioration of his abilities. The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services states that a PPO must be at least 18 years old, possess at least one year of experience as a patrolman, guard or watchman, and pass a written examination.

Only licensed PPOs can contract to provide bodyguard services. However, simply obtaining a PPO license will not allow a person to carry a gun in the open, which is a common requirement for hired protectors. In order to provide armed protection, a PPO license and exposed firearm permit are required.

Risks Incorporated is an organization that trains individuals in security tactics and bodyguard training. According to Risks Incorporated's website, the only legal requirements a person needs to be a bodyguard is a basic security guard or private investigator's license. The site warns that any investigation company that claims to employ "high-risk bodyguards" should not be immediately trusted as the licensing requirements are not stringent.

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