How much to charge for a full sheet cake

how much to charge for a full sheet cake

How much do custom cakes cost?

Oct 11,  · My full sheets are (2) 11x15's side-by-side (so, 15x22), and I charge $65 (unfilled). I state that they serve since one 11x15 serves (by my chart anyway). for a 12x18, i charge $80 and that includes tax and delivery within a certain area. if they want a filling, i charge an extra $ 13 rows · Aug 15,  · A 9?13, for example, will cost $35 to $39, while a 12?18, a sheet cake enough for up to

Categories Chelsweets Business. This cake pricing guide has been a long time coming. Whenever I get that question, it takes me back to the beginning of my cake journey. When I sold my first cake, I had no idea how much a homemade, custom cake should cost. I had no idea how much my cakes cost to make, and Mucn was comparing my cakes to grocery store cake prices.

Overtime I learned to value my time and effort, and began to recognize the type people I wanted to bake how to do the tush push line dance. I like use the formula below to calculate the price of a custom cake.

I use this for smaller custom cakes, rather than wedding cakes which are usually priced by the number of servings. It comes down to basic cost accounting, factoring in your direct and indirect costs. And of course, valuing your time! I want to highlight that this concept also applies to homemade cookies and cupcakes.

It really works for any baked good that a home baker can make. Your time is valuable, and you should be paid for your skills.

You are a cake artist, and the number of hours you expect to spend on a cake should be factored in. If someone asks for an intricate cake topper, or delicate sugar fkr, it should be built into the price.

And that is where it gets hard. Some cakes will take longer than expected, and some cakes will take less. I try to tell myself it all averages out in the mich. I also want to note that I only consider active time for this part of the equation.

Inactive time like allowing your cake layers to cool, or a fondant feature to harden are not included in this. The other part that can be hard to figure out is your hourly rate. The further you are in your cake journey, the easier it is to figure this out.

I know when I was first starting, I felt grateful just to have cake orders. The thought of paying myself for each cake I made seemed crazy. But you know what? You can also adjust your rate to take your experience and skills into account. You might start out at a lower rate, but as you develop your abilities overtime, you can increase your rate.

Now onto the second part of my equation, the cost of your ingredients! These are considered to be your direct costs. Direct costs include the ingredients you use to make each cake. Q might be my CPA showingfake I created an excel spread sheet to help me quickly calculate the cost of each of my cakes.

I know that not everyone loves numbers as much as me, but I do think that most bakers out there enjoy being organized and precise. I made a master sheet of every ingredient I buy for my cakes, ranging from butter to freeze-dried strawberry powder! After I made my ingredients list, I created a price column next to it. I then scoured my grocery store and receipts to figure out the price of each ingredient.

You need to know much a tsp costs, or how much a cup of flour is! The next column I made shares a standard portion size for each ingredient. For instance, I measure baking hlw by the teaspoon, and brown sugar by the cup.

This next step takes some time. You have to figure out how many servings of each ssheet a container or bag has. For example, a small bag of granulated sugar contains about 8 cups of sugar. You can now easily calculate the cost per unit of each ingredient, and link it your recipes! I made a tab for each of my most popular cake recipes, and then calculated the cost of each of my batter and frosting flavors.

Indirect costs include anything you pay for to make a cake, other than ingredients. This can include variable costs like cake boxescardboard cake roundsparchment paper, or even specific cutters or molds that you have to buy to complete a cake order. It also includes fixed costs, like rent, electricity, or big baking purchases like ovens or stand mixers. Like I mentioned earlier, one of the biggest mistake home bakers can make is trying to compete with grocery stores. But the people who run to Walmart last minute to pick up a sheet cake are not the same people who are reaching out to you weeks or months in advance to create a custom cake for someone special.

Grocery chains use cheaper ingredients, and bake in bulk. You are using top of the line ingredients, and creating special flavors and beautiful decorations. Your price yellowstone national park is located in what city not be anywhere close to the price of a grocery store cake. I had more demand that I could handle, and people are willing to pay a pretty penny for custom things here in NYC.

And even then, people still told me I should charge more for my cakes. It blew my mind. Your rate should be high enough that it causes some people to walk away.

You can get a read on prices in your area by reaching out to other custom bakers in your area. The cake community is small, and you want to support your fellow bakers. If you get a cake order solely because your rate is fulk, you might not be gaining the clientele you want.

The type of person who shops around for the cheapest custom cake they can find are usually not someone you want to be a repeat customer. Trust me on that! You also can devalue custom baking in your area if you set your prices too low, which hurts everyone in the end. In the beginning of my cake journey, I naively saw other bakers as competition.

How to make black male hair wavy reality, each cake maker has their own unique style and offerings. It might take a bit of time to cakw your style, but you naturally will the more cakes you make.

I found that I loved working with American buttercream, and enjoyed colorful, playful cake designs! They returned the favor when the same thing happened to them, and it created a great relationship between all of us. Another rookie mistake I made in the beginning? I cringe saying that out loud.

Always charge a fee if someone wants you to deliver a cake. You can choose to have a fixed rate for deliveries within a certain radius, or you can charge based on the distance. Either way, be sure to consider the cost of gas, the wear and tear on your car, and the value of the time it takes you to deliver the cake.

Now you know how to price cqke cake for clients, but what do you do when friends and family ask for cakes?? Whatever strategy you choose, make it very clear in the beginning. When you explain how much money and time go into making a cake, most people are very understanding.

They never asked or expected me to bake for them, so I never felt any pressure around it. However, a lot of people are in a different situation. If you have demanding relatives or friends who expect chwrge to drop everything and make elaborate cakes for them, I recommend setting ground rules upfront. Hello And thank you for the short lesson I need that. Loved the article. I've been baking for years and I've had some great clients who've been willing to pay good money but I still think I could better adjust my pricing.

I'd love charbe have access to your excel sheet if it's possible. For my friends and family, I will make them a cake for free, as long as I get to design it. Otherwise, they can pay full price. They all love that idea and use it to their advantage :.

Can you tell me what food color how much to charge for a full sheet cake use to get a true blue color in buttercream frosting or ganache? Thank eheet much for this valuable info. This sjeet my long time problem in pricing my cakes. Hanukkah Cake. Striped Buttercream Cake. Click here to cancel reply. Recipe Rating Recipe Rating. Maribel Wednesday 14th of April Kelly Tuesday 13th of April Tony Friday 2nd of April Bettye Tuesday 30th of March More on Social!

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Jul 10,  · For buttercream-iced cakes, like a simple wedding or birthday cake, charge $3 to $6 per serving. For extensively decorated cakes, with fondant wraps or ribbons, spun sugar, gum paste flowers, and/or other extravagant design elements, charge $6 to $12 per serving — or more. Here’s the lowdown: in the United States, you could charge anywhere from $ per serving (please don’t go lower!) to $ per serving (or even MORE sometimes!). Where you fall in that huge spread depends on your skill, your costs, your local market, and your ability to sell your cake. Dec 05,  · People frequently spend $+ on a custom cake. Your rate should be high enough that it causes some people to walk away. If no one is telling you that you’re too expensive, you’re probably not charging enough. If you’re unsure how much people in your area are willing to pay for a custom cake, it’s ok to ask around.

The simple but frustrating answer is that no one can tell you how much you should charge. Setting a price structure is one of the most difficult parts of any business.

As with real estate, the price of cakes varies widely by location and is largely determined by your local market. As artists, it is hard to know what value to place on our work.

In this article, I will address some of the common questions about the pricing issue. The most common problem with pricing is under pricing. It is natural, when you are starting your cake business, to feel unsure of your skills, and hesitant about charging very much for your cakes.

The first thing to remember is that we are our own worst critics. When YOU value your cakes and price them appropriately, your customers will too.

In our experience, this method results in grossly underpricing your product. What do you think is the most expensive ingredient in your cake? Is it the butter? Maybe the sugar, or buttermilk, or eggs? But, the most expensive ingredient in your cake is your time. And the cost of your time has nothing to do with how much you paid for ingredients.

Charging per serving is the standard in the cake industry. Just like bread is sold by the loaf and milk is sold by the gallon — the cake is sold by the serving. Find a serving chart you like, and stick with it. Well, here at CakeBoss we believe that a cake is a cake, no matter what the occasion, and that there should be no price difference. Charging a higher price for a wedding cake just reinforces this misconception.

However — there could be an argument made for charging more for wedding cakes — wedding cakes require a tasting and consultation which party cakes usually do not.

You could also make your wedding cake a more premium product; torted with 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of filling, while your party cakes are simply 2 layers of cake and 1 layer of filling. Wedding cakes also require more time for delivery and setup, and of course, more stress. I know, I know.

Where you fall in that huge spread depends on your skill, your costs, your local market, and your ability to sell your cake. Call other custom bakeries in your area and ask them how much they charge per slice for wedding, party and sheet cakes. Set your prices close to theirs, or maybe slightly lower if you are still building your skill level. Do NOT undercut them — this is a disservice to them, and to other decorators in your community. The local cake store is charging what they need to charge in order to pay rent, utilities, make payroll, and keep a roof over the head of the owner.

If you significantly undercut their prices, you are not only lowering the value of cake in your community, but you could affect their business enough that they have to lay off employees, or even close. Also, you run the risk of antagonizing them if you undercut their prices significantly. You never know — professional networking is a powerful thing.

You may want to build a relationship with that cake shop. Professional relationships can enhance your business reputation and increase your bottom line through referrals! Look what a custom cake is worth! That employee probably had 50 other cakes to complete in the same shift. Say you went to a seamstress, consulted with her about the perfect fabric and cut for your body type, discussed your coloring, took measurements, went back for several fittings, and in the end had an exquisite dress, hand-made with excruciating attention to detail, perfect for your body and your coloring.

The two products are not comparable. Does Wal-Mart match a baby shower cake to an invitation? No, of course not. Some people will complain about the price even if you charge half as much as you should. Complainers are probably not meant to be your customer. Do they complain about the price at the hairdresser? At the grocery store? Probably not. If they will complain to you about the price, imagine what else they will complain about.

If you let them talk you down in price, you are setting a very bad business precedent. Custom cakes and cookies are edible works of art that require skill and artistry and can take days to complete. Do you need to make a sale where you end up making below minimum wage or even losing money? There are a lot of factors at play here. Things to consider: do you have time to do the cake? Do you WANT to do the cake? How close are you to the person requesting the cake? Do you owe them a favor? To know how much to charge, you must understand how much you are spending.

It takes a time investment to calculate your ingredient costs, but it is vital to understanding what a cake costs you to make.

When you start thinking about it, the time you spend on a cake is so much more than just the time spent decorating. There is time spent consulting with the customer, planning a custom design, shopping, baking, cooling, making fillings, frostings, fondant, and sometimes custom work like fondant or gum paste toppers or figurines.

You deserve to be compensated for a fair hourly rate for the time you spend on a cake. When you bake a cake, you use your oven, your utilities, your pans, your mixer, your dishwasher, and soap.

These things all required an initial investment by you, and a nominal fee for their use should be added to the cost of the cake.

Your customer lives two hours away and wants the cake delivered? Then you must certainly be compensated for your time, your gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, and any tolls that are incurred on the trip.

The current federal reimbursement rate for mileage is 58 cents per mile, so this is a good place to start. Remember to charge for the entire round-trip! CakeBoss helps you itemize your ingredient costs so that you know exactly what all your recipes cost YOU out-of-pocket.

Then, using the pricing calculator , you can easily figure a total cost for a cake, including time, overhead, and delivery. You would be surprised how these things can add up!

CakeBoss also tracks profit for each cake, contains a photo record of all your orders, lets you print customized invoices and reports, has a calendar feature to assure that you never forget an order again, and much, much more!

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